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Destination #TGIT: What’s Going On, Riyadh?


By Khadija Mohamed

Here’s a list of things to do and places to be to inspire you when you’re planning out this weekend!

Movie to Watch at the Cinema:

Spiderman: Far from Home


For all fans of superhero movies and Marvel, taking a trip to the cinema to watch Spiderman: Far from Home will be a great way to begin your weekend. Don’t worry if you’re still reeling from the intensity of Avengers: Endgame; Spider Man: Far from Home is a light, fun, but still engaging watch. Find the perfect timings for you below:


Restaurant to Visit:



Catch22 is in Riyadh! Visit the restaurant this weekend for a treat and try out their menu items, which consist of comfort food including shrimp, lobster rolls, and many more interesting options. You’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you!

Location: The Zone, Al-Muhammadiyah


Things to Do:

1.Gain a whole new arsenal of skills with classes on kickboxing, horse-riding, and French at the Diplomatic Quarters! These classes will help keep you busy and also ensure you learn skills that may come in handy in the future.

Register for any of these classes here:

DQ Kickboxing Classes:

Date: 27th of July – 8th of August

Location: DQ Sports Facilities, Dareen Street

DQ Horse- Riding Classes

Date: 28th of July – 8th of August

Location: Al Aghar Equestrian Club

DQ French Classes

Date: 28th of July – 1st of August

Location: Tuwaiq Palace, 2664 Alhattan St.

2. Painting Workshop 

Ever wanted to paint under the guidance of an expert? Now you have the chance! The Rasmati painting workshop allows you to paint alongside an instructor and learn new techniques along the way. The workshops take place in restaurants, giving you the chance to have a delicious meal after you’re done!

Register here:

Date: Saturday, 27th of July

Time: 5.00 PM

Location: Piedays Café:







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Spa Retreats in Saudi Arabia


Here’s a roundup of our favorite spas in the Kingdom to get pampered this Eid.


1- Assila Spa

dvv1hssx0ac9c-gA sensory sanctuary for women on the 17th floor of Assila Hotel, this spa is operated by Mermaid Salon and Spa and guarantees a journey of rejuvenation.

There are individual treatment rooms offering a collection of wellness treatments, and relaxation rooms to ensure the ultimate spa day. The spa ensures tranquility overlooking the city of Jeddah, while providing guests with the best facilities—from steam rooms, to salons, and a top of the line fitness center. Assila also hosts a spa for men on the 18th floor.

Location: Assila Towers, Tahliya St.
Instagram: assilahotel

2- Oriana Salon & Spa

photo-0125-1Launched in 2007, Oriana Salon and Spa has become one of Jeddah’s most beloved, known for its comfortable environment and top-notch services.

Their menu runs the gamut from facials to massages by specialized experts, making it a great escape for their customers to enjoy its serene and tranquil atmosphere. In a city as cosmopolitan as Jeddah, Oriana has managed to grow a strong following among elite female guests.

It offers an assorted and exquisite range of services and innovative techniques for their skin and hair treatments, while maintaining their authenticity by being one of very few local brands in the Kingdom. Amidst an elegant ambience, the services provided allows guests to unwind, indulge, and rejuvenate themselves, making their visit one that has a lasting experience.

Not only does it offer a dozen different massages with special Moroccan bath packages, there’s also semi-permanent makeup application, wraps, scrubs and nail treatments, special bridal services, and lots more.

Location: Al Kurnaysh Rd, Atallah Commercial Center, Jeddah
Instagram: oriana_salonandspa

3- Manna Beauty Center 3w7a8474

Going through Manna Center’s menu, one is spoiled for choice with various relaxing options, from mani-pedis and hair treatments to facials and massages.

