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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top Fifty Things to Do During Summer

Top Fifty Things to Do During Summer

By Khadija Maryam

Staying in Saudi this summer? Here’s a list of fifty things you can do!


  1. Go horse-back riding!

Photo Credits: alfrosia

Photo Credits: alfrosia

It’s almost too easy to neglect our need for fresh air and exercise during long summer days. Horse riding combines both to give you an activity that is both fun and challenging.

Dirab Golf and Country Club

Royalty Equestrian Club

  1. Visit Diriyah, Riyadh

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

Diriyah is the site of the first Saudi state, and stretches more than two centuries back. Visitors can have firsthand experience of the history of the area by wondering through the old alleyways past the mudbrick structures.

Location: Ad-Diryah

  1. Go quad biking


The sand dunes in Saudi Arabia are best experienced through quad biking. Quad bikes can usually be found near the dunes, and are available to be rented out for hours at a time.


  1. Spend the day at the beach


There’s no questioning it- beach days are the best cure for long summer days. If you have the chance to do so, add a full day at the beach into your schedule! It’s a win for anyone of any age, no matter how hot it is outside.

Silvers Sands Beach

Half Moon Bay
Location: Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar, Dhahran

  1. Go on a picnic

While it is hot outside, anyone who has a tendency to wake up early and the desire (and courage!) to venture outdoors can pack breakfast and picnic outside before the summer heat truly hits. This also gives you the opportunity to watch the sunrise, something you wouldn’t normally have the chance to see on a regular day.

  1. Go scuba diving in the Red Sea


View marine life in the Red Sea from a different perspective by going scuba diving. Scuba diving allows you to respectfully interact with sea creatures, and gives you the ability to understand how fragile their ecosystem is.

  1. Take a trip to the Edge of the World


The Edge of the World, as many call it, is a desert trek along the Tuwaiq escarpment that offers multiple opportunities for hikers. The views from the ‘edge’ are quite beautiful, and worth the hike there!

Location: Shoib AlKhumrah Rd, Riyadh

  1. Have fun at a theme park


Theme parks offer a timeless form of entertainment for kids and grownups alike. Some theme parks may offer ice skating, a bonus when taking into consideration the summer heat.

AlHokair Land
Location: Eastern Ring Rd, AlHamra

AlShallal Theme Park

Cobra Amusement Park
Location: Al Basatin

  1. Visit the new Jeddah waterfront
Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

Take an evening stroll along the corniche to give yourself a dose of fresh air and a nice change of scenery. There are also many options if you choose to stay for dinner, including many restaurants and cafes.


  1. Go to the movies


Visit the cinemas to catch up on exciting new movie releases. You can choose from a variety of options, from fast-paced action movies to nostalgic animated ones like Toy Story 4.


  1. Book an Escape Room


Participate in a real-life, interactive puzzle with a group of friends and exercise your ability to problem-solve and escape a room in thirty minutes!

Riyadh and Khobar
Escape the Room
Website: escapetheroomsa

Novus Escape Room
Website: novusescaperoom

  1. Go Bowling


Bowling gives you the opportunity to have fun indoors with friends and family, far away from the relentless desert heat.

Universal Bowling Center (UBC)
Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Ar Rafiah

Jeddah Lanes Bowling Center
LocationAl-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd, Al-Hamra’a

Action Zone
Location: Abdullah Fuad, 3rd Floor Al Othaim Mall

  1. Treat yourself to a day at the spa


A big part of summer is giving yourself the chance to de-stress. A good way to do this is to gift yourself with a day at a spa, tailored to your own preferences.

Hot Stone Spa


For more recommendations of our favorite spas in the Kingdom, check out  Spa Retreats in Saudi Arabia

  1. Spend some time at Bounce


Not interested in going to the gym? The Bounce trampoline park offers a different way to reach your daily exercise goals while keeping yourself entertained.


  1. Have fun with virtual reality


Experience a different world by playing virtual reality games at Zero Latency. Gather your friends and family members and take part in different games that seem real but are really the result of immersive technology. Zero Latency is open in Riyadh.

Instagram: zerolatencyme

  1. Visit a library


For anyone wishing to spend a quiet afternoon studying for summer classes or doing some research, libraries offer both a peaceful atmosphere and a multitude of resources.

