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Gifting Moms With An Unforgettable Experience of Azerbaijan


Up your Mother’s Day game with this riveting travel guide.

From wiping our tears during a heartbreak to doing our laundry on a tough week, most moms have seen a gamut of emotions and experiences with raising children. You can add to the bucket list of experiences this Mother’s Day by jetting your mom away to the “Pearl of Caucasus” [otherwise known as Azerbaijan] instead.

Rather than gift the usual bouquet, dinner, and card, gift her with new experiences and journal of wonderful new memories. Trade traditional for spectacular and surprise her with an unconventional getaway. Rest assured the trip will earn the title of “Best Mother’s Day Gift.”

Just three hours away from Dubai, Azerbaijan is a country brimming with breath-taking scenery, culture, wellness, and entertainment.Mother’s Day packages include:

Sheki Palace Hotel


This award-winning hotel offers 5-star experiences in true Azarbaijani style. Located in Skeki, the town is considered one of Azerbaijan’s most picturesque locations, filled with cobbled streets and medieval architecture. Less than 5 minutes you will find uniquely beautiful Old Khan Palace and Silk Road`s Karvansaray. Along with the award-winning restaurant, Shebeke, serving delicious Azerbaijani dishes, guests can unwind in the relaxing settings. De-stress the hotel’s Zogal Spa’s Sauna, Turkish bath or steam room and pool. The package is priced at 95 UDS (SAR 356).

As a Mother’s Day special the hotel is offering a luxurious spa experience, free access to Turkish Sauna and complimentary daily breakfast and dinner.  

Holiday Inn Baku


The brand-new Holiday Inn Baku is a 4-star superior hotel featuring beautiful rooms appointed with breath-taking views over the Caspian Sea or the bustling City of Baku. Discover the special experiences and desired comfort as you recharge and revitalize. Equipped to meet the highest international standards, the hotel provides a variety of culinary outlets and wellness experiences for the mind, body, and soul through a well-appointed spa with indoor swimming pool, fitness center, treatment rooms, saunas, and steam rooms. The package is priced from 300 USD (SAR 1,125).

As a Mother’s Day special the hotel is offering a complimentary spa experience throughout the month of March.

Hilton Baku


Hilton Baku invites to enjoy relaxation and luxurious experiences this Mother’s Day. Perfectly placed in the center of Baku, the hotel is an ideal base to explore the historic city. You can discover sites like the beautiful 12th century walled Old Town ‘Icheri Sheher which is just a short walk away. Enjoy the stunning views of the city or the Caspian Sea as you dine and Sky Grill or the rotating rooftop 360 Bar. Guests can also experience pure tranquillity at the Eforea spa and choose from a variety of rejuvenating treatments and relaxing massages. Center yourself in a yoga session, relax in a traditional hammam and sauna or treat yourself to a hydromassage bed in the whirlpools. The package is priced from at 205 USD (768 SAR)

As a Mother’s Day special the hotel is offering that families of 3, can pay for 2 and families of 4, will be paying for 3 only.

About Azerbaijan Tourism Board

The Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) is a national promotion body established under the State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its main objectives are to support the growth of Azerbaijan’s tourism industry and encourage visitors to explore the country’s rich cultural offering and experience its ancient heritage. For more information, visit and follow us on social media at @experienceazerbaijan,, and



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Treat Yourself to a Trip to Azerbaijan


Indulge in a solo retreat this International Women’s Day.

Celebrate the fierce and beautiful woman you are by jet-setting to the ‘Pearl of the Caucuses’ for a life-affirming holiday.

Solo female holidays are on the rise in Azerbaijan owing to its cosmopolitan culture and great connectivity across the country. More importantly, Azerbaijani people are known for their warmth and hospitality; from hotel staff going above and beyond to help you locate excursions to sharing a hot meal to swap stories. If you are looking to be pampered and explore hidden gems in a secure and safe destination – Azerbaijan is the place.

