Dina Al Tayeb: Ironwoman

Dina is a dentist, and an owner of a clinic. But her love for sports lead her to be Ironman Athlete of 2017 and 2018.

Dina’s love for being active started at a young age, from taking on swimming, bicycling, tennis playing, and even martial arts. Growing up, her dream was to finish medical school, and so after graduating from Dental School at Tufts University, while juggling her studies and her marriage, Dina went back to her hometown Jeddah to open her clinic Dentalia with 3 other partners. She’s a consultant periodontist – a gum specialist.

Aside from running her own dental clinic, she serves on the Dental Advisory Board and as a trustee at Tufts University. Yet her passion for sports never waned. In 2002, she entered the world of triathlons, and in 2005 was invited to participate in the Ironman Marathon in Canada, what Dina calls the crème de la crème of sports.

With 14 Ironman races and 100 triathlons under her belt, she has also won the title of Ironman Athlete of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

Dina goes through serious preparations for all her Ironman triathlons, which may require up to a year, from physical, to mental, and nutritional preparations. Doing daily activities to prepare for a race while having discipline is Dina’s method and lifestyle. Her activities in include core and strength training, mobility, yoga, and meditation.

Between having short and long-term goals, a proper plan, and with the right time management skills, Dina was able to stay motivated throughout the process of having her own business, and being an athlete as well. Dina also enrolled in Ironman Coaching University, and she’s currently a certified Ironman Coach. She wants to help other athletes, to go after their dreams.

Instagram: arabiantrieagle

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