Repackaging Heritage: The passion that sparks Lamees’s Naanie

Madinah is known for its fertile soil allowing the many rich aromas of mint herbs to grow on orchards around the region. Lamees Madani, the founder of Naanie, is making these fragrant flavors accessible to modern and fast-paced society through her packaged tea blends.

Her blends are made from numerous fresh herbs, more specifically, local aromatic mints. The fragrant herbs do not have a long shelf life, and so many people who visit Madinah usually buy in bulk. This means that people need to manually dry the mint leaves for longer shelf life or use it all up before it expires. Lamees thought of this and wanted to create a product that would combat the issue. She dries, purifies, and packages her blends in order to increase convenience to those wanting to enjoy Madinah’s mint flavors.n1-copy

One of Lamees’ goals was to develop a product inspired by a rich heritage. Lamees is from Madinah, meaning she grew up drinking tea with the very blends she is the packaging. “Growing up we would wash the mint, separate it, or even mix them together. We would never drink tea on its own, we always drank it with some sort of herb-infused into the drink.”

This is the very essence Lamees wanted to present to the people purchasing her product. She wants people to authentically take part in Madinah’s heritage. The cherry on top of her product is the name. Naanie is widely used in Madinah to describe the many different types of mint that grow around the area like Al Doush and Al Habaq.dsc_8036-copy

When Lamees first started her business, she would prepare the blends at home with her family. “I was creating specific mixes for about eight to nine months until I got what I wanted.” She wanted to create brand new flavors that were not available in the market.3w7a9818-copy

By using mint from Madinah, she already had that upper hand. “No one makes tea blends using the different mints of Madinah or the different aromatic herbs from the region. All these mints were available but no one has ever put them into tea bags because that’s not the way it has been done. This is a modern way of presenting the mint and herbs that well represent Madinah in the modern world.”

Instagram: naanie_tea


Clutter Be Gone!

Tips and tricks on how to reorganize your space.

It’s time to attend to those messy drawers and countertops. Now that we’re stuck at home, we need to make sure that our space is ideal since that’s all we’re going to be looking at for a while. As someone who has had much experience binge watching decluttering videos, I have compiled a list of tasks that I tested in my own space. This is most definitely inspired by the tidying up guru, Marie Kondo.

1. Create a checklist

After you make a commitment to tidying up your space, write down a list of the specific places you want to tackle:

  • Bedroom closets, drawers, shelves, etc.
  • Kitchen cabinets, pantry, etc.
  • Dining room
  • Bookshelf and desk paperwork
  • Sentimental items such as childhood toys and your favorite sweater
  • Miscellaneous items

Try to follow the order you lay out, and once you start on a specific space, don’t move on until you are done.

2. Empty it out

Empty out all the items in that space so that it is all laid out in front of your eyes. Throw all your clothes on your bed, empty out the drawer of sharshafs and sijadas, that coat closet with all the abayas you haven’t seen in years, have all books and papers in front of you, etc. This will make it easy to do the following step.

3. Sort through it

Grab item by item and ask yourself if it has any significance taking up space in your home and in your life – this may get emotional. I like to create three piles. One for items I will be keeping, another for items I am definitely giving up, and the last pile for items I am unsure about and will revisit at the end of the specific task (remember, don’t move on until you are done).

4. Repackage

Now that you know what you get to keep, make sure everything has a purpose, and yes, giving you joy is a purpose. Keep only the abayas you love and use, keep the books you appreciate and lay them out so that they’re visually appealing, hang that sentimental photo you found while decluttering, label all the kitchen items (especially that spice cabinet), and make sure that the bag full of bags is set aside in a proper space (I know we all have one of these). Allow everything to serve a purpose and allow your space to make you feel light and welcomed.



Thank the world wide web of memes and social distancing.

With the recent home lock downs, many of us have been turning to our online communities for many things, especially comic relief. Instagram and Twitter are known to be the hub of all things Meme! Below we gathered a list of our favorite most relatable posts yet.