Azerbaijan’s exquisite natural beauty, fascinating history, opulent spa experiences, and ultra-luxurious food and entertainment are just some of the reasons to consider it for a solo holiday.

Indulge in great nightlife and culinary experiences

The rich history and culture are paired with exquisite culinary delicacies that will promise to provide you with a gastronomic experience of a lifetime.


  • The Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku: The astonishing structure was designed by Zaha Hadid, the first woman to ever receive the Pritzker award, architecture’s highest honor. It’s unique wave-like design earns the title as Central Baku’s crown jewel of architecture. The center houses collections which boast the incredible diversity and energy of Azerbaijani art today.

The local delicacies you must savor include their fragrant saffron plov (rice) paired with barbequed Shashlik alongside dolma stuffed with earthy minced lamb topped with a touch of sourness from their fermented pickles.

Besides that, Azerbaijan has some of the freshest produce in the region including indigenous staples: tea and honey – both promising earthy undertones and a bold punch of sweetness.

  • To commemorate the special day you can soak in Old Baku and ravish on Azerbaijani cuisine at Cay Bagi 145 (Tea Garden 145)

Continue your day of indulgence at the shopping malls of Baku where international goods and luxury brands can be found in abundance. Baku has a phenomenal range of designer boutiques but for those seeking a more cultural shopping experience, the colorful atmosphere of the traditional bazaar is a treat to sore eyes.

  • Metropark Shopping Mall, Baku is a popular one to consider

End the night by walking down Tarlan Abdullayev street and enjoy Baku’s thriving Jazz community or dance the night away with talented international DJs that contribute to the lively local club scene.

  • Check out the uber-elite Pasifico – Lounge & Dining Bar followed by the Enerji Club Baku for an incredible night out


As Azerbaijan sits on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this diamond in the rough appears rugged on the edges with miles of untouched natural beauty. Gabala is a perfect getaway retreat, far from the hustle and bustle of congested cities, where you can recharge your batteries.

Mountain waterfalls, large forests and magnificent Caucasian mountains make Gabala an ideal place for the brave at heart., spend the day taking part in outdoor activities from quad biking, hiking, skating, paintball, bowling, horse rides, spas, shooting and several great swimming pools.

  • Chenot Palace Hotel, Gabala: Surrounded by the silence and tranquility of the magical pine woods, and overlooking the peaceful Nohur lake, the new Chenot Palace Hotel in Gabala represents a new class of health wellness retreat in the heart of a breathtaking forest. Gabala is located about 225 km away from the capital city of Azerbaijan.


Uncover a mystical past

Inspire positivity and incinerate all fear, ego, and pride by visiting the mesmerizing fiery Ateshgah temples. The Fire Temple amazes visitors with its enrapturing flames and features inscriptions that harbor centuries-old secrets.

This Zoroastrian-Hindu temple dates back to the 19th century and is a beautiful amalgamation of different Western-Eastern cultures. It’s a great place to emotionally and spiritually connect with oneself.  

  • A 25-minute drive from Baku

Rejuvenate your body and senses


Getting messy never felt so therapeutic. Spend the day indulging in therapeutic wellness treatments where the curative properties of crude oil baths (yes – soaking in liquid oil) is used to treat musculoskeletal system diseases, as well as neurological, urological, gynecological, skin and other ailments. Besides that, who can say no to a luxurious bath?

  • Soak up the healing properties of Azerbaijan’s natural resources and gentle climate with views of the landscape boasting breathtaking and vibrant colors at Chinar Hotel & Spa Naftalan, which is a one-hour flight from Baku.

About Azerbaijan Tourism Board

The Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) is a national promotion body established under the State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its main objectives are to support the growth of Azerbaijan’s tourism industry and encourage visitors to explore the country’s rich cultural offering and experience its ancient heritage.

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All New Advanced Diploma Program by Raffles Design Institute


Raffles Design Institute recently launched its new Advanced Diploma program in Interior Design which is currently accredited not only by the Raffles University System based in Singapore but also by the Technical Vocational and Training Corporation (TVTC) in Saudi Arabia.

