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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Mother’s Day Activities – Homebound Version

Mother’s Day Activities – Homebound Version

With stricter social distancing measures, this Mother’s Day is probably going to be a very different one.

For those of us fortunate enough to have our mothers around in the same house or city, here are some ideas to make her day:

1- Let her sleep in

With all the family members at home, sleep is something that most of the mothers are being deprived of. A few hours of uninterrupted sleep is all she needs to start this day fresh.

Joyn Bakery - Jeddah
Joyn Bakery – Jeddah

2- Breakfast Brunch in Bed

Surprise her by serving her a delicious meal to wake up to featuring her favorite food.

By Instagram: noooriyah
By Instagram: noooriyah

3- Craft a Mother’s Day card

Because nothing says, “you’re the best” like a well-crafted personalized card.
Check out Instagram: noooriyah

4- Take charge of household chores

Set her up with a soothing foot soak or let her binge-watch while you get scrubbing. Let her feel relaxed the entire day knowing her chores are getting done by no effort from herself.

5- A Gift of Memories

Compile old photos to make a memory book for a personal keepsake that takes her down the memory lane.

6- Rock out to your favorite tunes

Belt it out at a karaoke night with other family members and rock out her favorite tunes.

7- Hunt for deals

With a lot of online Mother’s Day offers and special deals, buy her a gift according to her choices and taste.

Check out Gifts for Mommy Dearest (RiyadhJeddahSharqiya) for ideas

8- Cook along with her

If your mom loves to cook, whip up one of your family’s favorite recipes together. Treat it like an episode of Top Chef.

Don’t fret about going out to get groceries, we’ve got you covered: Stay in & shop online.

9- Break a sweat at home

No gym? No problem! Don’t let these days of immobility get you and her all slouchy and lazy. Follow the workouts online, exercise and break a sweat at home together.

10- Plan a group video surprise.

Since your mom is currently not able to meet up with her friends, surprise her by scheduling a group video call with her close friends. This way she won’t just hear their voice, but also get to see her loved ones.


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