Paranoia > Pandemic

The 2020 Shift Fest

Work From Home They Said

Social Distancing, Social Creativity, & Social Getting To Everyone

When you can’t stay away from the kitchen!


Quarantine To-Do List

Staying safe never meant staying dull.

In the midst of a global crisis, it’s important to stay sane with those you’re kind of stuck with. Take this pandemic as a chance to slow down and do things you’ve been putting off. Here is a list that has helped the Destination team cope with the current situation.

1. Learn to Meditate

Before attempting to do anything, it’s best to practice putting your anxiety to rest during this time. Deep breathing and meditation are  known stress relievers, so while at home, it’s best to give yourself the time to put these into practice. There are endless apps and YouTube videos that will help take you through the process. If you are a beginner, download the Calm app for a guided session.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

2. Binge Watch Your Eyes Out

Anyone else have a long list of TV shows they’ve been meaning to watch but have had no time for? Well… the time has come! Turn to Tilfaz’s Six Windows In The Desert for entertainment, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a mix of cultures, genres and other people’s well-exaggerated problems.

3. Gaming Galore

Pull out those dusty board games and have some family fun! I would have to say that our favorite games these past few days have been Uno, Pictionary, and Saudi Deal. If the competitiveness starts to drive you and (most likely) your siblings apart, lock yourself away with some good old video games. A little Mario Kart and Black Ops never hurt no one.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

4. Podcasts and Chill

Do a lightweight activity while listening to different podcasts, this may include cleaning your room, or sitting and drawing. The top three podcasts we recommend at the moment are Nouf Hakeem, Ways To Change The World with Krishnan Guru-Murthy, and Aswat: Voices of Arabia.


5. Read A Book or Two

When we were younger, we would run away from our reading assignments, and when we got older, we crave for a moment of uninterrupted reading. Now’s your chance to grab that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months and just read. The book we’re loving at the moment is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. We may be a little late to the party, but you know what, better late than never.



6. Declutter Already!

After taking the time to declutter your mind, now take the time to declutter your home. Do this by following these very simple instructions.

      • Step 1: Binge watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
      • Step 2: Take notes
      • Step 3: Tidy up like Marie Kondo

For some more local inspiration, follow Sorted on Instagram and thank us later.


7. Homemade Fitness Time

Now that gyms are out, it’s important we stay active at home not only for our physical health, but our mental health as well. It’s advisable to watch Youtube videos that contain workouts without weights or equipment (for those who don’t have access at the time). Coach Muna is a local coach who is currently posting easy-to-follow workout videos on her Instagram page.

8. As Rihanna says: Work Work Work Work Work Work

For those of us working from home, it’s important not to lose your routine or momentum. A few things to make sure you stay productive is waking up early, isolating yourself, and most importantly staying in contact with your coworkers. It is advised to start first thing in the morning as to not get distracted by other things as the day goes by. Zoom and Slack have been very helpful in making sure communication is not lost during this time.


Individual Experiences

Experience the one of a kind city of AlUla.

Musical Performance

Enjoy the remaining  performances at the Maraya concert hall.

Music and Medley ft. Il Divo
Operatic pop quartet are bringing their unique mix of genres to Maraya.
JAN 2020, 16 – 18

Electric Energy ft. Jamiroquai
Join Jamiroquai for a fun upbeat musical experience.
JAN 2020, 2325

Majesty and Maestro ft. Andrea Bocelli
Gracing the Maraya stage once again after his sell-out performance in 2018, world-class opera singer is returning to AlUla.
JAN 30FEB 1, 2020

Sourced photo

Sourced photo

Sensation and Skill ft. Yanni
Returning to Saudi once again, Yanni will light up the stage with an energetic performance.
FEB 2020, 6 – 8

