Haraj – Princess Souks And Bargain Hunting

haraj riyadh

By Sheila Marie T. Sultan (The Pink Tarha)

There’s a little corner in Riyadh that you might not know of. It’s a far cry from the skyscrapers along King Fahad Road, the glitzy shopping district of Olaya, or the busy night life of Tahlia Street. But it’s a spot that thrills the bargain hunter in me. I’m talking about Riyadh’s Haraj, a vast expanse of showrooms and flea market along Al Haeer Road, a little past the Old City of Deerah.

haraj riyadh

Not many people know that Haraj is divided by different sections, each offering a different trade. One section of Haraj riyadh is host to a number of showrooms for brand new, made to order or refurbished items like furniture, appliances, kitchen units and upholstery services. The shop prices vary but stay within range, for example, you can buy a new kitchen setup for SR 500 per meter, complete with delivery and installation. Drive a bit farther and you will find a part of Haraj dedicated for car repairs, parts and used cars sale. Drive farther and you’ll find a garden nursery that sells pots potting soil, small plants and even trees.

Despite being dusty and musty, Haraj’s most popular section is the flea market, sometimes called “The Princess Souk,” which probably spurred the lore of Princess Hand-me-downs. No one will be able to confirm that but it’s popular because of the dirt cheap prices. I kid you not when I say “dirt cheap” as you’ll find most of the items are piled on dirt floors. Imagine a whole street filled with mounds of old clothes piled high atop each other or rows of used furniture and kitchen setups. Fair warning for germaphobes, this part of Haraj varies in sanitary conditions with some shops better kept than others.

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princess souk riyadh

Most people feel queasy about buying used items, especially clothes. But bargain hunters and thrifters alike love the thrill of finding their own little treasure underneath the pile of rubbish. There are stories of lucky ones taking home an old handbag for SR 5 and later finding gold jewelry hidden in its pockets. Or maybe you’ve heard of the near-perfect Louis Vuitton bag that a Saudi Princess outgrew, imagine finding a pre-loved LV for SR 20? Unfortunately, shopkeepers can now recognize high-end items and they sell it for a higher price

But the flea market is still worth visiting if you’re looking for decent ball gowns, abayas, coats and children’s clothes. Expect prices to be around SR 5 – 20 depending on the item. I once bought a Burberry coat for SR 5, but that was years ago. New in the Kingdom and looking for decent furniture that won’t cost and arm and a leg? You can easily buy the basics with less than a SR 2,000 in your pocket, if you’re up for the challenge. Whether you shop at the flea market or the showrooms, one things is for sure, it’s cheaper there.


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5 Top Places To Buy Flowers In Riyadh

Flowers In Riyadh

By Jouhara AlMoammar

What’s Spring All About? FLOWERS of course!

“I must have flowers, always and always.” – Clande Molet

flower shop riyadh

You know it’s Spring time when flowers bloom and every exquisite type of flower grows. Being a flower admirer, I’ve listed down the top flower shops in Riyadh:

1. Gardenia

My all time favorite, their special arrangements and flower varieties will sure please you no matter what your occasion.

Instagram : Gardenia.online

Location: Tahliya St

Number: +96611 2166886

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2. Rosy Brown

“The art of giving” is their motto. Outstanding, clean and pretty arrangements supervised and owned by a Saudi woman! The shop is all about flowers, gift wrapping and many more unique stuff. Check their Instagram account and you’ll be amazed by their work of both natural and artificial flower arrangements!

Instagram: Rosybrown_sa

Location: Rabea Plaza, Al Rabea district

Number: +966563770781

3. Spring Rose


Our classic Saudi go-to flower shop. This popular flower shop in Saudi has many branches across the Kingdom and have a very fast service.

Instagram: @springroseshop

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4. Tao Flowers

When it comes to fancy, classy and unique flower arrangements,  I’d say Toa flowers would be the one despite it being a little pricey. If you are thinking to buy flowers from Tao, make sure your order in advance.

Instagram: Tao_flowers

Location: Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road

Number:+96611 4169964

5. Little Flora

Our #1 and only Saudi web-based flower shop where you can order flower bouquets online and get it delivered to wherever you want.

