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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Exclusive Reveiw : Telfaz11’s The Matchmaker

Exclusive Reveiw : Telfaz11’s The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker Delivers a Unique Blend of Romance, Revenge, and Supernatural Intrigue

Attention all movie-goers! Brace yourself for a wild and chilling ride through the haunted desert resort of AlUla in “The Matchmaker.” But be warned; this review may contain a few spoilers. So, buckle up and prepare for a mysterious and magical journey you will remember sometime soon.

The Matchmaker is a gripping psychological thriller in the hauntingly atmospheric AlUla desert. The film follows Tarek, an IT professional who develops a crush on his intern and follows her to a mysterious desert resort. The film’s setting is the breathtaking AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia, which gives viewers a unique cultural experience.

What makes The Matchmaker so special is how the story incorporates the local history and magic of the region into the plot. The film has a strong sense of place and transports the viewer to another world entirely. The movie’s stunning visuals highlight the beauty of AlUla, which acts like a character itself, contributing to the movie’s overall eerie and captivating mood.

Although, the movie starts slow it gradually builds tension as Tarek discovers the dark secrets of the resort and its matchmaker. As the story progresses, viewers are introduced to the Matchmaker herself, who seems to have a mysterious hold over the men who work at the resort. It is not until Tarek leaves the resort’s boundaries that he discovers a long-forgotten grudge that sets off a chain of events that leads to a thrilling climax.

The film keeps the audience on the edge of their seat with suspenseful and terrifying moments. The director, Abdulmohsin Aldabaan, does an excellent job of pacing the film, building suspense, and keeping the audience engaged.

The Matchmaker has a strong cast led by Hussam Alharthy, who delivers a solid performance as Tarek. Nour Alkhadra plays a pivotal role in the story’s progression as the intern. Reem Alhabib’s performance as the Matchmaker is also notable, with her eerie presence adding to the film’s unsettling vibe.

The film also includes twists and turns that keep viewers guessing until the end. The Matchmaker is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers and those who are interested in exploring the unique beauty and culture of Saudi Arabia. The film delivers a captivating story that keeps viewers engaged from beginning to end and provides a haunting and unforgettable experience.


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