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4 Places to Get Cupping Done in Riyadh

hijama in riyadh

Cupping (Hijama in Arabic) is an ancient method of treatment, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision.

It is also an authentic tradition of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that has been used throughout history. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is cupping, or it is one of the best of your medicines.” Al-Bukhari (5263) and Muslim (2952)

This non-surgical procedure draws out excessive toxic blood from specific points on the body where the cups are applied for each illness and may reduce ailment without any side-effects.

Cupping is performed in several steps and the common Sunnah points for cupping are on the upper back between the shoulder blades. It has numerous benefits and effectively cures digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, fever, skin problems, asthma, depression, low fertility etc. It is extremely important to get cupping done by one who is experienced and that they use instruments that are properly cleaned and sterilized.

hijama in riyadh

Here are the cupping therapy riyadh centers :

1. Shefoa Al Hegama Medical Center

Screen Shot 1438-04-28 at 12

Address: Saad Ibn Abi Waqas street (see map)

Phone: 9200 09038


2. Riyadh Cupping Clinic

Run by Dr. Abu Yusuf and his wife.

It is one of the best hijama centers in riyadh

Address: 8794 Khalid Ibn Al Walid St, Al Quds, Riyadh 13214 (see map)


For men: 055 968 8994

For women: 0506760503

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3. New Cupping Center

Screen Shot 1438-04-28 at 1

Address: Exit 9, Khalid Bin Alwaleed (see map)

Phone: 2000440 

4. Dr. Saima Clinic 

Address: Ibrahim Al Khayyari, Al Olaya (see map)

Phone: 4647976

Mobile: +966 500039568

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