Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

What The Health Are They Up To?

What The Health Are They Up To?

The health community in Saudi Arabia has been thriving in recent years. With endless introductions to an array of diets, the public has been left confused and unsure what steps to take to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the diet you follow, it is important to know what stores carry healthy food options. Two coaches give us their suggestions of where to shop and tell us a little bit about the lifestyle they chose.

Muna Shaheen

Muna is a certified bodybuilding fitness instructor and personal trainer. After suffering with her health for many years, she switched up her diet and started a healthy lifestyle, testing out different eating habits and workout routines until she finally found what her body best responded to. Muna follows the paleo diet, meaning she eats ‘the diet of our ancestors’ – food high in protein, usually from an animal source, followed by carbs from green vegetables. Her paleo diet also includes raw nuts, all different types of vegetables, fruits and grains.

Her diet complements physical activities and intensive training sessions. When she is not running her business, Muna indulges in high intensity interval training, CrossFit and more. Not only has she been coaching the Bliss Runners, an all-female fitness and running group, she also trains small groups and gives private, personal training sessions.

Muna relies on a few places for fresh, clean food – Danube for meat, poultry, and cheese; L’organic for cultured butter and plant-based alternative milk products; and Abazeer for grains and good oils.

Instagram: thecoachmuna

Organic foods

Imported organic and natural produce.

Local and imported foods


Nutritional supplements, dietary alternatives, and organic produce.
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mported organic produce


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