Manna Center is committed to providing its customers with a full-body pampering. With a dozen different massages available for anyone wanting their knots kneaded, one of their most popular treatments is reflexology, designed to stimulate reflexes for the mind and body through a therapeutic acupressure massage, a perfect remedy for aching souls. The spa treatments also include soothing Swedish massage, exfoliations, hot stone therapy, and the luxurious Moroccan bath and massage to follow making it a heavenly indulgence. Offering a choice of different Moroccan baths ranging from regular hammam to a special one called Al-Maliki, designed for a special retreat, Manna Center’s qualified specialists cater to every need to leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Besides a long list of beauty therapies, Manna Center has a solid selection of facial treatments too, such as a deep-cleaning facial and aroma facial.

Location: Abdullah Aba Al Khayl, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah
Instagram: mannacenter


4- Aurora Spa By Joelle

34984803_1665536890162800_9041202364794535936_oFaithful to its brand, this spa at the ground floor of the Movenpick Riyadh is where specialists design a special journey of rejuvenation. The spa is a lavish, tranquil hideaway with six individual therapy rooms, offering a wide variety of tailored treatments designed to help you unwind, balance, and uplift.

Location: King Fahd Rd, An Namudhajiyah, Mövenpick Hotel, Riyadh
Instagram: movenpickriyadh
For reservations, call: +966 11 457 9999


5- Jolie Dame

26068656_321740995008119_7784936014241333248_nThis salon is known for its chic hairdos, highlights, and a whole host of face and nail touch-ups. If bags under your eyes have enhanced during the sleepless nights of Ramadan, this salon also offers the Thalgo eye treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.

Location: Makkah Al Mukarramah St., Al Aqrabiya, Khobar
Instagram: joliedame_sa


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Asma Al Ramini, 31  


Dominance in sport goes beyond the physical; consistent, dedicated training requires mental discipline.

Sport: Boxing
No. of years in sport: 8
Stats: Referee for Muay Thai World Championship boxing in Thailand and Arab medal in Kickboxing
Training time: Before tournaments: 6 hours, Regular days: 2-3 hours

Asma is a woman trying to make a name for herself with her punches, kicks, and coaching. Outside of boxing, she is also a volleyball player and was a member of Jordan’s national women’s volleyball team until 2015.

The athlete, who snagged gold in women’s kickboxing at the Arab Kickboxing Tournament, has also participated in the Women’s World Championship in Kyrgyzstan in May 2016. For her, fighting in Kyrgyzstan was an amazing opportunity and one she will never forget.

Asma was always into boxing even from a young age, and graduating with a major in physical education got her started on her dream sport. She was appointed the first international referee in Thailand for Muay Thai boxing at the age of 23 in 2011, and went on to referee in the Muay Thai world championship.

Her pre-tournament training is an intense regime of six hours that pushes her to her limits and prepares her to face the battle in the ring. On lighter days, her training is only two to three hours a day, three or four days a week.

Asma aims to be the best coach she can be for her students, a very realistic goal considering how she strongly believes in sharing her knowledge. She plans to compete in more boxing tournaments and win championships before turning 40.

There’s a lot of pressure in being a young professional female boxer, but she deals with the challenges like a champ.

Instagram: asmaalramini


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Saleh Abou Al Dahab, 29


Dominance in sport goes beyond the physical; consistent, dedicated training requires mental discipline.

Sport: Powerlifting
No. of years in sport: 9
Stats: Bench press 170kgs, Squat 242.5kgs, Deadlift 307kgs
Training time: 2 ½ hours/day

At 29, Saleh is a competitive powerlifter with nine years of overall training, four of which he dedicated to powerlifting. He initially started out with the goal of gaining strength, and along the way found himself powerlifting.

In 2014, one of Saleh’s trainers convinced him to join Fitness Time’s Strongest Man competition which, at the time, he didn’t think he was good enough for but tried anyway. Winning the title despite no formal training surprised him, but also made him decide to pursue powerlifting and strive to be good at it.

To date, the achievement that means most to him is smashing a 307kg deadlift at 95kgs – an elite weight to lift in his entire weight class and something he could have only achieved after years of hard work and training.

When asked what his ultimate goal is, Saleh says there is no “end” to it – he just keeps adding weight to his bar day after day, aiming to find himself stronger than he was the previous year. “The goal isn’t so much to work until I burn out as it is to focus on being consistent; it’s all about reps.”