Enrique Iglesias
The King of Latin Pop Enrique Iglesias will bring the Latin vibes to Winter at Tantora with a massive headline show. Playing an eclectic mix of salsa, flamenco and Latin-rock
FEB 2020, 20 – 22

Lionel Richie
AlUla is proud to host two of the world’s most legendary pop artists amongst its legendary landscapes
FEB 2020, 27 – 29


Weekend Packages

Thursday – Saturday

– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Hotel with breakfast
– Return airport transfer by bus
– 3-day pass for hop-on hop-off bus
– Heritage sites tour
– Gold ticket for concert & gala dinner

– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Hotel with breakfast
– Return airport transfer in a shared SUV
– 3-day pass for hop-on hop-off bus
– Heritage sites tour
– Platinum ticket for concert & gala dinner

– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Hotel with a full board meal plan
– Meet & greet at the airport
– Butler
– Concierge services
– Private driver available 24/7
– Heritage sites tour
– Diamond ticket for concert & gala dinner

Diamond Plus
– Return flight from Riyadh/ Jeddah
– Hotel with a full board meal plan
– Meet & greet at the airport
– Butler
– Concierge services
– Private driver available 24/7
– Heritage sites tour
– Diamond ticket for concert &    gala dinner
– Dinner at Annabel’s
– Private viewing of the Piaget Lounge at Maraya

Your Weekend, Your Way
– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Hotel with breakfast
– Return airport transfer by bus
– 3-day pass for hop-on hop-off bus
– Add extra activities to customize your package

Sourced photo

Sourced photo

One-day Packages


– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Return airport transfer by bus
– 1-day pass for hop-on hop-off bus
– Heritage sites tour
– Gold ticket for concert & gala dinner

– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Return airport transfer in a shared SUV
– 1-day pass for hop-on hop-off bus
– Heritage sites tour
– Platinum ticket for concert & gala dinner

– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Private driver available 24/7
– Heritage sites tour
– Diamond ticket for concert & gala dinner

Your Day, Your Way
– Return flight from Riyadh/Jeddah
– Return airport transfer by bus
– 1-day pass for hop-on hop-off bus
– Add extra activities to customize your package

Sourced photo

Sourced photo

Bundled Experiences

Add activity bundles to your package

AlUla from Above
– Air Balloon Ride
– Get the best views of AlUla
– Vintage Aircraft Experience
– Fly over iconic city attractions in a vintage aircraft
– Glow Show
– Watch as 30 balloons light up AlUla’s sky

Authentic AlUla
– Culture Farm Experience
– Discover AlUla’s farm land at Hujrat Nora
– Wadi Al Qura Market Experience
– Shop around for local handmade products and delicacies
– Living Immersion – Hegra
– Take a look into the lives of AlUla’s famous inhabitants

Gastro Experience
– Awna
– Experience fine dining with 6-course meal prepared by a Michelin-star chef
– Winter Park Experience
– Treat your tastebuds to delicious street food
– Farm Experience
– From fruit picking to smoothie sipping, enjoy unique farm experiences

Facebook: ExperienceAlUla
Twitter: ExperienceAlUla
Instagram: experiencealula

Times and dates are prone to change. For the latest updates visit


AlUla Events Calendar

AlUla Dec 19 Mar7.

As part of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority plans, AlUla is hosting its second annual Winter at Tantora. The magical city never fails to awe its visitors, and the general public is starting to take notice. This year, the highly anticipated event will include some returning festivities and special guests as well as some thrilling, never before seen happenings. All the while allowing guests to enjoy a range of cultural and entertaining experiences taking place between December 19 and March 7.

Sourced photos

Sourced photos


Experience the one of a kind city of AlUla

Heritage Sites Experience
Explore and discover ancient heritage sites including Mada’in Salih, Jabal Al-Fil, the old town of AlUla – aka Al-Dirah, and so much more.

Sunrise Balloon Ride
Get an aerial view over Mada’in Salih, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, during a breathtaking sunrise.

