Half and Half: Dr. Layla Abu Al Saud & Eng. Ahmed Al Khabbaz

What happens when two people find their balance and perfect mate? They become the best versions of themselves, individually and as a unit. Here are some couples we spoke to who are definitely our #RelationshipGoals.

When Layla and Ahmed first met, they didn’t expect that their career paths would one day completely shift, leading them to being genuinely happy and successful in what they do.

Layla went to Medical School at the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain. Having always had a passion for fashion, she took on the hobby of dress designing while still studying. Upon graduating, she decided to pursue her dream and go on the journey of bridal fashion design, eventually creating her brand Chic Design Bridal.dsc09729-copy

Ahmed graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Jubail Industrial College in 2010. Growing up, he was involved in a family business Vision House, which he later took over to fully lead, handling eyeglasses, optical frames, and sunglasses.

In 2011, Ahmed started designing his own frames and glasses under his brand Rose Du Monde, at four store branches in Sharqiya.

Layla and Ahmed admit that they’re both workaholics, and that the secret to their success is loving what they do, fueling their drive every day. However, they do make sure that, especially on stressful days, they take the time to treat themselves to a romantic dinner, watch a movie, or go on a short getaway, and just generally wind down by connecting with each other, talking about their day and what’s on their minds. As a creative couple, Layla and Ahmed both share a love for art. They believe that art is important, and that it contributes to improving the general taste of the society. They plan on opening an art gallery devoted to all kinds of art and artists.

“Marry your best friend, your intellectual match.” Dr. Layla Abu Al Saud

Instagram: chicdesignbridal
Instagram: visionhouse

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