The Nikkei Flair: Chef Eddie Castro

Chef Eddie is an experienced, skilled, and long-time promoter of Nikkei cuisine working at Kuuru, a Japanese-Peruvian culinary sensation that aims to introduce the cuisine in Jeddah.

Eddie embarked on this culinary career more than 20 years ago and has adored his journey towards Nikkei cuisine ever since, traveling and working in many countries, including Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

His memories about cooking stem from his childhood, cooking at home for their family culinary techniques. He recalls tasting everything that came through the kitchen doors, discovering the multitudes of them in the future.

A passion for perfection, an eye for each detail, and a creative cooking. Taking inspiration from everything around him, Eddie says, “at any given a painting, listen to music, it is dinners, tasting, touching, and around me all the time, are also a great source for my creativity.” An advocate of Nikkei cuisine, the Japanese migrants tried to Peruvian products.The one heart is Pachamanca (Pacha in Quechua), an ancient, unique, in soil using hot stones. If you the traditional Peruvian plates that Chef Eddie cooks at Kuuru.

“Let yourself be enveloped by the Nikkei flavor and techniques. All the dishes have a heavenly mix of tradition and strong history.”

Instagram: edcastroch
Instagram: kuuruksa

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