Be Extraordinary: Haifa Beseisso

What drives a modern Muslim Woman to succeed in modern society? In this issue of Destination, we’ve gathered a handful of incredible ladies who show us that being extraordinary is a matter of deciding to go the extra mile: Extra Grit, Extra Passion, and Extra Hard Work. Arab women are pushing boundaries, and as a whole, can get us across the finish line of progress.

Photo By Abdullah Almosharaf

Haifa encourages her followers not to be afraid of a little Extra Hussle. Sticking to the mentality of staying true to yourself and competing with yourself has created many opportunities for her. Leaving TV to become a content creator meant that she was able to make her own decisions rather than working for others who called the shots. Haifa had an understanding of what the general public wanted, which is why she was able to branch out successfully into youtube and social media. “The audience just wants people that look like them and that they can relate to.” She pushed herself to focus on her goals despite everyday challenges and emotional pressures. Finding a proper team to support her through her journey was the main struggle, but she persevered. Today, Haifa travels the world creating content that empowers her followers and encourages them to reach high and keep hustling.

Instagram: flywithhaifa

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