The new Interior Design program shares characteristics similar to what is offered in all the other available majors at the Institute (Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Jewellery Design, and Visual Communication Design): it is an extremely diverse curriculum that trains students in both essential practical skills such free-hand drawing techniques and use of professional design software (AutoCAD, Revit, and 3DMax) and in applying theoretical knowledge in fields including but not limited to budgeting, academic research, design history, and interior materials. Within all majors, the perfect balance is struck between practical and theoretical work so as to ensure that graduates are designers of the highest standard.

Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh is one of twenty-two internationally standardized colleges and universities that operate across twelve countries under the supervision of the Raffles Education Cooperation (REC). With this education network, graduates from any of these twenty-two institutions are able to follow the flexible inter-school transfer scheme that allows them to continue their education at select international campuses.

Up until the end of last year, graduates from the Raffles campus in Riyadh were obliged to travel to an international Raffles campus for one additional year of study to expand their Advanced Diplomas into respective Bachelor Degrees. By the start of 2019, the choices offered to graduates have expanded; a new affiliation agreement with the REC-owned Raffles University Iskandar (RUI) has made it possible for students to achieve an internationally recognized Bachelor’s Degree in Riyadh. For graduates who wish to explore new alternatives and experience living abroad, an articulation agreement with SAE Institute in Dubai means that they can now achieve their Bachelor’s Degree by studying in the UAE for one additional year.

Throughout the years, Raffles has proven its commitment towards expanding available options for students both academically and professionally through continually forging connections with important players in the design field, and looks forward towards even greater successes in the future.


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Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski has launched Saudi Authentic Night (Liyali Al Aseela) by Chef Fahad Bukhari, executive chef of the hotel to provide an ultimate experience of local cuisine.

Saudi Authentic Night is held in an authentic ambiance to show the local rich and diversified culture and to introduce dishes from every part of the Kingdom every Tuesday. The menu offers a variety of authentic dishes including Jarish, Gursan, Hail Kubaiba, kebab El Mirou, Fish Musharmil, Bukhari Rice, Shrimps Mashkool, Magash, Marsa, Fish Mukashan, Balaleet, and Harraq Osbao, and, besides salads and appetisers preferred by Saudis, the Gulf region and the Middle East in general.

At the event of Saudi Night, the executive chef, Fahad Bukhari, and a team of local culinary experts combine their expertise to provide an authentic experience of Saudi culinary heritage, with all of its traditions and true ambiance at Aroma Restaurant. Young diners will also enjoy their special buffet with national flavors while playing and watching films at the kids’ arena.

“We Love Kids” offer can be availed during Saudi Night as well. ‘We Love Kids’ offer provides two kids under 12 years a complimentary experience in addition to kids arena and movie streaming while guests enjoy the authentic Saudi cuisine.

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Get Your Theme Party Started!


An excellent place to get kitted out for a costume party.

The Kingdom of Costumes is an online store that has an extensive range of fancy dresses, masks, and accessories, as well as full character outfits from Harry Potter to Superman. We spoke to Filwa Ahejailan, the girl behind the store and asked her a few questions.

1. Tell us about the ‘Kingdom of Costumes’. How did you think of starting it and what was the inspiration behind it?

I got the idea to start the Kingdom of Costumes after organizing an amazing Alice in Wonderland themed party in 2013 for my sister’s birthday. Everyone was amazed by the details and design and I then realized how passionate I was for costumes and characters. I also noticed that there was a shortage of good quality costumes in Riyadh and that everything had to be ordered from abroad which took a while.

The fancy dress shops in Riyadh mainly focus on party supplies and costumes for children. I decided to launch an online fancy dress store with a variety of costumes and accessories for all ages. It is actually the first online costume shop in the Kingdom, and the second in the Middle-East (after UAE).