Instagram: Littleflora_

Location: Imam Mohammed bin Saud Road

Number: +966593811137

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Places to Learn Aerial Yoga in Riyadh

By Areej Sejiny

If you enjoy yoga and want to take it to another level, Aariel yoga is for you!

aerial yoga riyadh

So what is Aerial yoga?

It’s an anti-gravity yoga that uses a hammock, which is a fabric that looks like a long sling that hangs from the ceiling to help to do various yoga poses mid-air. You can do simple yoga poses while having the fabric support your entire body, or do more complicated poses while hanging upside down with the fabric supporting you only by your feet!

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Aerial yoga has many benefits like improving flexibility and helps heal back problems since you can move more freely and hang upside down which helps relieve stress in your spine and muscles.

No idea how you will actually do it?


Here are the two well-known fitness centers that offer yoga in riyadh:

  • Spectrum for Woman
    It offers Ariel yoga classes for both kids and adults.

Location:  Olaya | Ghadeer | Qurtoba
Tel: +966-11-216-5522

Instagram: spectrum4women

  • Al Manahil Ladies Center
    This place offers aerial yoga along with a number of best services at one place.

Location: Dareen St, Al Safarat
Tell: +966-11-488-1069
Instagram: al_manahil


Souk Okaz, A Must Visit Ancient Cultural Fest and Market

Souk Okaz

Souk Okaz is a significant national event, where the historical significance of Saudi is retrieved. 

The Souk Okaz taif festival, located just outside the city of Taif in the Makkah region, opened its doors on Wednesday, June 27 for more than two weeks of presentations, arts and craft exhibits and literary readings. The 12th modern edition of the ancient gathering is said to take on additional significance as it marks the launch of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) strategic campaign to publicise and grow the Kingdom’s tourism sector. Events geared to various Saudi tourism destinations are scheduled throughout the 17-day event and will kickstart the broader tourism campaign.


The Souk market festival is organized by SCTH in cooperation with a number of governmental bodies and is under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz. It is expected to draw more than two million tourists annually.

SCTH Chairman Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz has said that this year’s version will be exceptional in the number and diversity of activities and the number of outstanding participation.

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Souk Okaz is a significant national event, where we retrieve the historical significance of this country. This event that is relived is one of the important moments in this country’s history as well as the history of Islam, and one of the vital aspects that attracted economic prosperity to the region,” Prince Sultan said.


Harking back to its roots as a meeting place for discussion, storytelling, and trade as far back as the stone age, Souk Okaz’s identity is infused with the literary traditions of the region. This year’s schedule includes presentations of stories from the lives of ancient Arabia’s legendary Arab poets such as Tarafa bin Al-Abd, Amr bin Kalthoum, Al A’sha, Qais bin Sa’eda, and Zuhair bin Abi Salma. Recognising the profound importance of literature in contemporary Saudi Arabia, Souk Okaz will also host some 15 competitions for poets and writers with the aim of nurturing literary creativity and talent.

Among the competitions are the Okaz International Poetry Award for Standard Arabic language poetry (Okaz Poet), Okaz International Handicraft Award, Okaz Creativity Award, Okaz Photography Award, Young Okaz Poet Award, Okaz Folklore Art Award, Okaz Children Folk Art Award, Okaz Theatrics and Creativity Award, Okaz Fine Arts Award, and Okaz Entrepreneurship Award.


Last year, Souk Okaz introduced a programme called Narrator’s Tent which featured six narrators from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and four from Saudi Arabia recounting important historical events around the Arabian Peninsula. The Tent attracted more than 500,000 visitors.souk-okaz-9

SCTH’s research into the history of Souk Okaz triggered valuable archaeological discoveries that indicated that the souk had been an event as far back as the Stone Age and that it was an important forum in the history of Arabs before the advent of Islam. In ancient times, it was more than a cultural and trade fair, serving as a point of social and political gatherings for the people of the region, SCTH said.

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The ancient souk was a cultural platform where sheikhs met their tribes, initiated agreements and exchanged prisoners. It would provide opportunities for reconciliation, declaration of alliances and ending hostilities. It was also known for horse racing and fencing and was a large commercial market visited by traders coming from Syria, Persia and Yemen, among other countries, and a forum where titles were given to poets, knights and tribes.

