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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination #TGIT: What’s Going On, Jeddah?

Destination #TGIT: What’s Going On, Jeddah?

By Deena Dakhiel

Spending the summer in Jeddah but not sure what to do? Destination’s got you covered!

This summer, Jeddah has had the privilege of hosting Jeddah Season! So much has been going on in the city that it’s almost difficult to keep up. Along with the season activities, the locals are keeping busy with so much more the city has to offer this summer.

Event of the Week

Blue Man Group


Along with the many Jeddah Season activities, the internationally recognized Blue Man Group will be coming to Jeddah starting this week on the 1st of July! The show contains elements of comedy while addressing themes such as science and technology, information overload and self-consciousness. 

Show time: 9 PM – 11 PM

Dates: 1 July – 18 July

Tickets: On Jeddah Season Website 

Venue: Exhibition Arena – King Abdullah Sport City

Must See Movie


Up for some cinematic relief? We highly recommend Men in Black: International 

This year’s Men In Black has mastered a mix of action, science fiction, and comedy. The movie is somewhat nostalgic but is also able to introduce new characters while keeping the audience engaged and on their toes. A perfect movie to enjoy with friends and family while you chow down on a bucket of popcorn. Check out the website to find available timings here at Vox.

Restaurant of the week

Shababik Pop Up


Shababik is already known across Jeddah for its delicious Lebanese food. Now they have opened up a pop up location for Jeddah Season right on the waterfront. There you can enjoy shisha, good food and the sound of the waves accompanied by a warm sea breeze. 

Instagram: shababikksa 

Phone: +966544249480

Location: Ash Shati, Jeddah 

Where to Go

Boho Cafe 


Boho Cafe is a small and intimate coffee shop who call themselves the liquid art house. They have made it their mission to promote artists in the community by providing a platform in which new artists can showcase their talents. The music scene is constantly growing in Jeddah with local artists coming forth and showcasing their talents. The cafe showcases new artists every Saturday night and anyone is welcome to join.

Instagram: @bohocafeofficial 

Date: Every Saturday Night

Time: 9 PM

Location: Prince Sultan Rd, Al Mohammadiyyah 

Unleash your free spirits with Bounce!


Beat the heat, but keep that fire at Bounce with two hours access for just SAR 100. This indoor adrenaline pumping venue, packed with activities for the entire family. The venue is packed with interconnected trampolines, a dodge ball arena, slam dunk, super tramp, cliff jump, and huge inflatable airbags.

The two hours super pass is available to purchase online at or call 92000 6744 to book.

Location: 13212 Khurais Branch Rd

Instagram: bouncemiddleeast



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