Repackaging Heritage: The passion that sparks Lamees’s Naanie

Madinah is known for its fertile soil allowing the many rich aromas of mint herbs to grow on orchards around the region. Lamees Madani, the founder of Naanie, is making these fragrant flavors accessible to modern and fast-paced society through her packaged tea blends.

Her blends are made from numerous fresh herbs, more specifically, local aromatic mints. The fragrant herbs do not have a long shelf life, and so many people who visit Madinah usually buy in bulk. This means that people need to manually dry the mint leaves for longer shelf life or use it all up before it expires. Lamees thought of this and wanted to create a product that would combat the issue. She dries, purifies, and packages her blends in order to increase convenience to those wanting to enjoy Madinah’s mint flavors.n1-copy

One of Lamees’ goals was to develop a product inspired by a rich heritage. Lamees is from Madinah, meaning she grew up drinking tea with the very blends she is the packaging. “Growing up we would wash the mint, separate it, or even mix them together. We would never drink tea on its own, we always drank it with some sort of herb-infused into the drink.”

This is the very essence Lamees wanted to present to the people purchasing her product. She wants people to authentically take part in Madinah’s heritage. The cherry on top of her product is the name. Naanie is widely used in Madinah to describe the many different types of mint that grow around the area like Al Doush and Al Habaq.dsc_8036-copy

When Lamees first started her business, she would prepare the blends at home with her family. “I was creating specific mixes for about eight to nine months until I got what I wanted.” She wanted to create brand new flavors that were not available in the market.3w7a9818-copy

By using mint from Madinah, she already had that upper hand. “No one makes tea blends using the different mints of Madinah or the different aromatic herbs from the region. All these mints were available but no one has ever put them into tea bags because that’s not the way it has been done. This is a modern way of presenting the mint and herbs that well represent Madinah in the modern world.”

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