Web: soukokaz.sa
Twitter: @soqokaz

Source: CIC
Photo Credits: CIC/sooqokaz


A Visit to King Abdullah Malaz Park Riyadh

king abdullah park fountain timings

By: Hana Jazzar 

king abdullah park , Take a break from the fluster of traffic and busy urban life in Riyadh and head out for a fun outdoorsy experience the whole family will surely enjoy.

king abdullah park fountain timings

Stretched out over 318,000 square meters, the new King Abdullah Malaz Park (KAMP) is the largest park of it’s kind in the Kingdom. Located in the Al-malaz park riyadh District near Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, the park literally is a breath of fresh air!

Once through the main gates, a 12-meter-wide pedestrian pathway wraps around the beautifully landscaped hills and greenery. Your family will then discover and enjoy the several children’s playgrounds, sports areas, special shaded areas and the big restaurant within the grounds. The kids will especially have fun running around the spacious square overlooking the lake, which features the park’s main attraction– the water fountains.


Starting daily at 6:15pm, the dancing water fountain – complete with colorful lights and lasers is a fantastic show that promises to entertain both kids and adults. For the best seat in the house, climb up the stairs to the podium carrying the 37-meter long Saudi flag.

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Small benches are scattered around the whole park but you are welcome to sit and enjoy a casual picnic wherever you like. Additional facilities include an events center, VIP building and the park exploratory.

So why not take advantage of the wonderful weather (while it lasts) and pack up a picnic basket, gather friends and family and spend a leisure day at the park.

Helpful KAMP Tips
  • Open daily from 4-11pm (youth and singles twice a week, and families 5 times a week)
  • Fountain show times: 6:15, 7:45, 8:45
  • Bikes, scooters and soccer balls are NOT allowed, however you are allowed to bring kites, lightweight balls, chairs and food.


Open Paws, Animal Rescue and Pet Adoption Center in Riyadh

open paws

By Lama Ghazzawi

We all love pets! But we don’t all know what they go through behind the scenes of pet shops, breeding farms and pest control companies.

Open Paws is a local organization focused on spreading awareness about all these places, helping control pet population through neutering and counterfeiting the negative effects of pest control. In addition to giving knowledge to those who need it, they help animals find new homes and recover from bad situations that they are unfortunately very often in.

Open Paws offers first aid for pets in crisis, neutering services as well as others for no profit and solely for the purpose of giving animals a healthy, happy life. They also have a phone number in order to contact them regarding any animal-related problems and a veterinarian available to answer any questions.

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How do Open Paws adopt pets?

If you’re wondering how you can help, adopting pets is an option available with Open Paws. However, as pets are a big responsibility, there are procedures that need to be done and knowledge to be learnt before adopting one. Similarly, fostering a pet, which is basically giving them temporary homes with food and shelter until they find a permanent home, requires just as much experience and commitment, but it will help tremendously!

Other things that you could do individually include spreading awareness about pet care, avoiding pet shops and animal breeders and making sure that before you own a pet, you have clear knowledge and a big sense of responsibility towards them and their quality of life.

Website: http://www.openpaws.org/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Open.Paws/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenPaws
Instagram: https://instagram.com/openpaws/



entertainment places in riyadh, The two words that come out of every child’s mouth at one time or another is, “Mom, I’m bored!” And although research shows that boredom is the catalyst for creativity, we ultimately want our kids to happily enjoy their carefree childhood days.

Children’s entertainment places in riyadh

So why not spend some quality time as a family and treat your kids to a fun day out! Take a break from the usual amusement parks and try our list of favorite kids entertainment spots in Riyadh.

 1. Jammoly World

Located between exits 13 and 14, Jammoly World is a 12,000-square-meter educational center that gives kids ages 4 to 12 the chance to suit up and role play certain adult professions. Children can choose to “work” in a number of realistic “jobs” and actually get paid just like adults.

Brining future careers as close to reality as possible in a creative and educating way. Chi ldren practice professions such as doctors, firemen, reporters, police officers and paramedics. It’s also home to a huge 800-seat theater that hosts special performances and celebrations.