When I first started it in 2013, the launch created a hype in Riyadh and Khobar, and our customers told us how the store had made them more excited to throw fancy dress parties. It was really exciting to cause such a trend. Interestingly, people were also inspired by the concept and started running their own Instagram businesses and costume shops. However, it was really exciting being the monopoly in the Riyadh market for a while.

2. What were the challenges that you faced?

The challenges I have faced in this business are endless! They vary from technical problems, shipping and logistics complications to manufacturing defects to issues with customers.

For example, it is unfortunate that the shortcomings of some shipping companies have affected the business’s reputation, causing the loss of valuable customers, such as delays and orders being delivered to the wrong customer.

Another issue we have been facing is the challenges of e-commerce itself because after launching the website in November 2013, to my surprise, many customers expressed that they’ve never ordered anything online before and were not used to the concept of online shopping. Even though thousands of dollars and hours were spent on building such a detailed and clear website, many customers still wanted us to send them all the images on WhatsApp, because they are used to this way with Instagram home businesses, which was very time consuming and almost impossible for us to do since we carry at least 5000 products on the website.

Offering the “cash on delivery” option has caused a few hurdles as some customers feel no obligation to receive the shipment even after it has reached their city, and this way we end up baring double the shipping costs as these customers completely disregard the imposed late cancellation fee.

Honestly, I have thought of giving up the business many times due to the stress that it brings but just knowing that it’s bringing joy and excitement to children and adults is a very rewarding feeling, so such motivation and positive reviews are what kept me going, perseverance is key!

3. What is your personal favorite costume and why?

My personal favorite is the mermaid tail as it has a magical and fun concept. As for people’s choice, my female customers adore the angel wings, and most people love the crazy contact lenses. What’s trending now is the costume from the TV show Money Heist (La Casa Del Papel).

4. Do you have any funny stories to share about your costumes?

There are a few funny stories, especially when dealing with a few customers! It is also interesting seeing the random choices of costumes that people request, and the random party themes that go on.

The humor of some of the costumes we carry in stock are in itself a funny story!

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King Khalid Award 2018 Winners Announced


His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz- The Prince of Asir region and Chairman of King Khalid Award committee, announced the names of the award 2018 winners in its three branches: “ Development Partners”, “Nonprofit Excellence” and “Responsible Competitiveness” in a special press conference held at King Khalid Foundation headquarters in Riyadh.

In his speech on this occasion, Prince Faisal bin Khalid said that King Khalid Foundation embraced prosperity by activating the role of the development partners, as well as empower them through social investment and building capabilities to ensure the emergence of a Saudi community with equal opportunities, and where its organizations and individuals seek an effective contribution in building it. Based on this principle, King Khalid Award emerged, with its three branches,  as one of the interactions in line with Vision 2030 through social initiatives and national nonprofit private enterprises and enable them to adopt the best practices of sustainable development work making it  able to continue realizing of  achievements and continue to support the development of our beloved country.

  • “Alhasalah” initiative gets first place for “Partners of Development” branch

Prince Faisal bin Khalid during the press conference announced the winning of “Alhasalah” initiative by its founder Saad Al Hamoudi, the first place of King Khalid Development Partners Award, the winning was determined by a mass e-mail voting mechanism through  the King Khalid Foundation website, where the initiative  got 42% of total votes received for the final three initiatives award finalists. The initiative launched in 2009  aiming to raise awareness towards money management in terms of consuming, savings and investing.

  • “Adam’s Campaign” and “My Book Club” initiatives came 2nd and 3rd

“Adam Campaign” initiative by Shahid Al Miqbil came second and got  29% of the total votes received. The initiative launched in 2014, as an educational awareness campaign targeting the community in general and the young people, in particular, and aiming to reduce the frequency of racism and reduce the extreme practices in order  to create an inclusive and peaceful society.

While “My book club” initiative by its founder Owaied Alsubaie came third and got 27% votes of the total votes received. The initiative is a voluntary initiative that was launched in 2013 and aims to build a knowledgeable and educated society through spreading culture of reading for all members of society of all ages. The total value of the Development Partners Award for three initiatives amounted a half million Saudi riyal, where the first place winner will get SR. 250,000, and the second place winner will get SR. 150,000, and the winner of the third place will get SR. 100,000.

