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Coffee Conversations: An Exclusive Interview With Mohammad Zainy of Saudi Coffee Company and Jazean

Coffee Conversations: An Exclusive Interview With Mohammad Zainy of Saudi Coffee Company and Jazean

In an exclusive interview with Mohammad Zainy, the Marketing Director for Saudi Coffee Company (SCC) and Jazean, we delve into coffee and its evolving role in Saudi’s economic landscape. From fostering local agriculture to rekindling cultural heritage, Mohammad sheds light on the vision and aspirations of these coffee pioneers.


“Saudi Coffee Company was established to reinvigorate the coffee industry in Saudi Arabia,” Mohammad begins, laying the foundation for our caffeine-fueled journey. With an investment of nearly SR 1.2 billion over the next decade, they aim to supercharge the annual coffee production from a modest 300 tons to a robust 2,500 tons.

Coffee Conversations: An Exclusive Interview With Mohammad Zainy of Saudi Coffee Company and Jazean

SCC’s mission is threefold: agriculture, preparation practices, and private sector support. Their ‘Model Farm’ initiative works closely with farmers in the southern region, enhancing their agricultural practices, and the ‘SCC Academy’ educates coffee enthusiasts on global best practices in cultivation, roasting, and preparation. In addition, the company empowers local private entities, providing them with high-quality Arabica and green beans.

“Coffee is the new gold,” Mohammad affirms, and it’s evident that Jazean and SCC are on a quest to lead the way. Their vision extends beyond local consumption; they aim to propel Saudi coffee onto the global stage.


The coffee industry in Saudi is a blend of tradition and innovation, a delicate balance between preserving the heritage and embracing modern practices. Coffee agriculture relies on generational knowledge, offering both an opportunity and a challenge. Mohammad observes a wave of young entrepreneurs launching their coffee brands, transforming the industry into a burgeoning one ripe with opportunities. But as more players enter the market, the challenge becomes standing out amid the fierce competition. SCC aims to enable this burgeoning coffee culture by providing expertise and supporting both ends of the value chain through its SCC Academy.


Jazean’s crowning jewel is its experience center, where customers embark on a coffee journey. They witness every phase of coffee production, from cultivation to roasting, blending, and the final cup. Divided into sections dedicated to growers, roasters, and consumers, the experience center is designed to celebrate the Saudi coffee heritage.

Coffee Conversations: An Exclusive Interview With Mohammad Zainy of Saudi Coffee Company and Jazean

Jazean, the sub-brand SCC, integrates Saudi cultural elements into its products, offering a unique journey from cultivation to roasting and blending. The brand pays homage to the region’s rich coffee heritage and celebrates the Coffea Arabica beans cultivated by generations of coffee farmers in the southern region of Saudi Arabia.

“Jazean experience center is an embodiment of the brand’s vision to celebrate the coffee heritage of Saudi Arabia,” Mohammad emphasizes. The center invites customers to participate in every aspect of the coffee journey, showcasing the dedication and skill of the growers, dreamers, and innovators behind every cup.

“The future of the coffee industry is wide,” Mohammad says, echoing the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which seeks to diversify the economy and strengthen non-oil-and-gas sectors. Saudi Coffee Company is primed to play a pivotal role in this transformation.


Jazean is a specialty coffee brand introduced by Saudi Coffee Company that celebrates Saudi’s Arabica coffee beans. You can purchase it on their website at


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