Training is never a smooth road; there was a time when Saleh injured his shoulder and wasn’t able to lift. Instead of quitting, he pushed himself despite the injury, modifying his workouts until he had healed and keeping up a consistent routine. “I believe growth and success is a direct result of consistency,” he says.

Outside the gym, powerlifting has helped Saleh build self-esteem and confidence. Being strength-focused, naturally, translates into being “highly functional” in his everyday life, even if sometimes all he uses his strength for is to help his mother move the couch from one room to the other.

Instagram: dahabpowerlifting


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The Heart & Art of Gifting


Florists and craftspeople in the business of gifting, paper, and sending happy thoughts.


1. Mahmoud AlHajjaj
Florist and Manager, Rose Land

mahmoud-alhajjaj-copyWhen Mahmoud fell in love with floristry back in 2004, plunging into this career path as he realized his potential and interest in the field. Bouquets created by Mahmoud at Rose Land Flower Shop prominently featured fresh, natural flowers, arranged as elegant, vintage-inspired blooms. He takes inspiration from the flawlessness of nature, believing that flowers are a gift from God. He also believes that flowers are the best gift to both give and receive.

Location: Al Fayhaa District, Jeddah
Instagram: rose__land

Ships in Jeddah only.


2. Nouf Al Habib
Florist, Bella Fiori

2_nouf-alhabib_bella-fiori-_riyadh_sourced-copyDelivering memorable floral arrangements with a personal touch.

Nouf’s life revolves around her passion for flowers, art, design, and crafts. In 2014, while still in college, she turned this passion into reality by launching her online flower store. She took flower arrangement courses and drew inspiration from her trips to different countries, people, music, and the worlds of art and fashion, to create pieces that are simple, romantic, and with a personal touch.

Location: Ubay Ibn Muadh Al Ansari, Riyadh
Instagram: bella_fiori

Ships in Riyadh only.

3. Sama Al Rassi
Balloon Artist, Sky’s Story1_sama-alrassi_skysstory_zahra-anwer3-copy

While browsing through a balloon shop to pick up balloons for her sister’s birthday party in Russia, Sama developed an interest in balloon art. She learned the art of balloon printing and came back to Saudi Arabia to start her own venture – designing customized and confetti-filled balloons.

Sama feels honored to be a part of people’s happy moments. She is greatly inspired by her clients’ stories, special occasions, and love for the person they’re showering with gifts. With these, she designs exclusive collections based on a client’s preference.

Instagram: skys.story

Ships in Riyadh only.


4. Reem Alabdulhadi & Abdulazeez Hashani
Florists and Event Designers, Rose Blanche

3_reem-alabdulhadi-and-abdulazeez-hashani_source_waleed-dashash-copyAbdulazeez and Reem are a husband-and-wife team running an event designing company specializing in flower arrangements, and providing services in venue décor. They eventually opened a flower shop after demand from clients increased. At Rose Blanche, Abdulazeez handles the administration and logistics end, while Reem takes care of design and arrangements.

Reem started off by creating different kinds of floral centerpieces for her house that comforted her and lightened up her mood. She soon developed her own style – typically focusing on what is pleasing to the eye, captivating yet natural.

Location: King Salman bin Abdulaziz Road, Khobar

Ships in Khobar and Dammam.

5. Rinan Farhat
Florist, Rinanculus Flower Workshops

rinan-farhat3-photo-by-florence-merryman-copyRinan is a florist who runs workshops to train others who wish to broaden their floral knowledge. In her studio, aims to ignite local talent and creativity among flower enthusiasts. “Our surroundings, along with social media platforms, can inspire and educate us,” she says. “I always encourage looking within ourselves and, less figuratively, looking inside our fridges for fruits and other ingredients to create an artistic bouquet.” She even incorporates seasonal fruits into her creations.

Mostly self-taught, Rinan has attended a few courses in flowers and design, and also holds a General Art diploma from Northeastern University, Boston.