  • Nonprofit Excellence Award” goes to “Alkawthar Health Charity”  in Asir,  and the family development association” in Almadinah Almonawarah “Osrati” and “The First Charitable Women’s Association in Jeddah”.

HRH Prince Faisal also announced the names of the winning associations in “Nonprofit  Excellence Award”, which is  awarded to nonprofit organizations registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, this branch of the Award focuses on improving managerial performance of nonprofits in the Kingdom to be reflected positively on the quality of services provided to their beneficiaries. The first place was achieved by “Al-Kawther Health Charity”  for its excellence in modern management practices and clarity of the Organization’s strategy and integrated management systems for the Board of Directors and corporate governance regulations, in addition, the amount of SR. 500,000. While the family development association (Osrati” in Almadinah Almonawarah came second in view of its excellence in administrative work and the best employment of technology, as well as adopting a clear vision in measuring performance included a plan for comprehensive indicators measuring various aspects of performance, and got SR. 300,000. Meanwhile, “The First Women’s Charitable Association in Jeddah” came third in recognition of its excellence of its  strategic objectives that reflect its  mission and vision clearly, as well as for the diversity in the ages of the Board of Directors members, and of the administrative management of the human resources through  motivational programs for staff development, and received the amount of SR. 200,000.

  • “Responsible Competitiveness” award goes to Saudi Huawei Company,  “The National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET) and United Doctors Hospital.

While the first-place award for the “Responsible Competitiveness” branch went to “Saudi Huawei Company”, and  “The National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET) came second and “United Doctors Hospital “ came third.

This Award is granted to the entities excellent in the field of sustainability, where it aims to encourage private entities to adopt leading practices in the area of responsible competitiveness, to activate the role of the private sector in the development of the society.



Building a Talent Pool for Future Local Recruitment


InterContinental Riyadh Hotel partners with International Technical Female College at Al Kharj to drive the Saudi talent development.

As Saudi Arabia celebrated the 88th National day, InterContinental Riyadh hotel, part of InterContinental Hotels Group, one of the leading hotel companies in the world and the largest hotel
operator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed a partnership agreement with International Technical
Female College, Al-Kharj. The overall aim of the partnership is to create a pipeline of trained, motivated people to work in the hospitality industry by investing early in developing their skills by providing knowledge, experience and job opportunities for graduating students with different majors.

To begin with, InterContinental Riyadh will offer work experience placements in different sections for the final year semester students. In addition, the hotel will work closely with the College to extend job
opportunities through IHG Academy program and extend industrial visits of students to familiarize them to the hospitality industry.

Tariq Dowidar, Area General Manager quoted “The IHG Academy enables us to build our own talent pool for future local recruitment to support Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. It enables hotel employees to get involved in areas outside their usual remit allowing them to broaden and develop new skills. Finally, it provides the framework to give something back to the community in which we operate”

At the partnership agreement signing ceremony IHG was represented by; Bastien Blanc, Vice President of Operations – IHG, Michael Wierling, Senior Manager HR IHG IMEA, Tariq Dowidar, Area General
Manager, Mohamed Aleemuddin, Area Director of Organization and Development, Ibrahim Al Malki, HR Manager and the Laureate College for Ladies Al Kharj was represented by Dr. Deborah J. Johnson-Camarena, The Dean of the International Technical Female College at Al-Kharj. Mr. Saad Al Qahtani was also present at the ceremony representing the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Hospitality.


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Glowork Women’s Career Fair: A Step Ahead 2018


A Step Ahead 2018 is the largest employment fair for women, with the participation of more than 80 local and international companies.

The 6th edition of the Saudi-based Glowork has kickstarted its annual fair today at AlFaisaliah Hotel in Prince Sultan Hall.