King Fahad National Library
Location: King Fahd Rd

King Fahad Public Library
Location: Prince Majid Rd 

Location8386 Ring Rd, Gharb Al Dhahran

Learn something new:

  1. Exercise your creativity!


You can start up your own art projects, or register for arts and crafts workshops if you feel like you’d like more guidance and the opportunity to socialize with people of similar interests. Curio Workshops offer online workshops in a variety of art forms, such as digital art and acrylic painting.
Instagram: curioworkshops
Also, check out the amazing workshops by the Little Souq

  1. Set reading goals

Make a summer book list and try to achieve it with a friend. New releases can usually be found at Jarir Bookstore or Virgin Megastore.

  1. Learn new culinary skills


Tired of trying to learn how to cook new foods from YouTube videos? Try taking part in a culinary workshop to develop your skills and learn new ones.

Instagram: blend_culinary

Yalla Cook
Instagram: yallacook

Nice Academy
Instagram: nice_academy

  1. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is both fun and useful. It is challenging, yes, but isn’t that just what you need to rid yourself of the monotony that summer can sometimes bring about?

Jeddah, Riyadh, and Khobar
The Alliance Francaise

  1. Take a Grow in Pots workshop


Why not learn to grow your own food? Practice your gardening skills with the Grow in Pots workshop, every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30 till 11.30 at Ennessi Farms, Riyadh.

Location: Ad-Diriyah

  1. Take dance classes


Train in a variety of dance classes that include ballet, pointe, and tap dancing at It’s a chance to improve your flexibility and enjoy yourself in a way that only comes from physical exertion and music.

Location: Ibn Zahr Street, Al Safarat, Diplomatic Square

  1. Go swimming

One of the best ways to cool off is to jump into a pool. If you don’t have one at home, don’t worry; many locations provides you with the opportunity to go swimming. You can either swim by yourself or take swimming lessons.

LocationIbn Zahr Street, Al Safarat, Diplomatic Square

Gold’s Gym

  1. Volunteer!


Make a contribution to the community by volunteering for organizations that help people or animals, or aid scientific research for diseases like cancer. Even if you only have a small amount of time to invest, you have the ability to make a large impact on society.

Riyadh Shelters

Riyadh and Jeddah
Zahra Breast Cancer Association
Click on the link to sign up

Take a trip:

  1. Visit Farasan Island


Take a break from the bustle of the city and visit Farasan Island, the biggest of all of the Farasan islands. In addition to pristine beaches and clear waters, this three million year old island is also home to an Ottoman castle, Al-Najdi Palace, and Al-Qassar Village.

  1. Plan a road trip

Photo Credits: Worldhighways

Photo Credits: Worldhighways

While flying has many perks, driving from place to place is a unique experience that truly allows you to get acquainted with an area. Whether it is a two-hour drive to the outskirts of Riyadh or a six hour one to Khobar, the journey there will be a great memory in itself.

  1. Go on spiritual trips to Makkah and Madinah.


Take a break and visit the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Both places have the ability to provide you with a relaxing escape from your daily routine and give you a much needed mental escape.

  1. Ride the cable cars in Taif

Photo Credits: Lifeinsaudiarabia

Photo Credits: Lifeinsaudiarabia

Have a bird’s eye view of the Shafa mountains in Taif by riding the cable cars.  This is not for anyone with a fear of heights!

Location: Alhada Ring Rd, Alhada
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 1.30 PM – 8.30 PM

  1. Visit Haql in the Tabuk region


This seaside town offers some of the best beaches and views of the ocean. Haql also has attractions such as coral reefs and the Georgios G. shipwreck, which lies near one of its beaches.

  1. Join a tour group exploring Saudi Arabia


If you’ve ever wanted to explore Saudi Arabia with the guidance of an expert, this one is for you. You can go with a group and get to know new people, or opt to take a solo trip with a guide and experience different places by yourself. One group that offers tours like this is the Masarat Adventure Club.

Instagram: masaratclub

  1. Visit Al Wahbah Crater (or Maqlah Tahmiah)


About 200 kilometers from Taif, this volcanic crater is said to have been caused by a meteorite. There is a trail for visitors who want to hike into the crater, but the views from above of the crater and surrounding landscape are quite beautiful too.

Location: AlWahbah, Taif

Go Shopping:

  1. Visit the malls.

Take advantage of the sales season and buy whatever it is you wished you owned throughout the past year! Most cities here have a great selection of malls; it comes down to where you prefer shopping and what stores you look for.

  1. Go produce shopping at an organic market


Organic produce tastes so much better- and is healthier!- than regular produce, and markets are always fun to shop at. Skip your typical grocery store and visit an organic market for your next vegetable haul.

Ennessi Farms (on the first Saturday of every month)
Location: Ad-Diriyah

Instagram: organicaksa

  1. Visit a concept store


Concept stores always offer an interesting variety of items and give you an opportunity to support local businesses and artists. There are many concept stores to be found in Saudi Arabia, each completely different from each other.

