Italian Food Awareness in KSA

The way of eating is a way of being.

We attended a talk at the Italian Business Group in Jeddah (IBG) titled Italian Food Awareness in KSA; where challenges, and opportunities for the future of Saudi quality food market were discussed.

The “Italian Food Brand” is globally recognized and appreciated. Based on a recent study conducted by Nomisma, “Italian food exports in 2017 increased by 7% compared to 2016, thanks the excellent performance of Made in Italy products: cheese (+11%), chocolate (+20%), and bakery products (+12%).

Italian Food’s DNA is linked to tradition and culture, where Man is bonded to and inspired by Nature. Currently, Italy ranks 15th among top countries exporting food in KSA, but there is a significant room for improvement.file-61

During the Italian Cuisine Week in the World (Nov. 18-26, 2018), IBG has promoted an online survey and interviews, to understand how Italian food is perceived.

The result confirmed that in Saudi, the Italian Food Brand enjoys a high reputation, linked with the quality of ingredients, culture, and tradition. Many of the interviewees plan trips to Italy to have an original experience of Italian cuisine, and once back home, they love to find the same ingredients experienced during the trip.file-71

The interviews largely confirmed the interest and demand of Saudi consumers, and suggested possible initiatives to help boost awareness and consumption, to fully monetize the Italian Food Brand and quality food in general.

IBG’s intent is to provide a discussion amongst guest speakers and the attending public, on how to fully grasp the opportunities and monetize the valuable “Italian Food” brand; benefiting both businesses and the social community.

“In the light of the intense government programs aimed at stimulating the growth of the SMEs in the country, IBG has involved in the initiative a significant number of young Saudi entrepreneurs who work or are interested in working in the Food sector”, said Dr. Bashar Jabban, IBG president.


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