Instagram: rinanculus

Workshops are conducted in Khobar.


6. Tamim Al Kadi
Craftsperson, La Creation

5_tamim-alkadi_lacreation_sourced2It was after his personalized gifts to friends and family became a big hit that Tamim decided to make it into a business, launching La Creation in 2013. The business grew from his basement, with no other employees initially besides himself and his wife Lubna. Together they started and did everything from scratch ­– from receiving orders, preparing the products, packaging, delivering and shipping, to managing financials with a startup capital of under US$100. Their team has expanded to 10 members since.

Tamim specializes in crafting personalized messages through adorable mini-figures (figurines) that match the identity of the gift-receiver. His love of renovation, renewal, and change for the better are his sources of inspiration.

Instagram: la__creation

Ships worldwide.

7. Hessa Omair
Designer and Craftsperson, Pixels & Prints

8_hessaomair_greeting-cards_zahra-anwer3-copyHessa started out as a branding professional in 2016 before branching out and starting her own stationery line. Using her graphic design skills to full advantage, she produces greeting cards and calendars inspired by good vibes and her surroundings, both very popular with those looking to gift creative crafts to others (or to themselves!).

Instagram: hessao_

Ships worldwide.

8. Sara Al Humaidan
Gift Curator, Raseel Gift

9_sara-alhumaidan_raseel-gift_sourced3-copySara and her partner Albara Alauhali run a company that sends out gift hampers – thoughtfully curated, marble-themed packages that feature luxurious, accessible, and meaningful items catering to the interests and hobbies of the receiver. Sara’s flair for gift-curating and gift-wrapping has resulted an award from Zid Platform as one of the top five best e-commerce websites of 2018.

Raseel will soon debut its first physical store in Riyadh, and will also host crafts workshops, events, and activities.

Instagram: raseel_gift

Ships around the GCC.


Travel Trends

Experience Elegance With a French Touch With Evok Hotels Collection


The authenticity of a neighborhood. Excellence in hospitality.

In 2014, EVOK began work on its very first Parisian hotels before embarking on its adventures in Venice, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, and other iconic cities. Each neighborhood boasts its own individual character, history and feels that this sensory architecture offers up to visitors to interpret as they see fit. Locals and travelers alike.

Earlier this year we met with Emmanuel Sauvage the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Evok Hotels Collection during his visit to Riyadh and sat down to learn more about Evok Hotels. Mr. Emmanuel is passionate about the hotel industry and with a strong personality, he has an authentic feel for hospitality, an absolute understanding of the meaning of service and a new vision of luxury, and welcomes guests as if they were his own.

The aim of their travel is to invite Saudi families to Evok Hotels Collection and make them experience the luxurious services. Evok Hotels Collection offers the guests a choice between classic five-star hotels with unmatched services and Palace hotels for an ultimate experience. To make it an unforgettable experience, Evok Hotels Collection offers a customized service attending to the needs of the guests by adapting tidbits from their culture and making them feel at home. The art of the perfect welcome orchestrated in refined suites with engaging living spaces, subtle details and courteous staff devoted to well-being.
Currently, Evok Hotels Collection has opened five properties while having three ongoing projects.



Set in the Jardin du Palais-Royal gardens, right in the heart of historic, artistic and creative Paris, the Michelin-starred Restaurant du Palais Royal has shown a new face since 2015. Decorated by Christophe Tollemer, it pays homage to its environment. After being bought in November 2014 by Evok Hôtels Collection, who invested nearly 2 million euros, the place has been completely redesigned. In the main room of 50 covers, there are works of art by Pierre Camille-Roy and large bay windows overlooking a garden, recreating a contemporary atmosphere in harmony with the gardens. Upstairs, the two private lounges immerse you in the world of a Parisian apartment, ideal for confidential lunches and intimate dinners “like at home”. In fine weather, the terrace is transformed to welcome guests for lunch and dinner in the heart of the garden. On selected nights in the summer, it thrills to the sounds of Jazz Thursdays, where gypsy jazz aficionados enjoy great music and food. For the cuisine, Chef Philip Chronopoulos focuses on the authentic and makes the ingredients the center of attention.



