Ready, Set, Create!

Infusing a culture of innovation in communities.

Recently rising in popularity, Makerspaces are inviting spaces that call artists, techies, and just plain enthusiasts to gather to co-create, share resources and knowledge, work on projects, and develop skills and creativity. Bringing together a one-of-kind space and hub to facilitate and foster creativity, these are places where you can let loose your imagination.


Ithra features endless opportunities and an intriguing public space where one can get their creative juices flowing and tinker to their heart’s content. Learn to carve Mangour wood, design jewelry making, pottery, or gain in-depth knowledge of several other exciting activities.

Location: Gharb Al Dhahran, Dhahran
Instagram: ithra

jeddah_dksa_makerspaces_kham4_sourced_march2021Kham Space

Kham Space hosts a variety of classes and sponsors activities as well, along with a library that provides resources and vintage books for anyone in the creative and artistic field.

With facilities for pottery, sculpting, carpentry, including fun activities for children, Kham serves members of all ages and believes in the power of the creative mind, offers space and outlets for people to design, experiment, and partake in launching inspiring ideas.

Location: Saeed Ibn Zaqr, Mishrifah, Jeddah

riyadh_dksa_makerspaces_koun11_sourced_march2021Koun KSA

Koun KSA stirs up the inner muse by offering various workshops such as crochet, flower arrangement, painting, 3D printing, and laser cutting. Owned by a DIY-er at heart, Sarah AlDosary is always passionate about growing the community of makers and passing on the knowledge.

At Koun, you can also boost your creativity while sipping delicious coffee at Koun’s fully functional cafe that serves excellent beverages and snacks.

Location: King Abdullah Rd., Al Raed, Riyadh
Instagram: koun_ksa

almashtal-2021qaisaran-studio-2668AlMashtal Space

A hub for creative nomads and passion-preneurs, AlMashtal is an all-inclusive space providing a maker’s lab, library, cafe, co-working spaces, a retail outlet, hot desks, areas to hold and attend workshops, and even a gallery. The team behind AlMashtal took over a children’s nursery from the 80s in DQ and transformed it into a new hot spot for learning, creativity and more.

Location: Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh


At Upgrade, take the plunge, unleash your passion and commit to trying your hand at a new skill. From whisking your own desserts and rolling your own bread to pottery, fashion, jewelry making, candle-making, photography, and many more crafts, Upgrade is a perfect place committed to edutainment through workshops and interactive meetings.

Location:  Al Khalidiyah Center, Qaryat Miskah, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah

riyadh_dksa_makerspaces4_catalystv_sourced_march2021Catalyst V

Whether it’s through building worlds with sculpting, 3D printing, or simply exploring creativity, Catalyst V’s goal is to offer several creative activities to those who are passionate to learn. It’s a pinch of art, a dash of tech, a drizzle of science, and a huge amount of fun.

Location: Prince Fahad Bin Mohammed, Hittin, Riyadh

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