Places to Learn Aerial Yoga in Riyadh

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By Areej Sejiny

If you enjoy yoga and want to take it to another level, Aariel yoga is for you!

So what is Aerial yoga?

It’s an anti-gravity yoga that uses a hammock, which is a fabric that looks like a long sling that hangs from the ceiling to help to do various yoga poses mid-air. You can do simple yoga poses while having the fabric support your entire body, or do more complicated poses while hanging upside down with the fabric supporting you only by your feet!


Aerial yoga has many benefits like improving flexibility and helps heal back problems since you can move more freely and hang upside down which helps relieve stress in your spine and muscles.

No idea how you will actually do it?


Here are the two well-known fitness centers that offer Aerial yoga:

  • Spectrum for Woman
    It offers Ariel yoga classes for both kids and adults.

Location:  Olaya | Ghadeer | Qurtoba
Tel: +966-11-216-5522

Instagram: spectrum4women

  • Al Manahil Ladies Center
    This place offers aerial yoga along with a number of best services at one place.

Location: Dareen St, Al Safarat
Tell: +966-11-488-1069
Instagram: al_manahil

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