New Activentures in KSA

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On a hunt for new iconic entertainment zones to do around the Kingdom? Have a gander at our recommendations.

1. The Hot Air Balloon Journey

Once again, the Winter at Tantora Festival in Al Ula will give you the chance to experience a wide range of diverse cultural events and activities including the hot air balloon ride throughout the Al Ula Season till March 7, 2020.

Float high above ancient rock formations in a bonkers-exciting heavenly tour soaring above the breathtaking heritage that dots the landscape below.There’s more good news – Sahab Federation, the Saudi Hot Air Ballooning Federation, has recently announced a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop ballooning opportunities all around Saudi.

Winter at Tantora Festival
Instagram: experiencealula

Sahab Federation
Instagram: sahabfederation

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2. The Art District of Diriyah

The Diriyah district is an area which has witnessed a significant overhaul in recent years and has become a cultural transformer, bringing a modern creative concept influenced by the traditional local architectural style.

Located in the Bujairi neighborhood, the art museum will be a precinct to promote the best contemporary pieces, in addition to being an incubator for the emerging talent. Currently, the museum project is being implemented and will be open to the public this year.

Location: Al Bujairi district, Ad-Diriyah
Instagram: dgda_sa

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3. Open-air skating Rink

The ice skating rink came as part of the incredible Winter Wonderland that’s one of Riyadh Season’s iconic zones. The event boasts the biggest outdoor rink in the Middle East surrounded by several other activities. Whether you pirouette like a pro or just wobble around with the help of skate aids, this rink is for everyone.

The ice skating rink costs SR 60 per person and will be there until a limited time so better get your skates on!

Location: King Fahd Rd., Winter Wonderland, Riyadh

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4. Zero Latency – VR playground arcade (Riyadh)

Book your virtual journey and explore the unimaginable world of the eye-popping possibilities of virtual reality entertainment together with your squad.

Zero Latency is a gamers’ haven offering VR experiences for up to 8 players. This arcade has a great selection of games ranging from ‘Engineerium” where you investigate a secret military space station and fight killer robots and rogue drones, to ‘Zombie Survival’, which drops you into a zombie apocalypse.

Tickets cost SR 150 for an hour-long experience, including a briefing.

Location: Salma Center, Imam Abdullah Ibn Saud Ibn Abdulaziz Rd., Ash Shuhada, Riyadh
Instagram: zerolatencyme

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