Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

6 Pro Henna Artists In Riyadh

6 Pro Henna Artists In Riyadh

Eid is just around the corner! While everyone loves wearing their best, often new clothes and new accessories, applying henna is also a tradition loved by women.

This Eid have you decided on the henna artists to apply henna for you? If not, here are some artists in Riyadh to get henna-fied:

hina sudani

1. Umm Ahmad

sudani image

I personally saw her work when I first met her at Al Hokair land. Her designs are mostly Sudanese and are very beautiful.

Contact: 0509517227

2. Areesah’s Henna

areesha Collage
Photo Credits: Areesah’s henna

Facebook: Areesahs Henna

Instagram: Sahar_omer94

3. Rayie Henna

ryn Collage

Also does Jagua (bluish black) and black henna.

Contact: 0533688235 (whatsapp to contact)

Facebook: RayieHenna

Instagram: Rayie_henna

4. Umm Ismail

hina sudani

Contact: 0569102932

Instagram: @i.1.1000

5. Fiza Fathima

Fiza Collage

Facebook: Fiza.fathima.902

6. Henna by Ifrah

 saudi arabic mehndi design

Facebook: Henna by Ifrah

Instagram: Henna_ifrah


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