Keep Warm & Toasty With These Comfort Foods


When the days get colder, all we want to do is wrap up warm and tuck into all that comfort food. We bring you the seasonal favorites in the Kingdom, from local home-cooked goodness to restaurant must-trys.


This traditional Middle Eastern dish, also a street-food favorite, is a thick porridge made with wheat, rice, and your choice of meat, and topped with kishna (caramelized onions). If you’re in need of a hearty bowl to warm your soul, this one will serve you well.

Available at:
Najd Village (Riyadh) and Jareesh Cuisine (Jeddah).
Instagram: jareeshcuisine



Saleeg (Jeddah)

A Hejazi favorite during winters, this is a creamy rice dish cooked with broth and served with meat and duggus, a spicy, tomato salsa.

Available at:
Bait Al Saleeg
Instagram: Bait_alsaleeg

des-food1337-copyHinaini (Riyadh)

A classic dessert favored by Najdis, Hinaini is doughy goodness traditionally made from mixing wheat bread with dates and butter. This winter delicacy was originally made on the open fire out in the desert.

Available at:
1. food-truck Hinaini
Instagram: hanini95

2. Najd Village
Location: Takhassusi Street, Al Olaya Dist.
Instagram: najdvillagesa


Faqa is a desert truffle, sold by local vendors on roadsides during winters. Usually black in color and roughly round in shape. It’s a well-known delicacy throughout the Kingdom during the cold weather, typically boiled or sauteed and used as a meat substitute in dishes.

Harees (Sharqiyah)

Harees is also a thick porridge originally made with boiled, cracked, or coarsely-grounded wheat along with meat and spices.Hearty and full of flavor, Harees makes a great meal, especially on a cold, winter’s day.

Available at:
Eydaam Restaurant
Location: Takhassusi Street, Al Olaya Dist.
Instagram: eydaamksa

Sizzling Date Pudding

At this time of the year, there’s nothing more decadent and indulgent than a steaming hot, sticky pudding. We are particularly in love with the date sizzling dessert – warm cake, hugged by vanilla ice cream and doused with ooey-gooey luscious sauce.

Available at:
1. Over Jar
Location: Riyadh Park, Gate 2, 1st floor.
Instagram: overjarksa

2. Café Bateel
Jeddah: Le Prestige Mall, Assila Tower, and Red Sea Mall
Sharqiya: AlShaikh Avenue, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Street
Instagram: bateelgourmet

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