Open Paws, Animal Rescue and Pet Adoption Center in Riyadh

open paws

By Lama Ghazzawi

We all love pets! But we don’t all know what they go through behind the scenes of pet shops, breeding farms and pest control companies.

Open Paws is a local organization focused on spreading awareness about all these places, helping control pet population through neutering and counterfeiting the negative effects of pest control. In addition to giving knowledge to those who need it, they help animals find new homes and recover from bad situations that they are unfortunately very often in.

Open Paws offers first aid for pets in crisis, neutering services as well as others for no profit and solely for the purpose of giving animals a healthy, happy life. They also have a phone number in order to contact them regarding any animal-related problems and a veterinarian available to answer any questions.

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How do Open Paws adopt pets?

If you’re wondering how you can help, adopting pets is an option available with Open Paws. However, as pets are a big responsibility, there are procedures that need to be done and knowledge to be learnt before adopting one. Similarly, fostering a pet, which is basically giving them temporary homes with food and shelter until they find a permanent home, requires just as much experience and commitment, but it will help tremendously!

Other things that you could do individually include spreading awareness about pet care, avoiding pet shops and animal breeders and making sure that before you own a pet, you have clear knowledge and a big sense of responsibility towards them and their quality of life.

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