Franchise Freedom
Watch about 300 drones dance above you in the desert night sky accompanied by live music.

Wadi AlQura Market
Shop around for local handmade products and local delicacies in a traditional marketplace.

Winter Park
Experience international cuisine served by food trucks.

Farm Experiences
Explore a date plantation and spend time with different animals at Hujrat Nora.

Sourced photos

Sourced photos

Maraya Concerts and Performances
Watch some of your favorite world class international artists perform at the Maraya concert hall.

AlUla Trails
Choose between cycling, hiking or 4×4 excursions to explore AlUla’s natural heritage sites and more.

AlUla Desert Polo
Some of the world’s best players will be taking part in an exciting polo tournament featuring AlUla’s breathtaking landscapes.

Brilliance of the Souls
Step into a mirrored room depicting a borderless reality by Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.


Modeling Beyond the Kingdom

Meet the Saudi models who have taken on the International fashion community.

The fashion industry in the Kingdom has been exponentially growing, and with it grew the number of professional models across the board. The following models were brave enough to take their work internationally and be recognized as some of the first Saudi models to work professionally outside the Kingdom. Here are their stories:


Meet runway model Daniah Bawazir. Since getting her start in the industry back in 2018, she has taken part in multiple runway shows at Arab Fashion Week two years in a row alongside multiple modeling projects in Dubai and London.

After taking classes at the London College of Fashion back in 2018, Daniah flew to Dubai to meet with various people from the fashion industry. She sat through meetings trying to find a way in, until finally she met with Jacob Abrian, CEO of Arab Fashion Council. “He asked if I’d ever modeled before, which I hadn’t, and asked me to walk the runway during Arab Fashion Week as their first Saudi model. I said yes!”

Daniah has since worked with countless designers, the most memorable ones being Sara Altwaim and Nora Al Shaikh. “It was fun for me as they are also Saudi women who have worked hard and earned their success,” she says. Also a favorite of hers was Iris Van Herpen, a Dutch fashion designer considered a pioneer in the industry for utilizing 3D printing as a garment to sculpt unique designs.

For anyone looking to break into the fashion community, Daniah advises to stay determined, “It takes time in this industry to establish yourself – be patient. As long as you’re trying, you’re succeeding.”

Instagram: daniah.tb

Sourced photos

Sourced photos


From landing the cover of Vogue Arabia alongside international American model Winnie Harlow to walking the runway at Fashion Forward Dubai for Saudi designer Arwa Al Banawi in 2019, Shahad Salman has quickly become a rising star in the local fashion community.  Long gone are her days on social media posting photos in hopes of getting modeling gigs.

Shahad owes most of her recent success to a single Instagram post, when she came across a photo of Winnie Harlow and was shocked at how much they resembled each other. Shahad posted a photo of herself side-by-side Harlow’s and then tagged the international model. Overnight, the photo was seen by thousands of people until it reached Harlow herself. And so the story of her Vogue cover began, and she later got international exposure from Kim Kardashian on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Ironically, the very thing she was cast aside for is the exact trait that got her recognized on a global scale.

Years before she started modeling, Shahad was bullied for her vitiligo, yet she never played the victim card. Instead she decided that her drive to break into a career in modeling outweighed the social pressures she received because of her looks. “You should be the one who takes the first step, because no one is going to come and take it for you,” Shahad says.

Instagram: 5sunshine1

Sourced photos

Sourced photos


Confidence and style are at the base of what Bandar Mohammad exudes. He has always been into fashion, believing that you express your values through clothes. “It is one of the most essential ways to make a good first impression,” he says. With this philosophy, Bandar has taken part in multiple projects, from walking the runways of Paris Fashion Week to starting his own clothing brand.

His first experience on a runway was held at a fashion show during his college years at Indiana University in the US. After a few times being seen featuring the same Saudi traditional thobe, he decided to try something new and wear a formal suit. The response was overwhelmingly positive. That’s when he figured he could take this modeling thing a step further.