Tel: +966-11-2262825
Web: www.jammoly.com.sa

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 2. Cafe ceramique

Also located in Sahara Mall, Cafe Ceramique is part-cafe, part-art studio where both kids and adults can tap into their artistic talents and enjoy a delicious meal all in one place. Simply choose a pottery item from their extensive range of kitchen wear and decorative items, have a seat at your table and the waiters will provide you with paint, brushes, sponges and anything else you might need. Not much of an artist? No worries, you can look through their templates and art books for ideas. Once you are done painting, you give the waiter your “piece of art” to be glazed and set, and it will be ready for pick up a week later.

Mob: +966-501236611
Web: www.cafe-ceramique.com

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3. Goal

This specially designed indoor football field is a football fanatic’s dream come true it is kids activities . Goal! Junior is safe and fun facility in Sahara Mall that offers kids aged 5 to 15 the chance to bend it like Beckham in 15-minute football matches. Drop in with your kids anytime and they will enjoy a friendly yet “professional” match, complete with colored team aprons, a grass field, referee, scoreboard and sometimes even a commentator. An exciting setting where everyone has fun and leaves a winner.

Tel: +966-11-4520714


Photo Credit: coroflot.com

4. Stationary Fantasies

Much more than a stationary store, Stationary Fantasies located on the second floor of Al Azizia Mall, offers one of the most unique entertaining and learning experiences in Riyadh. Children can choose to play in a number of specially set up and supervised activity rooms; some of which teach them specific skills like baking, arts and crafts and soap making and other rooms have sports activities, carting and sand play. You can have a cup of coffee while safely watching the kids have fun through the glass doors of every room. Pass by the stationary store for your own entertainment, where you can shop for gifts, books, home accessories and furniture.

Tel: +966-11-2291942


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5. Chuck E Cheese

From the coolest arcade games and hi-tech simulator rides to safe kiddy rides for the little ones, Chuck E Cheese is the ultimate fun-stop for kids of all ages. Children particularly enjoy “winning” tickets after each game, which they collect in exchange of a fun prize on their way out. And after all the games have been played, the cheesiest pizza in town has been eaten and cool prizes have been won, everyone in the family will be leaving completely satisfied.

Location: Olaya St. Exit 13
Tel: +966-11-2167733


Photo Credit: makan-me.com


Riyadh’s Top Gyms For Women

By Hana Jazzar

Gyms For Women| Staying active and working out aren’t just ways to lose weight or help you get into a smaller dress size, they are in fact lifestyle commitments that make you stronger, healthier and yes, ultimately thinner.

Now if these reasons have convinced you to join a gym, the important question left to ask yourself is: which gym?

We’ve thoroughly researched Riyadh’s most famous female gyms and gathered all the info you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Al Manahil

Gyms For Women

Photo Credit: almanahil.com.sa

Located at the Diplomatic Quarters, Al Manahil Ladies Center is airy and bright. It spreads over two levels with views looking over an outdoor tennis court. The ground floor supports the cardiovascular equipment whilst upstairs you’ll find the circuit and weight training area. Its vigorous class schedule offers everything from the latest Les Mills classes, including Bodypump and Body Attack, to others like TRX, spinning, dance, pilates, mat and yoga. In addition to the popular Martial Art (Taekwondo) and Tennis classes, members have access to the steam room and can sign up for water exercises and swimming lessons in the heated indoor swimming pool.

It is also in the process of adding the latest equipment to the gym, and expanding in space, and is working on becoming the largest Pilates Studio in Riyadh. When you are done with your work-out, you can have a healthy drink from the juice bar or take advantage of the rest of the center by stopping at the spa, salon, boutique or restaurant.

Tel: +966 1 4881069
Web: almanahil.com.sa

Email: info@almanahil.com.sa


Gyms For Women

Photo Credit: nuyu-ksa.com

The modern and hip Loft-like gym located in Northern Riyadh (AlYasamien district) is a pure fitness center with a great mix of studio and gym space. Studio 1 on the ground floor is where all the group workouts take place from Bodycombat and circuits, to Zumba, Boot Camp and Cross Fit classes.

