Be Extraordinary: Sara Rayess


What drives a modern Muslim Woman to succeed in modern society? In this issue of Destination, we’ve gathered a handful of incredible ladies who show us that being extraordinary is a matter of deciding to go the extra mile: Extra Grit, Extra Passion, and Extra Hard Work. Arab women are pushing boundaries, and as a whole, can get us across the finish line of progress.

Photo By Abdullah Almosharaf

Fashion and graphic designer, Sara Rayess advises others to be Extra Patient, especially when starting a business. Rayess started making scarves seven years ago when she realized that there was a lack in the market. She could not find anything up to her liking. Her elegant style and the passion she had for design and fashion drove her success. The people around her who encouraged her to create her own fashion line, Foulard, helped drive her as well.  dscf2431-copy

Taking Foulard from a local brand to an internationally recognized brand has been a challenging journey. Rayess learned not to depend on others and to put in hard work and be patient to come up with the results she wanted to see. “The more you give, the more effort you give to the thing you are doing, the more you will get.”

Instagram: foulard_f

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