He has since represented different global designers in Paris. One of his best moments was opening for Catou on the runway, a brand best known for tailoring formal wear for both men and women.

December of 2019, Bandar launched Beyondrays, a luxury clothing brand that focuses on the etiquettes of formal clothing. “The brand’s main objective is to create a fashion community that combines the latest trends with classic apparel,” he explains.



Spotted in Style

The style scene in streets of Saudi cities and what it says about their people.

Saudi Arabia is a wide and diverse country. Each region hosts its own mentality, tradition and lifestyle. With that comes many different forms of self expression unique to each city. We took it upon ourselves to compare the everyday style of the three major cities across the Kingdom; Jeddah, Riyadh, and Sharqiya.

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Binali

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Binali


Smart casual, but make it fashion. This is probably the best way to describe Riyadh’s street wear. The people in Riyadh typically thrive on oversized sweaters and jackets, especially during the cooler winter months. The colors are usually black, grey and monotone with the occasional statement piece. However, Riyadhis do occasionally push fashion boundaries by throwing in some unique prints and colors.

The most famous places to shop at are Patterns and Personage, both concept stores dedicated to selling  products made locally by Saudis.

Instagram: pattern_saudi
Instagram: personagesa

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Attas

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Attas


Sharqiya demonstrates a more eloquent side to everyday fashion. Unlike Riyadh’s oversized preference, Sharqiya opts for more fitted pieces that are tucked into dress pants along with dress shoes. As for the women, a printed abaya with soft colors is usually thego-to. Although most of the styles are monotone, some prefer a colorful printed t-shirt elevated with a leather jacket. Either way, Sharqiya keeps it simple and classy.

Most of the people prefer to shop at The Corner concept store or Design Society. Both sell popular items suitable for the overall style of the city while remaining culture conscious.

Instagram: designsociety.ksa


Jeddah’s street wear encompases a colorful and bohemian style unique to the culture. Because the city thrives on the heat and the Red Sea, many of the styles consist of flowy and light fabrics with fun colors and prints. The overall look is relaxed and easy going just like its people, and you will find the majority walking around with statement pieces that set them apart from the rest.

Majority of Jeddawis like to shop at concept stores such as Homegrown or even try to find vintage one-of-a-kind pieces from different shops.

Instagram: homegrown_market


An Ode to Fashion

A look inside what it means to be a plus size girl in the Kingdom.

For most people, finding a pair of jeans or even a basic white t-shirt is an easy grab-and-go task. However, for me it wasn’t always that easy. Searching the market for a store that carried my size in the first place was one of the most annoying, intimidating, and not to mention embarrassing efforts. I had to learn who carried my size and had to stay loyal – not by choice!

While everyone shopped from a wide variety of places and could easily follow all the new trends as they came and went, I had to resort to the same overall aesthetic. The selection of brands was limited to less than a handful which included two brands at Debenhams, Next, and Marks & Spencer. It’s as though the industry forgot that plus size people like to look fashionable too.

The main and on-going issue with plus-size fashion however, is that the industry usually has one intention, and that is to create clothes that make women look slimmer. Most of the jeans being sold to bigger women included bootcut pants in order to create the illusion of a cinched waist while other designs featured oversized tops in order to hide women’s figures. Fashion for the plus-sized was never intended to flatter a woman’s figure. For the longest time, fashion was the exclusive party that welcomed only a certain body type. The rest of us had to figure out how to compensate with statement shoes, accessories and makeup.

However, this is changing. The fashion industry has been growing its plus size variety. Fast fashion has extended to include a curve range such as Forever 21 and H&M. More and more online sites are taking action in providing a plus size or curve range from the start such as Good American and Savage x Fenty. There is an outspoken online community spearheading the body positive aiding in creating more variety in fashion. Professional model, Ashley Graham is now walking runways for designers who consider plus size women.