The Holistic Studio is a serene space designed to integrate body, mind and spirit through yoga and pilates. As for spinning, NuYu’s invigorating theatrical studio, together with lively music will transport you into another zone.

Front and center is the Gyms For Women area where you’ll find state of the art machines, AMT striders and an amazing “functional zone” which has all the latest fitness accessories and gives you space to work out individually or under the supervision of qualified personal trainers. Last but not least, the Power Plate sessions give you a warm up, resistance work, cardio and a cool down and massage all in 30 minutes.

NuYu’s facilities include a retail store featuring Pure Lime fitness apparel. Additionally, it offers a range of membership options that are likely to suit your budget and needs.

Tel: +966 1 8104111
Web: nuyu-ksa.com
Email: community@nuyu-ksa.com


Gyms For Women

Photo Credit: luthanhotel-spa.com

Luthan Gym is nestled inside Luthan hotel and spa, which is an exclusive ladies hotel located in AlRaed District. Its elegant wellness center is the best place to rejuvenate, revitalize and unwind. Luthan fitness and yoga studios are calm and zen. They reflect a cozy yet energetic atmosphere.

Besides yoga and pilates classes, which strengthen the core and balance both body and mind, it also offers classes that are fun, lively and that help burn calories and improve overall wellness (i.e. Zumba, dancing, spinning and AquaFit).

Luthan fitness has 3, 6 and 12 month elite memberships which offer many benefits including discounts on the spa treatments, salon services, restaurant, complimentary health and fitness assessments and unlimited use of fitness equipment within the Gyms For Women and spa facilities.

Its classy facilities include a state-of-the-art gym, a meditation room, an indoor heated swimming pool, a relaxing jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

Tel: +966 1 4807799
Web: luthanhotel-spa.com



Photo Credit: korestudios.net

KORE is a “fitness boutique” located in AlKhozama district that brings a new spin to traditional Gyms For Women by providing an innovative approach to fitness. Two studios in the facility hold a variety of classes such as yoga, pilates, spinning, Zumba and belly dancing.

Members can choose the Focused or Mix & Match packages for group classes or the personal training package for private one-on-one classes.

The Circuit training program involves the Milon machines, a smart technology system of strength and endurance training in only 17.5 minutes, resulting in a focused, guided and well recorded work out. It also has the unique Water Bike, which is an individual aqua-physiotherapeutic cycling system with 16 hydro massage jets to help reduce cellulite.

Conveniently, it is open on Fridays if you’d you like to “burn” away weekend boredom (and calories) on the machines.

Tel: +966 1 4820003
Web: korestudios.net


Photo Credit: self.com

Photo Credit: self.com

This world-renowned fitness and weight loss center promises to give you a complete work out in just 30 minutes. The Curves system is simple. It is circuit training using hydraulic resistance machines (set up in a circle), which is adjusted to the strength level of each woman.

Consequently, this special design helps effectively train and strengthen muscles while it reduces soreness and the potential for injury. Once you join, your weight and measurements are taken to create your personal record, which is updated with your monthly assessments so you can track your progress. Annual memberships give you many benefits, like access to customized fitness and weight management programs and plans, and exclusive Curves retail and nutritional products.

Joining one of Curves fitness centers automatically entitles you to use your membership in any of the 10,000 Curve outlets across the globe. So wherever you may be, there’s no excuse not to workout.

Tel (Al Olaya): +966 1 4633219
Tel (AlRayyan): +966 1 4452876
Tel (Panorama): +966 1 2814853
Web: www.curvesme.com

Al Multaka

Photo Credit: proudlyarabian.com

Photo Credit: proudlyarabian.com

Located in AlMalaz district, AlMultaka is a multi purpose ladies center aiming to connect women with art, design, fashion, beauty and fitness all in a contemporary and charming environment. AlMultaka Fitness Center promotes wellness and vitality through dynamic programs and attractive services. Its brightly lit Gyms For Women, with floor to ceiling windows and cardio theater, radiates a sense of freshness and energy.

The Studio classes offer a variety of group fitness programs including certified Spinning, TRX, body combat and the popular Fight-do to, as well as numerous cross- training activities like mega dance, swimming and aqua aerobics classes. For the union of body, breath and mind, there are yoga, pilates and Fit ball classes.

