Patterns of Saudi Arabia

When art and culture intertwine.

saudi patterns, Traditional handicrafts are an important aspect in our culture. Patterns that we have seen in old photos of our parents and grandparents have our identities and heritage, their steadfastness a strong proof of the Saudi community’s commitment to authenticity.

saudi patterns

Al Qatt Al Asseeri
Born in the heart of the Asir Region southwest of the Kingdom, Al Qatt Al Asseeri is a geometrical art technique usually applied on interior walls of the homes in this region. It consists of lines, squares, circles, and different colorful shapes and symbols. Its simplicity and sophistication have left a mark, as it is still being used to this day.

Known for occasions such as weddings, Eid, and graduations, the Bisht has always been a treasured piece of clothing by men in the Arabian Peninsula as a whole, and the Gulf region specifically. Al Ahsa has been home for Bisht-making since the 1940s. These elaborate “cloaks” usually come in solid dark colors – black, grey, dark brown – and are embroidered with gold or silver threads, exuding formality and luxury.

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Zabun originated from the Hijaz Region, west of the Kingdom. It is a distinctively and luxuriously embroidered piece of clothing, worn for weddings by women, embroidered with gold and silver threads detailed within the fabric. It comes in light colors, such as white and baby pink.

Shalky is also known as “rose” or “garden” for its lively colors and floral patterns printed on cotton fabric. It has been used as a “house garment” ever since its emergence, for its simplicity and comfort. The pattern varies in design, but all have the unified flower symbol, and are usually associated with bright colors.

Previously associated with bedouins in the Arabian Peninsula, Sadu has been renowned as one of the oldest and most famous Saudi patterns, locally and globally. The Jouf Region north of Saudi Arabia, in addition to Taif in the west, are the major producers of the Sadu pattern. Made of sheep or camel wool, it is used for tents, carpets, and winter clothing.

In the past, women in Al Baha, west of the Kingdom, were characterized by a particular dress called Tahreesah, worn on special occasions. It features a distinctive embroidery and stitching on the soft, velvety fabric, located in the chest area, made of golden Swiss or Indian fine threads.


Pangaea Club: Saud Aleidi

Ambitious travelers – turned entrepreneurs.

When asked how he started PANGAEA Club, Saud said it wasn’t planned – it began with his love for going on solo trips, and then later asking his friends to join him to explore new places. One day, he stumbled upon a traveling agency that offered adventurous trips such as climbing and hiking. He decided to try it out of curiosity, and with a few trips, Saud realized that what he was learning and doing brought him joy.

Thus, he began his first adventure group, Al Rahhal Al Shargi – Eastern Traveler in 2016, which was rebranded as of March this year into PANGAEA Club, focusing on hiking in places like Everest, and Al-Ula. It has been an exciting journey for him, and everyone else that have had the chance to join such inspirational, challenging, and rewarding trips.

Saud Aleidi

Saud Aleidi

Marketing a new business in the beginning is always challenging, Saud explains, especially when bringing an unfamiliar concept to your city. People mostly enjoyed visiting new cafes and restaurants. When Saud invited people to come with him on 10 or 15 day-trips to explore a new destination, he didn’t find welcoming reactions. He eventually developed himself through his personal experiences of traveling, in addition to researching, and taking some courses, to be a confident guide.

People came back with different and new perspectives after these “healing trips,” as he likes to call them. Experiencing life on a mountain or in an extremely cold climate can help with altering misconceptions, overcoming fears, and learning new skills. He recommends going solo on such trips to meet a new crowd every time. Saud recently participated in Laffat Al Mamlakah, a show that explores Saudi destinations and their offerings. The activities, the crowd, and the beauty of these cities make Saudi worthy of being explored.

Instagram: pangaeaclub


Yoka Tours: Abdulaziz Alzamil

Ambitious travelers – turned entrepreneurs.

It wasn’t only his love for traveling that he carried with him, it was also his love for the adventures that he grew up on, shared Abdulaziz Alzamil, the mind behind Yoka Tours.

