Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Re-purposed for a Purpose

Re-purposed for a Purpose

Empowering and creative charity work through re-style-cling!

A perfect sync of sustainability and innovativeness, Hasanat takes old or worn-out clothing and transforms them into brand new pieces.

Born with a belief that women should be empowered through creativity and innovation, Hasanat paves the way for women to be independent and earn a sustainable income while working remotely at home.Re-purposed for a Purpose

Receiving unwanted clothes donations, Hasanat sorts dissembles and cleans the fabrics, breathing a new life by recycling the products through design and creativity. For this, Hasanat has trained an all-female staff who innovatively sew and rebirth new and unique products. It could be trendy clothing, customized cushions, celebration banners, fabric hangers, quilt baskets, tote or beach bags, you name it! Re-purposed for a Purpose

Creating a micro-economy for women to gain employment and generate an ongoing sustainable income, all proceeds generated from sales at Hasanat are 100% for charity to empower the local creative ladies.Re-purposed for a Purpose

All the re-born items are available on Hasanat’s website and some other retail stores.

How many hasanat do you have in your wardrobe? Donate Now!

Instagram: hasanat_charitybrand


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