Volunteering Opportunities in Riyadh

Volunteer cover design

By Ghada Al-Omran

Dedicating your time as a volunteer to help out with even the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need. The benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community.

Here’s a list of places you can volunteer in Riyadh:

Riyadh Shelter
What better way to help for those who are voiceless like the animals that were abandoned and hurt. Adapt to the idea of adoption as oppose to selling.

Screen Shot 1437-10-12 at 11ee

Instagram: RiyadhShelter

Whatsapp: 0554993397 or email: riyadh.rescues@gmail.com

Bunyan Charity
Supporting the family in need through giving them a place to live as well as supporting them for their productivity though their very own products.

Screen Shot 1437-10-12 at 11

Instagram: @BunyanCharity

Number: 0114943680

The Empowerment Hub
Together for a fitter KSA and their current campaign is with Mawaddahksa for Nabni Lahom (We build for them) that is to create a sustainable Saudi family life after divorce.

Screen Shot 1437-10-12 at 12

Instagram: @TheEmpowermentHub

Email: info@theempowermenthub.com

Instagram: Mawaddahksa

Website: mawaddah.org.sa or number: 0542766940 and 920011432

A non-profit organization that supports Cancer centers for children.

Screen Shot 1437-10-12 at 11rr

Instagram: @Sanadccsa

Lel Kheir
From society for society.

Screen Shot 1437-10-12 at 11dd

Instagram: LelKheir

Email: info@lelkheirksa.com

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