Personal Baggage


Your bag is the true window to your soul.

They always say not to judge a book by its cover, but you can totally call out what kind of student you are based on the contents of your bag.

1. For the Design Student:

desbag_3Bag: Rebecca Minkoff expresses the creative, artsy personality of a design student.
Sunglasses: Al Bashwari
Phone case: Ashaia_sa
Notebook: Centerpoint
Rubix Cube: Virgin Megastore
Fujifilm Instax: Jarir bookstore

2. For the Business Student:

bussbag_2-copyBag: Business students are always on-the-go. A practical, yet stylish bag is all they need. Michael Kors – Mall of Dhahran
Sunglasses: Al Bashwari
Keychain and Laptop Stickers: Virgin Megastores
Water Bottle: Ikea

3. For the Tech Student:

tecbag_4You can find everything that’s tech savvy in a Tech student’s bag.

Bag: (Any D&D fans in the house? Yup, that’s a Bag of Holding)
Beats: Virgin Megastore
Hard Drive: eXtra
Fan: SACO Hardware

4. For the Med Student:

medbag_1-copyWho’s busier than med students? Let’s find out what they usually carry on a busy day.

Bag: Mango – Dhahran Mall
Tablet: eXtra
ID Holder: Jarir Bookstore

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