Available for rent together or separately, these cottages offer a unique experience through personalized service. Here, the art of living in the French way is unveiled and is distinguished by decoration with contemporary lines mixing both old wood and stone. Set on the mountainside, with privileged access, they can accommodate up to 12 people per chalet. Spread over 5 floors fully equipped with high-tech home automation, the chalets have large rooms, large terraces or balcony. Many areas are dedicated to relaxation: swimming pool, spa, cinema room, billiard, library, large lounge or bar. The Nanuq also has a mezzanine with a corner dedicated to children. Side services, it is possible to call a concierge, a butler, a chef, a sports coach or the babysitting service.



Moments away from the Comédie Française and the Palais Royal gardens, enclosed between layers of history and Hauss – Mann elegance, lies a temple to art and life à la française: the Nolinski. Owned by the EVOK group, this breathtaking, characterful haven bears the hallmark eclectic refinement of decorator Jean Louis Deniot. A minimalist reception made from Carrara marble. Excellence in respecting our guests. Excellence in hospitality. In the quiet discretion of its private apartments, this private home safeguards the secrets of the art of living, in a space where contemporary aesthetics and classical prestige meet enchantment and flair.



Intelligent, cultivated, romantic, BRACH is a true Parisian, with its own codes, a personality, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Its name evokes energy and culture, as well as extravagance and rigor. Generous, homely, it illuminates the values of sharing and balance. A collision with the cultural pioneers of the past blended with a cosmopolitan and modern Paris. There is something of Bauhaus, of Dada and its cohort of Surrealists in BRACH’s genealogy. Multi-cultural influences from Africa, Asia and Brazil are echoed there too. Intimate and open at the same time, BRACH is a combination of contrasts and opposites that complement each other without clashing. A surprising and debonair living patchwork. This mood is reflected in its rich identity, always at the cutting edge.


Opening in April 2019


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Made to Move You


A review of Bounce Max by Hush Puppies.

If you desire comfort and softness on your feet all day long, look no further than Bounce Max, the newly launched shoe line by Hush Puppies. The highly anticipated update features more innovative technology including support, stability, and durability.

From its uber-soft contour cushioned footbed – a blend of air and foam – to its smart knit textile upper, these shoes are the street sneakers with an outdoors attitude!hp-ss19-gl-m-group-1-s-copy

The combination of soft polyurethane and a full-length EVA foam midsole chemistry, along with an innovative five-pod outsole, gives ultra-responsive cushioning and gives maximum energy rebound. The shoe gives just the right amount of cushioning – not too little, not too much.

We also love that its stylish look, something we can transition from office to hangout with friends quite easily with. The neutral colors of the line pair well with an office-appropriate look as well as a casual activity. hp-ss19-gl-m-energy-2-s-copy

The Bounce Max shoes also feature anatomical arch support that gives a natural feel to the foot curves and better movement-control. While the insides make your feet cozy, the footwear also provides a dry mesh sock lining that keeps the feet dry and odor-free without skimping on comfort.

We find clunky footwear off-putting, especially when it makes walking a tiring and sweaty affair. So when we tried out Hush Puppies’ new Bounce Max sneakers, we were pleasantly surprised by its cushioned comfort, making a long day of being on your feet a lot more bearable.

Facebook: HushPuppiesArabia


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Dr. Malak Abed Althagafi: Researcher


Dr. Malak Abed Althagafi currently serving as the chairperson of the Genomics Research Department in King Fahad Medical City in RIyadh, and also serves as a medical director at The International Holding Company of KFSH&RC’s molecular and diagnostic lab.

Diagnosed with a rare autosomal recessive disorder, Dr. Malak spent most of her early years receiving treatment from Dr. Nadia Awni Sakati, the well-known senior pediatrician and consultant for the Genetics Research Center in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC).