Titled ‘A Step Ahead’ Glowork, the largest women’s employment and recruitment related event in the Middle East, is endorsed by the Human Resources Development Fund.

The three-day event features more than 80 leading local, regional and international companies that will have booths offering female job seekers and university students advice on their future career paths as well as conducting interviews for currently available job opportunities. A Step Ahead 2017 Career Fair saw the participation of 84 companies and attracted 40,000 attendees, and 45 workshops were hosted.

This year’s agenda includes influential speakers from various companies in MENA  including  Paul Turner Regional Director at Havas, Saudamini Dubey Managing Director at Accenture Digital Middle East and Turkey, Ghalia AlSukait Assistant Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, Eng. Aseel AlHamad Board Member at SAMF, Julie Leblan CEO and Founder of My List, Dr. Moudhi Aljamea (PhD Computer Security) at CEH Security Strategies and President, Entrepreneurship & incubator at IAU, Elias Khalil Managing Director at Lilly Saudi Arabia, Cor Noltee Design Thinker at Cornoltee, Reema Alharbi Benefits & Events Section Manager with the HR Services team at STC, Majed Alkhurayef Acting VP and Head of the Recruitment Department at Riyad Bank, Saeed Alharbi (Assoc CIPD)  GM of HR at Olayan Financing Company, Mounia Hadjidj Head of HR at Sephora Middle East, Nihad Shelbaya Public and Government Affairs Manager at ExxonMobil.


About A Step AheadAbout Glowork®
Content 1

Saudi Arabia’s leading career exhibition and forum – A Step Ahead – is an initiative launched by Glowork in 2013 as part of the services and work diversification and employment enhancement for women.  With the participation of more than 91 leading local and multinational companies and in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), A Step Ahead is a platform that develops job diversification and skills development and enhancement for women.  Held annually, each of the exhibitions in Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah attracts more than 60,000 visitors. The exhibition also opens the doors for 300 top female education achievers in the Saudi universities to attend a unique two-day forum bringing together leaders in various fields within the business and academic sectors. The exhibition also includes 15 key workshops designed for the benefit of job seekers and covering subjects ranging from CV writing to job requirement training to communications development, with more than 1,300 participants attending. Previous a Step Ahead exhibitions in Riyadh resulted in immediate hires of 10 percent of the job candidates, a resounding confirmation of the success of the strategy adopted by Glowork for the development of women’s employment in the region.

Glowork was founded in 2011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Khalid AlKhudair, Founder and CEO. Since then, Glowork has grown from 3 to 63 employees and is currently is a Private-Public company. In effect, Glowork is a website that aims to bring empowerment to females across the region. It is for all women of all nationalities that work in Saudi Arabia. Females in the Gulf can also apply to jobs in Saudi Arabia. Glowork is the first dedicated organization in Saudi Arabia where its online portal is a platform that links female job seekers with employers. It also has a system that allows women to work virtually from home, which has helped create opportunities for them in rural areas. Currently, the website carries a database of more than 1.2 million CVs of highly qualified women and 159 companies who are committed to recruiting from this pool. Glowork also has an offline headhunting arm, which conducts the filtering, screening, interviewing and mentoring for Saudi females, as well as operating the largest female career fair in the Middle East. Alongside that, Glowork initiates key programs that are career development and job creation centric including workshop training and career counseling.  Working in cooperation with Ministry of Labor and the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), Glowork opens opportunities of collaboration and support linking the private sector with opportunities of job development and candidate development to support women’s employment. To date, by establishing partnerships with both Saudi and international corporations, Glowork has helped more than 26,000 women find jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including jobs for women with special needs, which is a significant step toward promoting another level of inclusion.



Mexican Gastronomic Indulgence at the InterContinental Riyadh Hotel


A week-long Mexican food festival featuring mouth-watering cuisine amid a backdrop of special ambience created to showcase the North American culture.