Looking back on his childhood, he remembers how his uncle took him on weekly adventures – fishing trips, deep excursions in the desert, exploring hidden cities in the Kingdom. As Abduulaziz got older, his passion for adventure grew beyond one-day trips.

When Vision 2030 was announced back in 2016, Abdulaziz was finishing his studies in the U.S., “I fell in love with the tourism sector. I knew that Saudi Arabia has amazing places.” Abdulaziz planned trips and set camps every winter for his family and friends, and that’s when the idea of taking his interest to another level began. He knew the locals would love to explore what Saudi has to offer.

Through Yoka, he wanted to share the culture with people and allow them to explore their soundings no matter what kind of adventure they were involved in. Organizing trips within Saudi that include live entertainment, water sports, hiking, in addition to fishing is what Yoka advocates.

Planning tours and adventures always requires the trust of people, and this kind of business comes with great responsibility; the safety of the travelers on these trips. Building a brand that people would trust was not an easy thing to achieve in the beginning.

Yet, word of mouth of Yoka’s high quality trips that includes expert guides, safe planning, and eventful days with unforgettable memories opened the doors for people to be intrigued about Yoka, which lead to its success this day. “Have an open mind to explore your country. There is no such thing as over-prepared” Abdulaziz shared.

Instagram: yokatours



Home Inspirations

Elegant, functional, unique and artistic furniture by Teak Woodwork.

Immerse yourself in the exclusive handcrafted creations at Teak Woodwork where elegance and quality blend together in a unique and timeless style. Teak Woodwork was founded by Deema AlJaafari when she was unable to find the desired quality of furniture pieces in the local market. This made her put her hand to starting her own furniture business and eventually launched her own store offering exquisite handcrafted furnishings.teakwood-illustartion-copy

Carefully choosing the highest quality materials and no compromise on functionality, the Teak Woodwork collection scores all marks for unique handcrafted furniture; showcasing excellent craftsmanship talents and abilities. The store offers a full range of luxury furniture and interiors that are meticulously designed while maintaining the unique and recognizable style of the client, making quality its main value.

“Everyone has a different taste, so we always recommend our clients to surround themselves with things they love and to have a connection with the place they live in; whether it is their house or workplace,” Deema says.

Teak Woodwork prides itself on designing customized, handmade pieces. The master craftsmen mostly work manually with the finest raw materials, adding a personal touch to every piece. “Everyday we do our utmost to deliver the very best of bespoke design and craftsmanship,’’ Deema adds.

Mob: +966500993399
Instagram: teak.woodwork


Men’s Fashion Scoop

Accessories that’ll ride with your day to day grind.


Inspired by minimalism and intricate Arabian details, Nuun watches bring together seemingly contradicting traditional and modern aesthetics into a harmonious wardrobe staple.
Instagram: nuunofficial



This online eyewear website offers contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses, as well as eyewear prescriptions. Choose from brands such as Quay, Roav, Fendi, and Ray-Banfor eyewear, and Acuvue and Air Optix for lenses.

65922637_108209367034835_136421682238533491_n-copyMK Leather Craft

Saudi products handmade from natural leather, with high quality materials. We love their carefully crafted bracelets, with ID holders, and unique Subha.


Eye From The Sky

Have you ever wondered about a situation that you have gone through, and how it would look like if you were an outsider, observing the situation? Well, that’s how Nezar Tashkandi views life through aerial photography, with a new and different perspective.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, he moved to the US for 8 years to pursue his degree and career. After graduation, he worked as a paramedic, but also had an artistic interest including directing music videos.

Nezar became a licensed aviation medical examiner, and for the nature of his work while being on a helicopter, it gave him an opportunity to view the world from atop, which made him want to try something new; drone photography.

When he bought his first drone, he went through many trials and errors and eventually discovered new techniques. The more he learned, the more he wanted to further explore this field.

His first experience in aerial photography was in2018, shooting Rocky Mountain’s National Park in Colorado and showcasing the scenery.

He always ensures that the photos look natural and organic; With more projects on his plate, it led him to become an assistant director, and eventually, Nezar became the first Saudi Aerial Director, and the second in the Middle East.

He now works as a full-time aerial director, and UAV pilot, and aims to show the world the beauty of Saudi Arabia, and in turn, hopes to be one of the leaders in the community.