It was Dr. Nadia’s tenacity to serve her patients that Dr. Malak admired as a child, ultimately driving her decision to become. She was eventually selected for the King Abdullah Scholarship Program in 2010 as an outstanding medical student. Fast-forward to today, she’s currently serving as the chairperson of Genomics Research Department at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) and as a Director at KFSH&RC in the subspecialty of molecular genetics and neuropathology. She also holds the designation of Assistant Research Professor at King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST) and is a part-time faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Malak takes every day as a gift to work on medical problems whose solutions would lead to better health for individuals. She finds it rewarding to work with incredibly strong and resilient young adults at the research laboratories. Aspiring to make medical treatment more accessible and advanced, she wishes to bring forth precision medicine and a national screening program for inherited cancers syndrome.

Dr. Malak believes that leaders are meant to give others a platform. Leading by taking pride in the achievements of her juniors as her own, she advises the younger generation of women to lean in, learn more, and lead by example, and to stop expecting everything ‘served to them on a plate.’

Twitter: malakabed


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Al Batoul Kutbi: Cybersecurity expert


Al Batoul Kutbi is currently responsible for Microsoft’s cybersecurity solutions that cover identity protection, advanced threat protection, and date classification for the end customer across all financial, private and governmental sectors.

Al Batoul has worked across a number of prominent cybersecurity roles in Saudi, helping customers in different industries position and raise their security posture in their company. She started working in multinational companies in 2007, and at the time, was often the only female in the team, which came with many challenges in a predominantly male workplace, including being overlooked or even ignored.

Al Batoul powered through all this and focused on her career, exploring different areas of technology from hardware and software to applications. She’s currently responsible for Microsoft’s cybersecurity solutions that cover identity protection, advanced threat protection, and data classification for the end customer across all financial, private and government sectors. She also regularly volunteers and participates in conference talks and training young female tech professionals.

While she has set a lot of milestones in her career, the most memorable one is when she joined a number of specialists in cybersecurity and risk management to avert zero-day cyber attacks when a lot of hacking attempts took place in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries.

Continuous development and learning is a part of Microsoft culture and Al-Batoul has kept herself up-to-date with the latest cyber trends to tackle the cyber threats and by taking multiple certifications. Leading through adaptive change and loving that change is the one lesson that Al-Batoul constantly applies to her personal and professional life.



Online Magazine

Iman Al Dabbagh: Photojournalist


Iman started as a self-taught photographer that is now a part of the ‘Women Photograph’.

Iman’s interest in photography and documentaries was something she inherited from her elders who kept and told stories behind old photo albums. Growing up she was unaware that this could be considered a profession to master, Iman never  connected her passion to a potential career. During her 20’s she started carrying her camera around, capturing ‘real’  moments at work, friends’ weddings, travels, family events and during her walks, and this soon became her signature style.

Studying graphic design and being a self-taught photographer, she took a photography course, and later took workshops in photojournalism to polish her skills. After graduating and working in the graphic design field for several years, she started volunteering at community events to practice her documentary style photography. She also volunteered to give a photo workshop in Al-Wehdat refugee camp to Palestinian and Iraqi refugee children. This was when she realized what stories she wanted to tell and for her, this was a way to come closer to home.

In 2014, she was invited to contribute to Everyday Middle East’s Instagram project, and shortly after that, she received her first major international photo assignment in Saudi, from German publication GEO Magazin to photograph Sumayya Jabarti, the first female to be appointed as the editor-inchief in Saudi.

A fellow photojournalist in Los Angeles, where she lived for a time, advised her to explore her country, to start from home and work with what she knows best, which she eventually did a few years later when she moved back to Saudi.

It was a huge turning point for Iman when she received the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) grant and started a project she titled 3eib, visualizing stories of taboo through photojournalism and documentary film. Her work is powerful, showcasing the lifestyles and feelings of her subjects.

She’s a part of the global ‘Women Photograph’ database and is currently working as a freelance photographer, with her work published in most of the top publications – The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Spiegel, and Zeit, among many others.

Instagram: photosbyiman