Traditional Mizmar Dance Show at Historic Jeddah Season

The Historic Jeddah Season along with showcasing Jeddah’s rich history, art, and cultural heritage also has a variety of entertainment shows.

The local, as well as international artists and musicians, have enthralled visitors since the start of the Season, engaging them with an impressive display of talent and expertise. One such show hosted by local artists is the traditional dance show called “Mizmar”. Named after a popular wind instrument used in the cities of Hijaz, the Mizma Dance Show is a must watch for all. Played during joyous and fun occasions, no celebration is complete without this; hence it is very rare to find a Hijazi who cannot play this traditional flute. This show is a great entertainment activity for visitors of all ages and mainly families who can enjoy the captivating shows daily throughout the season.

You can catch the show near the Hijazi Food Area of Historic Jeddah Season, from 9.30 pm to 11 pm up until the end of the season.

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