His vast experience in a short time span shows his dedication and passion for what he does. Some of the projects that Nezar has worked on include the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, Jordan Tourism, car commercials such as Hyundai, and one of Kuwait’s Tourism campaigns.

Alongside aerial photography, Nezar does aerial directing, and aerial mapping for surveillance. He advises those who are interested in pursuing the aerial photography field to not be afraid of breaking their drones.

“Keep in mind that you will break some drones to get the perfect shot, so be ready for that.”


The Elephant-Shaped hole

This photo was taken in Al-Ula, on a height of 40M and 2KM far away from the elephant-shaped rock. Close to Madain Saleh and specifically by Jabl Alfeel or Elephant Mountain, it is situated about 11KM North of Al Ula. The Arabian mountains with detailed and uneven rocky shapes always captivate us with their sky-spearing heights. The mission of this project was to develop the tourism site of Saudi Arabia.

Photo by Nezar Tashkandi

Photo by Nezar Tashkandi

When sand, water, and salt intertwine

This magnificent photo has been taken in Jordan over the dead sea, with a height of 110M.

A top down view gives us a different perspective on the beauty of nature and how well organized and asymmetrical the sea looks. At the lowest point of land on earth, viewing how the sand meets with the sea and its coral colors is simply breathtaking. The mission of this project was to promote tourism in Jordan.

Instagram: nezartash1


Winter Skincare Tips

How about that picture perfect skin?

Hello, winter. We’ve all been waiting for the temperatures to drop down, which sadly means no more sundresses and beaches but it’s time for coats and bonfires! With the weather changes during this period, we need to pay more attention to our skincare routines. Here are some tips for healthy, hydrated, fresh-looking skin.

Recommended by:

Dr. Mohammed Kashmar, cosmetic dermatologist

1. Wear sunscreen
It’s winter time, which means the weather is dry. Yet sunrays can easily affect our skin even more causing discoloration, and sunburns. It is recommended to use sunscreen before you begin the day.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Price: SR 112.35
Al Dawaa Pharmacies

2. Moisturize
We can’t emphasize how important it is to moisturize, as the humidity decreases during winter. Use a light daily facial moisturizer to defeat dry skin.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
Price: SR 93.45
Al Dawaa Pharmacies

Oily Skin:

Known to be prone to developing acne, it is recommended to use a facial wash that decreases the oily residue on the skin’s surface, drying it appropriately.

Ladies: Neutrogena Facial Wash – Deep Clean
Price: SR 39.97 – Al Dawaa Pharmacies

Garnier Pure Active
3in1 Charcoal Blackhead
Mask Wash Scrub
Price: SR 15.75 – Al Nahdi

Dry Skin:

Prone to looking dry, which can lead to rough and cracked skin, it is recommended to use a moisturizing facial wash, in addition to moisturizers to ensure the skin is hydrated throughout the day.

Ladies: Vichy Pureté Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel Cleanser Face Wash
Price: SR 80.85 –
Al Dawaa Pharmacies

Gents: Nivea Men Face Wash
Price: SR 31.45 – Al Nahdi

Combination Skin:

A combination of oily and dry skin on different parts of the face. Use a combination-skin facial wash, and a non-oily moisturizer, where it hydrates the skin, but does not give or develop an oily texture to the skin.

Ladies: Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Wash
Price: SR 26 – Al Nahdi
Gents: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Price: SR 54.60 – Al Dawaa Pharmacies

General Tips:
– Always use lip balm, keep your lips moisturized.
– Beesline Lip Care
Flavour free
Price: SR 17.94 – Al Nahd
Hydrate, and we don’t only mean your skin. Drink enough water throughout the day.

Dr. Mohammed Kashamr is an American University of Beirut graduate, and has completed his training at Mount Sinai University in New york. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Readers holding this copy of the magazine will get a special discount at Cosmoderm Clinics.

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal St., Ar Rawdah Dist., Jeddah
Instagram: drkashmar


Free Fit Bits

No gym membership? No problem!

