Culinary Diversity: African Food

Take a bite out of Saudi’s diverse dining scene!

As the Kingdom opens up to the world, let’s not forget that the world has already been part of the region’s culture for decades! We round up all the cuisines that have been part of Saudi and treasured by the locals.

Family Restaurant

The Family restaurant sits tucked away on AlSafa street, serving classic Ethiopian and North African dishes. While all the menu items are a true pleasure, their standout dish is the Lahm Nashif — fried meat strips and spices served on Injera, a giant flatbread which diners tear into and scoop up mouthfuls of stews and curries with their hands.

The restaurant is cozy with extremely affordable prices, but ironically, the Family Restaurant contradicts its name by not having an actual Family Section. So takeaway is the only option to enjoy a meal with your family.

Location: Al Safa, Jeddah
Mob: +966-551898717


Named after the famous and oldest city in Sudan, Dongola gives the homesick Sudanese in Sharqiya a taste of home. A local hub for anyone unacquainted with the joys of Sudanese cuisine, this restaurant offers platefuls of stews and tasty Tibs along with a couple
of Arab-infused dishes. The food is subtly flavored and tasty, but don’t come here expecting fancy decor: the dining room has a busy boofiya vibe with no seating for families.

Location: Al Qazaz, Dammam
Mob: +966-551898717

Musa Restaurant

Located in Sharafiyah District of Riyadh, Musa Restaurant bashes out hearty Sudanese food in a friendly, no-frills, boofiya setting. Usually packed to the rafters with the local African community, everything here is simple: take a seat and savor the traditional Injera or rice, which will then be served up with regular regional fare of Tibs (sauteed meats) and Wats (peppery stew). This modest Sudanese spot attracts people from across Riyadh with its brilliant food at super-low prices.

Location: Al Jawharah Bint Ibn Muammar, Ash Sharafiyah, Riyadh
Mob: +966-544181077

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