Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Hunger Game of Hoarding

The Hunger Game of Hoarding

Let’s call it what it is: panic-buying at stores in Saudi.

As the Saudi government announced precautionary steps to combat the spreading of coronavirus last week, schools and some offices have transitioned to working remotely. While this may sound fun to some, the entire situation has brought a wave of inevitable panic to hoard on items at the grocery.

We’ve taken upon ourselves to share as much helpful information along with some moments of levity. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about panic buying:

What is the meaning of panic buying?

Panic buying is a reaction to an uncertain situation usually triggered by uncertain disasters and pandemics.

Why are people hoarding in Saudi?

The entire situation has brought a wave of inevitable panic to hoard on items at the grocery. People are buying excessive amounts of products and essentials they dread they will run out of during their self-isolation duration.

From the fear of the coronavirus, people are also buying things like hand sanitizer, facemasks, etc. that would potentially prevent them and their families from getting the virus.

Fact check: According to experts, buying more than two weeks of supply will eventually not be helpful.

Most homes in Saudi already have non-perishable items like rice and pasta stocked up so relax if you’re one of them.

How can we overcome it?

1. First and foremost, calm down! Stress is an enemy of your immune system and can have undesirable effects on it.

2. There are a lot of online apps and services that can help you buy things online when you’re in dire need.

3. Our fear drives us to believe in everything we read. Always fact-check and be careful of false claims on social media.

Here are some reliable sources for information:
Saudi Ministry of Health and World Health Organization

4. With that being said, too much media exposure can intensify anxiety. Get what you need, take precautionary steps, unplug for a while and leave the rest to God.


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