7 Surprising Benefits Of Qahwa

Photo Credit: alarabiya.net Photo Credit: alarabiya.net

Sumaiyya Naseem

Qahwa is a cultural favorite in Gulf countries, especially here in Saudi Arabia. Who knew the relaxing qahwa and date snack was wholesome and nutritious?! Here are some surprising health benefits of the good old Arabian Qahwa.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Action

The antioxidants and phytonutrients in qahwa make it an anti-inflammatory drink. Phytonutrients are plant compounds that have effects similar to those of antioxidants.

Tip: Drink qahwa as a remedy for menstrual cramps.

Photo Credit: jordanews.com

Photo Credit: jordanews.com

2. Potential Cancer Prevention

The phytonutrients and antioxidants in qahwa are also forces that destroy the abnormal cells, like cancer cells.

Photo Credit: flickr.com

Photo Credit: flickr.com

3. Vitamins And Minerals

The small amount of vitamins and minerals in qahwa is a bonus if the drink is consumed instead of soft drinks or creamy coffee drinks.

Photo Credit: arabiczeal.com

Photo Credit: arabiczeal.com

4. Qahwa is low in sodium and high in potassium, therefore it is a good hydrating candidate.

Drinks with high levels of sodium cause dehydration. Even though qahwa is a diuretic (promotes the production of urine,) it doesn’t cause dehydration because it is usually consumed in small amounts.

Photo Credit: forums.graam.com

Photo Credit: forums.graaam.com

5. Regulates Blood Pressure

Low sodium and high potassium also result in the regulation of blood pressure. Always opt to add pure cardamom to your qahwa because it eliminates toxins from our body.

Photo Credit: canlopzspices.com

Photo Credit: canlopzspices.com

6. Anti-Aging

The antioxidants in both Arabic coffee beans and cardamom promote anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Photo Credit: qloob.com

Photo Credit: qloob.com

7. Cardamom in qahwa also promotes anti-inflammatory action, lowers blood pressure and protects against the growth of cancer cells.

Tip: Drink qahwa if you have to stay awake. However, avoid excess consumption of coffee (in any form) because it causes caffeine addiction and dehydration.

Photo Credit: sultan-alqahwa.com

Photo Credit: sultan-alqahwa.com

So tell us how you enjoy your qahwa!




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    Very good blog about Khava. I adopted it to stop my black tea habit on every morning and evening. The making of it is also interesting. I wondered how these ingredients make this tastes better. Great job and great article. Thanks

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