Riyadh After Dark: 5 Things To Do in the City at Night

Riyadh after dark

By Sundus Shafqat

The sun goes down; the lights go up. Riyadh after dark is a whole new world. After the sun sets, the air gets colder, the breeze becomes crisper and the city glows with vibrant colors. This makes downtown Riyadh a breathtaking view.

Now that we’ve got the night crawlers’ attention, we have put together a list of places to serve as a nocturnal guide to the city, including everything from your favorite hotspots to late night hangouts with your pals.

Bowling Parade

Bowling gif-363015794

The Universal Bowling Center is the place for you if you are looking for some family-friendly fun or a night out with your buddies. This place is HELLA fun!

The Fancy Car Squad


When it comes to fancy cars, Tahlia Street is probably the best place to experience the most extravagant make-shift car parade. Lavish cars pass by with their vibrant colors and fancy gold-plated rims. To enjoy, just grab a coffee and a window seat in a café and enjoy front row tickets to Riyadh’s impromptu car show.

Late night munchies

shawarma gif-513833940

Don’t crave your cravings! If you are on a tight budget, places like Mama Noura or Ya Mal Asham are there for you; making the most scrumptious shawarmas for pocket change. If you have more of a sweet tooth, there are cafés and bakeries all over Riyadh. Bon appetite!

Way to Wadi


Whether you’re seeking a barbecue night or even a hangout by the waterside, Riyadh’s wadis are on top of the list! Two of the most popular ones are Wadi AlHanifa and Wadi AlNimar. Both of them have a river crossing between a sitting area while on the other side you have an exquisite landscape of mountains. For the adventurous among you, try climbing the mountains to enjoy the alluring view.

Escape Riyadh

Screen Shot 1437-11-07 at 11

Speaking metaphorically that is. There are more than a few escape rooms that exist in Riyadh. You go in with a timer (usually 60 minutes) and have to solve a mystery-filled puzzle to “escape” the room. They are downright fun! Some of these include Breakout, Escape Arabia and The Secret Room. Several of these have a couple of branches in Riyadh. It is extreme fun and refreshing; a must-go with friends!

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