Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination #TGIT: What’s Going On, ? Riyadh

Destination #TGIT: What’s Going On, ? Riyadh

If you are in Riyadh this season and wondering how to spend your days? We’ve got you covered.

Thanks to the air-conditioned arenas, malls, cafes and event spaces that make it easy for us to get a dose of entertainment and fun during summers in Riyadh.

Here’s a list of Destination picked events, restaurants, people, places to visit, weekend activities and more. 

Event of the Week


Cosmos is a 4-day event held at the Seven Moons Land offering many activities for the entire family. The event is bound to give its guests an unforgettable experience by utilizing each of the seven moons. The activities include The Big Challenge, Pet Zoo, VR Moon, Online Gaming Moon, Horror Escape Room and much more.

Date: ongoing until 29 June

Time: 3 PM to 12 AM

Venue: Seven Moons  (See link)

Circo Americano

Photo Credits: passion_exp
Photo Credits: passion_exp

Marvel the spectacle of acrobats swinging or at the tricks and performances by the Circo Americano. 

Date: 26 June to 6 July

Tickets: circo-americano-tickets

Venue: Granada Square facing Granada Mall (See link)

Must See Movie at the Cinema


If you’re up for a trip to the cinema, Toy Story 4 is our recommendationSimultaneously funny and heartwarming, this nostalgic animated movie is not just for children- it’s a good one to watch with both family and friends of all ages. Find the times that work best for you here: 

Vox | AMC

Restaurant to try this weekend

Photo Credits: Meesh Aldosh and Maged1h1
Photo Credits: Meesh Aldosh and Maged1h1

Eggsactly offers you exactly what you need for breakfast – all day long!

Breakfast is a happy affair at Eggsactly where the egg lovers have access to all-day breakfast, coffee, and good vibes. Eggsactly is currently in its soft-opening but is getting quite the happy and satisfied reviews from Riyadhis. 


Location: 4036 Sabfa Ibn Saidah, An Nakheel (See link)

Where to Go


Unleash your free spirits with Bounce!

Beat the heat, but keep that fire at Bounce with two hours access for just SAR 100. This indoor adrenaline pumping venue, packed with activities for females and children (boys under the age of 10 and is the perfect answer to the summer boredom. The venue is packed with interconnected trampolines, a dodge ball arena, slam dunk, super tramp, cliff jump, and huge inflatable airbags. Bounce Rawdah features a café for those looking for a more chilled experience and it can also cater for special occasions like birthday parties, with 3 private rooms and party packages available.

The two hours super pass is available to purchase online at or call 92000 6744 to book.

Location: 13212 Khurais Branch Rd (See map)

Instagram: bouncemiddleeast

Campaign of the season


The Shawarmer restaurant chain marked its 20th anniversary in March by launching the “Shawarmer for Social Responsibility Save It!” campaign to raise national awareness for tackling the growing food waste issue.

The Save It initiative kicked off with a competition among Saudi university students, with teams competing to take part in an intensive three-day marketing challenge. 

More than 150 Saudi students submitted ideas to participate in the competition to earn the opportunity to participate in an intensive boot camp that ended with the teams facing off to select the ultimate winner.

At the end of the event, it was the senior marketing students of Alfaisal University team, who stood out for both their creative approach as well as an empowering central thematic, earning them the unique opportunity to lead a national food waste awareness campaign funded by Shawarmer.

Read more about the campaign here: Shawarmer’s Save It Campaign



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