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Elegant, functional, unique and artistic furniture by Teak Woodwork.

Immerse yourself in the exclusive handcrafted creations at Teak Woodwork where elegance and quality blend together in a unique and timeless style. Teak Woodwork was founded by Deema AlJaafari when she was unable to find the desired quality of furniture pieces in the local market. This made her put her hand to starting her own furniture business and eventually launched her own store offering exquisite handcrafted furnishings.teakwood-illustartion-copy

Carefully choosing the highest quality materials and no compromise on functionality, the Teak Woodwork collection scores all marks for unique handcrafted furniture; showcasing excellent craftsmanship talents and abilities. The store offers a full range of luxury furniture and interiors that are meticulously designed while maintaining the unique and recognizable style of the client, making quality its main value.

“Everyone has a different taste, so we always recommend our clients to surround themselves with things they love and to have a connection with the place they live in; whether it is their house or workplace,” Deema says.

Teak Woodwork prides itself on designing customized, handmade pieces. The master craftsmen mostly work manually with the finest raw materials, adding a personal touch to every piece. “Everyday we do our utmost to deliver the very best of bespoke design and craftsmanship,’’ Deema adds.

Mob: +966500993399
Instagram: teak.woodwork

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