Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Rina’s National Day Collection

Rina’s National Day Collection

To commemorate the 90th Saudi National day, Rina, the popular fashion brand of Saudi, has joined hands with students of Arts & Design College.

Rina was established in 2008 as part of the Abdul Karim Saudi Company and has been a hot spot for its timelessness, modern, as well as unique designs that incorporate elements of the past with the present; inspired by the Arab culture and heritage. With multiple branches across the Kingdom, Rina has always aspired to give back to the local community.

rinaxpnu6-copyThe initiative aims to give back to the community by turning the spotlight on the local talent and diligence of the Saudi youth. Through this project, Rina enabled the students to experience the life of a professional designer by working with industry professionals.rinaxpnu15-copy

Choosing Riyadh as the common ground, the students decided to make it their main inspiration behind the designs and link it to the National Day festivities.rinaxpnu5-copy

Instead of choosing the green color and traditional prints, the design students took a different take on the National Day designs and chose inspirations from Riyadh’s traffic, architecture and endangered flowers, and so on.rinaxpnu37-copy

Using eco-friendly materials, the project features two collections, the Open Circle; daywear that’s easy to wear by everyone every day, and Weekend in Riyadh; nightwear that’s meant to stand out in the loud nightlife of Riyadh.rinaxpnu4-copy

In addition to celebrating the budding talent of the Kingdom, Rina further lauded the designers by making a short documentary called “Artist Talk” showing the dedication of the students and giving them a platform to share their voice with the world.rinaxpnu3-copy

The contributing designers that worked on this project include Hessa Alkhamis, Afnan Abdulrahman Alobaid, Jamila Ali Al Shehri, Rania Abdullah Almarwani, and Maha Mohammed Alqumayzi. The collection can be pre-booked on Rina’s web store and will be available in selected stores soon. rinaxpnu-copy

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