Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Art of Fashion

The Art of Fashion

The inspiring journey of Saudi’s premier fashion designer, Razan Alazzouni.

Saudi Fashion designer Razan Alazzouni’s love and interest in fashion, alongside her natural-born designing skills, has made her a top-tier fashion designer. The feminine and sculptural designs that she creates are worn by many Hollywood stars, such as Elizabeth Banks and Emma Roberts.razanalazzouni_khobar_2017_aa_4

Alazzouni graduated from The School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and earned her degree in studio art with a minor in art history. For her final dissertation, her project entailed designing a fashion clothing collection using disposable paper and documenting people’s reactions to it. Everyone was so dazzled by her creativity that she ended up selling a dress out of that collection. Thus, her fashion design career began.1

Practically everything we see in her collections, from beading and embroidery to structure and cuts are inspired by art and sculptures. Alazzouni says that if she hadn’t pursued her passion in fashion design, she would’ve been a museum curator.

What’s noteworthy about Alazzouni’s story is that her two business partners are her sisters, so each one brings with them their own unique style and personality that provides enough differing opinions to achieve a well-rounded fashion house.screen-shot-2017-08-13-at-11-03-26-am

“To have a successful fashion house you have to have a certain style that’s distinct from other brands,” Alazzouni said. That’s why The Razan Alazzouni brand has its own classy, sophisticated and whimsical style. However, they do keep up with trends and the latest fashion forecast in terms of colors and cuts.screen-shot-2017-08-10-at-4-41-34-pm

Of course, any new business has its challenges. “At first, the idea was foreign and new to everyone,” said Alazzouni. “In a country where there were no fashion houses, I was starting something new. I was exporting clothing. Why do so, when I can simply import clothing?” Well, exporting has proven lucrative after all. They are currently based in Khobar, London and planning on opening a new office in Riyadh soon. Meanwhile, they’re now adding accessories and elegantly simple shoes to their ever-expanding fashion line.razanalazzouni_khobar_2017_aa_2

Alazzouni had parting words of advice for those who were just starting their fashion design journey. “If it’s easy, then it’s not worth it,” she said. “If you really want something, then you have to keep going no matter what until you find a solution. Have your own style that sets you apart and never imitate.”

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