Nothing can compare to taking a walk down the streets of your neighborhood, admiring the beauty of nature, getting some fresh air, and releasing that stress. You don’t need to hit the gym if you visit these parks and walkways in Saudi.


  • Salam Park

Aside from the magnificent views of the green spaces, play areas, and lake, Salam Park also has walkways and jogging tracks. The Park is sectioned into four different areas: Palm Grove, Hillside Zone, the lake area, and an Ecological Zone.
Location: Salam St., Salam Dist.

  • King Abdullah Malaz Park (KAMP)

One of the most important tourist attractions, and one of the largest parks in Riyadh, it contains a beautiful artificial lake and a daily dancing water fountain. It also has a 12-meter wide pathway for walking, jogging, and cycling.
Location: Al Ameen Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem St., Al Malaz Dist.

  • Riyadh Hills Park – Tilal Al Riyadh

Located in the North of Riyadh in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood of Malqa, here you can take a stroll or go for a jog as you enjoy the views of green landscapes and palm trees spread out in the park.
Location: Tilal Al Riyadh Park, Al Aqiq Dist.

  • Alwaha Park

Also known as King Abdulaziz Garden, it’s a park distinguished by its beauty and cleanliness. It has a walkway and a children’s playground, which makes it a wonderful outlet for people residing in this neighborhood.
Location: Mahayidah St., Wahah Dist.

Top places to hike at:


  • Edge of the World
    : Makkah Al Mukarramah Rd.


  • Jabal Qarah
    Location: Al Dalwah Rd., Al Qarah Village


  • Moon Mountain
    : Al Kamil Rd., Ghran Al Wadi Al Marwani;
    Coordinates: 22’‘13.839 N, 39”39.585 E


  • Muraikabat Mountain Park

A very well-known destination in Sharqiya, this spacious park has grassy green lawns, and a clean, paved walkway. The atmosphere at the park with fellow runners will get you motivated to keep going.
Location: Albairuni St., Al Muraikabat Dist., Dammam

  • Khobar Corniche Walkway

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, visitors can go cycling by the beach, in addition to using fitness equipment along the coast and enjoying the view of the beach.
Location: Al Khobar Corniche, Seafront, Khobar

  • Aramco Environmental Park 1

This new park is a must-visit! Originally a mountain, it has been structured with lots of uphills and downhills, so be prepared for a killer workout. It also has a football court, gym station, and a vast area to work out in.
Location: Al Tabari St., Al Jamiah Dsit., Dhahran



  • Calisthenics Park 

Located in a mid-sized park with outdoor exercise equipment for calisthenic workouts and bodyweight fitness training, here you can also find parallel bars, high bars, and a pole bar as well.
Location: Al Amir Fawaz St.,  Al Janouby Dist.

  • Park and Walk of Prince Fawaz Neighborhood

This walkway south of Jeddah is the longest, with plenty of space to do various workouts, in addition to the park being equipped with a number of umbrellas for shade, in case you want to rest.
Location: Sayyid Ash Shuhada, Al Amir Fawwaz Al Junoobi Dist.

  • Corniche Walk Trail

Walk, run, or jog by the Red Sea Corniche – it’s worth the while when you’re viewing the breathtaking scenery. There are dedicated cycling paths and an outdoor gym – an area equipped with sports machines – for the public.
Location: Ash Shatee Dist.

  • Al Rehab Walkway

The family-friendly 40-meter wide Rehab Walkway features a spacious path for different types of workouts. You can also find cycling, and jogging tracks, and exercise machines.
Location: Al Rehab Walkway, Rehab Dist.


The Evolution of Arab Fashion Shows

A Review of Arab Fashion Week.

I seem to have developed an obsession for runway shows – I’m simply fascinated by fashion designers, and feel somewhat proud watching them evolve. The Arab Fashion Week has been one of my favorites so far. Founded by Jacob Abrian in 2015, the platform gathers international, local, and regional fashion designers to showcase the evolution of the fashion industry, especially in the Middle East.

Its 8th edition (2019) was held in Dubai’s 1422 (an interesting name that stands for “1 Council for 22 Countries”), a space dedicated for luxury shopping.