AlMultaka is a STOTT Pilates Certified fitness center; hence you are ensured a safe and effective work out every time.

The Stott Pilates courses are given in a specialized studio using reformers and the latest 3-in-1 machines.

Members can also continue on to the rest of the center and enjoy the spacious and airy FontainBleu restaurant, serene spa or beauty salon.

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Tel: +966 1 4783388
Web: www.almultaka.com.sa
Email: info@almultaka.com.sa


Opportunities for Volunteering in Riyadh

By Ghada AlOmran

Dedicating your time as a volunteer to help out with even the smallest tasks can make a real difference in the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need. The benefits of Opportunities for Volunteering in Riyadh are enormous to you, your family, and your community.

Here’s a list of places you can volunteer in Riyadh:

Sahem Platform

You can donate to the general donations account, which serves all countries and programs, and you can specify the country you wish to donate to.

Instagram: KSrelief
Web: sahem.ksrelief.org

Riyadh Shelter

What better way to help those who are voiceless like the animals that were abandoned and hurt? Adapt to the idea of adoption as opposed to selling.
Instagram: RiyadhShelter
Whatsapp: 0554993397
Email: riyadh.rescues@gmail.com

Bunyan Charity | Volunteering in Riyadh

Supporting the family in need by giving them a place to live as well as supporting them for their products through their very own products.

Instagram: BunyanCharity
Tel: +966-114943680


A nonprofit development agency with a focus on family stability.

Instagram: Mawaddahksa
Web: mawaddah.org.sa
Tel: +966-542766940 / 920011432
Email: info@theempowermenthub.com

Sanad | Opportunity for Volunteering in Riyadh

A non-profit organization that supports Cancer centers for children.


Instagram: @Sanadccsa



7 Surprising Benefits Of Qahwa

Sumaiyya Naseem

Benefits Of Qahwa | Qahwa is a cultural favorite in Gulf countries, especially here in Saudi Arabia. Who knew the relaxing qahwa and date snack was wholesome and nutritious?! Here are some surprising health benefits of the good old Arabian Qahwa.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Action

The antioxidants and phytonutrients in qahwa make it an anti-inflammatory drink. Phytonutrients are plant compounds that have effects similar to those of antioxidants.

Tip: Drink qahwa as a remedy for menstrual cramps.

Photo Credit: jordanews.com

Photo Credit: jordanews.com

2. Potential Cancer Prevention

The phytonutrients and antioxidants in Benefits Of Qahwa drink are also forces that destroy the abnormal cells, like cancer cells.

Photo Credit: flickr.com

Photo Credit: flickr.com

3. Vitamins And Minerals

The small amount of vitamins and minerals in qahwa is a bonus if the drink is consumed instead of soft drinks or creamy coffee drinks.

Photo Credit: arabiczeal.com

Photo Credit: arabiczeal.com

4. Qahwa is low in sodium and high in potassium, therefore it is a good hydrating candidate.

Drinks with high levels of sodium cause dehydration. Even though Benefits Of Qahwa. is a diuretic (promotes the production of urine,) it doesn’t cause dehydration because it is usually consumed in small amounts.

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Photo Credit: forums.graam.com

Photo Credit: forums.graaam.com

5. Regulates Blood Pressure

Low sodium and high potassium also result in the regulation of blood pressure. Always opt to add pure cardamom to your qahwa  drink because it eliminates toxins from our body.

Photo Credit: canlopzspices.com

Photo Credit: canlopzspices.com

6. Anti-Aging

The antioxidants in both Arabic coffee beans and cardamom promote anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

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Photo Credit: qloob.com

Photo Credit: qloob.com

7. Cardamom in qahwa also promotes anti-inflammatory action, lowers blood pressure and protects against the growth of cancer cells.

Tip: Drink Qahwa because one of the Benefits Of Qahwa is if you have to stay awake. However, avoid excess consumption of coffee (in any form) because Arabic qahwa side effects and dehydration.

Photo Credit: sultan-alqahwa.com

Photo Credit: sultan-alqahwa.com

So tell us how you enjoy your qahwa!