With all this change occurring in the industry, it is still not enough. As a Saudi woman, most of my shopping is happening online from western brands, or when I leave the country. I barely shop in Saudi, and when I do, my options are limited. I am writing this in hopes that local designers in the Kingdom start to explore designing for a wider range of bodies. It would be an honor to confidently wear local designs made to properly fit my figure.

5The Office Look

Business means business and this outfit is for any strong woman trying to get her foot into the boardroom. Simple black on black can get boring, play the look up with an added accent on the pants for a bolder style.

Instagram: gerryweberofficial

6The Boho Look

Need a look that screams laid back, beach vibes with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair? I got you! Pair printed pants with a flowy white top and your preferred accessories.

Instagram: debenhams

1The Family Day Look

When the whole family gets together for a gathering, you want to look cute yet stay comfortable. A thobe is the perfect direction to take when aiming to achieve that goal. Pair it with some heels and you’re good to go!

Instagram: rivafashionme

2The Local Look

Ditch the uncomfortable slippers, put on your abaya over a shorter dress and get your sneakers out for a long warm day out running errands. Comfort is key, but so is style.

Instagram: sumayaabdulaziz

3The Fancy LOOK

Dress to impress yourself before anyone else at a fancy dinner or even a wedding. Flowy garments with bold prints will leave you feeling confident and regal.

Instagram: sumayaabdulaziz

4The Casual Look

Going out with a group of friends but not exactly sure what to wear? Elevate a typical pair of ripped jeans with a flowy shirt, statement shoes and a couple of your favorite jewelry pieces.

Instagram: boohoo


Show Me Your Hustle

We asked and you responded! Here are some tips and tricks on how to enhance your workflow.

We recently asked our followers on the @destinationjed Instagram page to share some of their most effective advice for creating a productive work culture. We focused on three main topics: increasing productivity, improving time management and creating a positive work environment.

Here is what our followers came up with!


Getting SMART

Set SMART goals and KPIs for people to follow with rewards and compensations.

Getting organized by setting specific and measurable goals is important for the workflow, but so is recognizing a job well done. Employees need to feel valued in the workplace. It will help raise moral and in turn boost productivity.

Better the Environment

Have a clear, simple space. Comfortable seats, proper light and mind-stimulating scents.

Everybody wants to feel comfortable while they work. This is why it is a best practice to make sure that the environment the employees are surrounded by stimulate brain activity. It is best to have spaces that are de-cluttered with optimal lighting.

Work Time Fun Time

Try brain games and physical games timeout

Make the space you work at fun and engaging. Every now and then bring the office together for a fun activity so that everyone gets along and the environment is more relaxed, creating a less stressful environment.


Set Those Deadlines

Try to bring in accountability and set deadlines. Revise the deadlines for tasks based on experience.

Make sure that the work is divided fairly among co-workers so that no one is under or over worked. Follow up after close to deadlines to make sure everyone is on track.

Listing Priorities

Track your time and categorize tasks, plan the week with most urgent and start with most-time consuming

Prioritize! Setting your priorities and sticking to them will help you not bounce between tasks and focus till you check it off your to do list.

Getting Around the How-To

Use planners, write your objectives clearly in front of you and tick each one at a time.

Get yourself a physical calendar, to-do lists, planners. Anything that will help you see your tasks in one place. @memoir.ksa has an array of beautiful designs to choose from.


Get To Know Everyone

Open communication, make everyone feel heard, don’t be too rigid, reward honesty, work as a ‘team’

It’s important to get to know the people you work with, creating a sociable workplace. Break the barrier between management and staff to create to lower stress levels.

United Front

Make sure you have a traditional day, help all cultures meet at one point

It is important that everyone in your office gets along no matter their background. Celebrating each person will show that you have a united front and in turn will build office morale.

Fun Times with the Co-workers

Have events in the workplace that motivates them to come to work

Hosting events or activities at work will motivate everyone to not only show up, but also have a positive outlook on the day.