Courtusy Photo

Courtusy Photo

We saw 29 shows from various designers during the 4-day event, with some prominent brand names from the UAE including Aiisha Ramadan, Yara Bin Shakar, BLSSD, and Arshys, and others from Italy, Russia, France, Turkey, the UK, and the US. One name we were all anticipating this season was Saudi designer Sara Altwaim, who was the only Saudi designer at this year’s Arab Fashion Week.

Coming from an artistic family, she attended the College of Art and Design in Jeddah, and then launched her first collection in 2015, later opening her own boutique.

Courtusy Photo

Courtusy Photo

Sara has always been known for her bridal collections and delicate, charming style. Her latest collection, “Meteor,” explores the relationship between nature and astronomy, and “how the aura of nature affects the planets and everything around us,” in her words. We noticed silver, metallic gowns, sheer and white embroidered dresses, shabby chic romantic gowns with ruffles and lace, and some gowns with constellations and stars depicted.

Another exceptional show was Dr. Sara Al Madani’s, a designer from the UAE whose latest collection “50 Shades of Black” pushed the boundaries of the modern abaya, with structured, unconventional pieces featuring bold details, such as fringes.

Courtusy Photo

Courtusy Photo

Meanwhile, Lebanese designer Mikhail Chamoun gave a great show with his second collection “World & Co” – rich, out-of-this-world designs that may not be meant for daily wear, but are definitely meant to showcase his creativity with different materials.

While not every piece on the runway is everyone’s cup of tea, these shows don’t always showcase items for the average consumer to purchase – they are also a platform for designers to display their creativity and ideas. And we’re here for it.

Instagram: Arabfashioncouncil


Hello Sharqawies!

Here are your updates for the weekend and the upcoming week, of what’s happening in Sharqiya.

Event of the Week:

Drawing with Charcoal


For all the artistic Sharqawies, you might want to attend this art session 

Orchid Kids are hosting a charcoal drawing session with artists Dana Al Rabieh.

This one-day workshop is for adults. Enjoy drawing while sipping on complimentary coffee.

Date: July 22
Time: 9 PM – 10 PM
Price: 100 SAR
Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Rd., Al Hada Dist., Khobar (see map)
Instagram: orchidkids

Must See Movie at the Cinema


A re-make of the classic movie that we watched as kids (and grown ups as well), is finally here!

Everyone has been raving about the newly released Lion King.

We are so excited about it, especially with Beyonce being one of the characters.

50 SAR Standard Ticket
70 SAR  IMAX Ticket

Location: West Avenue Mall, Omar Ibn Al Khattab St., Faysaliyah Dist., Dammam (See map)
Instagram: vox_cinemas_ksa
Web: VOXcinemas

What to Do:

Finance, for non-finance individual

Asharqia Chamber in Jubail is hosting a workshop, targeting small-medium scale business owners. 

The main goals of this workshop is producing basic financial data, in addition to allocating the necessary skills for financial information.

Location: Prince Metib St., Opp. Hyper Panda, Jubail (see map)

Take your daughter to learn how to sew


A 2-day course for girls ages 10 – 14 years old. They will get to create their favorite characters through suiting, by using a fabric of suitable quality. Seats are limited.

Date: July 23 – July 24
Time: 6 PM – 9 PM
Price: 400 SAR
Location: Dhahran, Al Qusur Distr.
Contact: +966-596319463

Restaurant to Try this Weekend:

The Green Bukhari Restaurant


Looking for an affordable and filling meal for the family? Get ready to have an authentic experience.

Green Bukhari provide Edam, grills, and of course, Buhari rice with various types of chicken, mathgout, broasted, kabsa, and much more. 

Location: Khalid bin Alwaleed St., Ar Rakah Al Janubiya, Khobar (see map)
Instagram: greenbukhari

Person of Interest:

Faisal Al Dossary


If you ever feel demotivated, Faisal’s page will give you all the good vibes. Part-chemical Engineer, part-adventurer, he has dedicated his life to all-things-fun. A runner, marathoner, hiker, mountain climber, and much more; he was able to reach so many achievements.

His mission is to inspire and motivate everyone around him, to follow this path.