You can find out more about the concept stores in your area here: Concept Stores in Saudi

  1. Visit the old souqs


In addition to being a great shopping experience, visiting the old souqs in feels like going on a trip to the past. In addition to collecting interesting purchases, you will also be gaining an interesting experience.



For more information:

Visit Displays, Events, and Exhibitions:

  1. Attend Jeddah Season


Running till the 20th of July, the Jeddah Season festival brings with it a whole slew of activities and events that caters to just about anyone.


Check out the Special Edition of Destination KSA magazine… Your guide to all things Jeddah Season. Get your copy now!

  1. Visit the National Museum, Riyadh


This museum, established in 1991, is part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Center. A visit there is a great way to pass time (indoors!) while also acquainting yourself with new, surprising information about Saudi history and culture.

Location: King Faisal Rd, Al Murabba

  1. Visit Nofa Wildlife Park, Riyadh


Ever wondered if you could go on a safari without traveling thousands of miles away? Well, now you can! Nofa Wildlife Park gives you close encounters with animals such as giraffes and cheetahs.

Location: Exit 857, New Mecca Highway

  1. Visit the Fakieh Aquarium, Jeddah


Take a close look at the different marine life forms that exist, both local and international, in this aquarium. The aquarium also has dolphin shows on offer.


  1. Stay fit!

While summer often has us lapse into unhealthy habits, it can also be used to train yourself into maintaining an active lifestyle, something you’ll thank yourself for later. Register at your local gym! Popular gym options include Fitness Time and Gold’s Gym.

  1. Visit the Saqr Al-Jazira Aviation Museum, Riyadh


This museum offers a journey through Saudi Arabia’s history with aviation and showcases the technological advancements that have occurred in the aviation sector. It is perfect for anyone with an interest in aircraft, as well as those who enjoy history.

Location: Eastern Ring Rd, King Abdullah St

  1. Visit the Athr Art Gallery, Jeddah


For any art lovers out there, the Athr Art Gallery is a great place to visit. Hosting art pieces by both local and international artists, many of its exhibitions draw inspiration from culture, making each exhibition an educational viewing experience.
Location: Serafi Mega Mall Street, Al Faisaliyyah, 5th Floor, Office Tower

  1. Visit the Scitech Technology Centre, Khobar


Whether or not you have any interest in science and technology, the Scitech Technology Centre is a wonderful place to visit. Its exhibits teach visitors about different scientific theories in interesting and interactive ways.


  1. Attend La Teatro Circus show, Jeddah


Ever wanted to attend a circus show? Now’s your chance!

Website: le-teatro-circus

  1. Take a walk on the Sky Bridge, Riyadh


See Riyadh from a whole new perspective by walking across a steel structure that overlooks the whole city. Sky Bridge is located at the Kingdom Centre in Riyadh.


  1. Ride a sight-seeing bus

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

These double-decker buses take you on all places of interest within the city that they’re located in. It’s a fun experience, even if you’re doing it in the same city you live in.

Website (Riyadh):
Website (Medina)

  1. Visit the World Sites Park, Riyadh


You don’t need to travel to see all those famous landmarks that you’ve always dreamt of seeing in the past! The World Sites Park have on display the minatures of almost every landmark you can think of, from Mount Everest to the Eiffel Tower. It’s wonderful to examine the different structures and see the care that has been put in ensuring every detail is accurate.

Location: 4298 Nasir Ar Rajihi Al Mughrizat


  1. Host your own BBQ bash

The ultimate summer activity, barbequing gives you the chance to meet up with friends and have some fun. You can either make everything from scratch or buy readymade BBQ supplies- whichever option most appeals to you.

Here’s where you can get your BBQ Gear:

Forsan Groceria – Fresh Meats (Riyadh)

A great place providing an entire butchery range
Instagram: forsan_groceria

Backyard Middle East (Khobar)
Perfect hang out for all your barbecue needs; from fresh cut meat to barbecue gear and grills.
Instagram: backyardme | themarketme

  1. Explore your ice cream options


What better way to battle the heat than to indulge in a scoop of ice cream or three? Thankfully, Saudi Arabia has a diverse variety of ice cream options on offer, from Haagen-Dazs to ice cream trucks. Try a new one every day of the summer- no one’s judging!

  1. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton


A particularly fun activity to do with friends, afternoon tea is a unique experience. Indulge in it at the Ritz Carlton in either Jeddah or Riyadh. (Tadalafil)

Website (Riyadh): chorisia-lounge
Website (Jeddah): karamel-lounge


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