Yoka Tours: Abdulaziz Alzamil

Abdulaziz Alzamil

Ambitious travelers – turned entrepreneurs.

It wasn’t only his love for traveling that he carried with him, it was also his love for the adventures that he grew up on, shared Abdulaziz Alzamil, the mind behind Yoka Tours.

Looking back on his childhood, he remembers how his uncle took him on weekly adventures – fishing trips, deep excursions in the desert, exploring hidden cities in the Kingdom. As Abduulaziz got older, his passion for adventure grew beyond one-day trips.

When Vision 2030 was announced back in 2016, Abdulaziz was finishing his studies in the U.S., “I fell in love with the tourism sector. I knew that Saudi Arabia has amazing places.” Abdulaziz planned trips and set camps every winter for his family and friends, and that’s when the idea of taking his interest to another level began. He knew the locals would love to explore what Saudi has to offer.

Through Yoka, he wanted to share the culture with people and allow them to explore their soundings no matter what kind of adventure they were involved in. Organizing trips within Saudi that include live entertainment, water sports, hiking, in addition to fishing is what Yoka advocates.

Planning tours and adventures always requires the trust of people, and this kind of business comes with great responsibility; the safety of the travelers on these trips. Building a brand that people would trust was not an easy thing to achieve in the beginning.

Yet, word of mouth of Yoka’s high quality trips that includes expert guides, safe planning, and eventful days with unforgettable memories opened the doors for people to be intrigued about Yoka, which lead to its success this day. “Have an open mind to explore your country. There is no such thing as over-prepared” Abdulaziz shared.

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