The event was inaugurated by the Mexican ambassador Alfredo Miranda at the InterContinental Riyadh Hotel. The ambassador pointed out that the cuisine is central to the cultural identity of whole communities that practice and transmit it from generation to generation. The Mexican cuisine has also said to have attained the status of Humanity’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ by UNESCO in 2010.

Ambassador Miranda said that the guests will have an opportunity not only to taste the authentic Mexican cuisine but also to admire Mexican handicrafts, photos from a collection and enjoy live music from a Mexican Folkloric band, during the Festival. Tariq Dowidar, Area General Manager for IHG Government Hotels and General Manager InterContinental Riyadh, and Eduardo Perez, a prominent Mexican chef and TV show host, who has flown to Riyadh for preparing authentic cuisine, also addressed the press conference. A baggage full of authentic ingredients, including spices, has been brought to Riyadh and will be used to prepare the whole range of Mexican dishes, salads, and sauces.

Guests can enjoy an unlimited selection of traditional Mexican starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts, soft drinks, and selected juices and traditional flavored water.

The festival is ongoing until September 22 and is open to guests from 7:00 pm to 11.30 pm daily.

Location: Al Bustan Restaurant (See map)

About InterContinental Riyadh

The InterContinental Riyadh is a luxury hotel with a nine-hole Golf course in the heart of Riyadh. Guests staying in or visiting the InterContinental have the option to walk around the 40 hectares of exotic green grounds and relax in the lap of nature. The hotel, which underwent a massive renovation recently, one of the key highlight is the Palms Fitness Centre, sets a new benchmark in the fitness world. The state-of-the-art fitness center opens 24 hours. The hotel also has 13 fully-equipped meeting and event rooms including the stunning Buraidah Hall with a capacity to accommodate more than 1,500 guests or delegates for the conference.



An Eid Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Photo Credit:

By Nouf AlMuhaya

Eid al-Adha is right around the corner, and that means 1) more cash 2) more impulsive trips to the mall, and getting gifts has to be the most dreadful part of birthdays, Eid, and whatever reason you have to celebrate, but what makes it less agonizing is the –slightly cheesy- thought that you’re bound to make someone’s day, but fear not cause Destination is here to the rescue.


Photo Credit: thebee_sa

Photo Credit: thebee_sa

For a light and breezy approach, cash is globally approved to be a cut-to-the-chase Eid gift. We tend to think of consumption going badly or well mainly around price. We get upset with ourselves for spending too much or really fulfilled if we pick up a bargain, I say save yourself the trouble of going back and forth and hand out good ol’ cash and you can still get creative doing it!

For Her


We all enjoy a fashionable piece to flaunt every now and then, and with the world of online shopping varying in options that’ll save you the trouble walking door-to-door, like this simple yet elegant Aldo Slide Sandal you can find at Namshi to get for Mom to enjoy. Or to finish off any look get your sibling Kenzo’s New World Intense Fragrance to lessen the use of your own perfumes.

For Him


When it comes to picking a gift for Dad it’s no tricky business. Maybe give this Da Vinci watch by IWC a try? Or something as simple as this Esteban Biarritz Summer shoe by Berluti.

Gift Cards


For those of us who don’t have a lot of time on their hands yet are just as festive, the most convenient gift you could think of would be Gift Cards. It’s resourceful as it is thoughtful and saves you a bunch of time and effort; varying from Gym Membership gift cards to make our protein junkies happy this Eid, and not to forget about our bookworms to get a gift certificate from Jarir bookstore.

Summer Treats

I can almost hear the foodies clapping in approval, but we’re talking about a different type of treat, now think about Riyadhi heat and what you can do to elevate the torment? Starting from light summer-y fanny packs to waterproof mascaras, who doesn’t like handy heat-defeating fashion statements?

Do It Yourself

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Aside from the sentimental value DIY’S can have, try to retrieve your inner artist by creating the ultimate Eid gift. The choices are endless and very diverse and just as affordable, perhaps getting your siblings a gift to remind them of an inside joke or a memory you made together Eid- inspired.