What The Health Are They Up To?

The health community in Saudi Arabia has been thriving in recent years. With endless introductions to an array of diets, the public has been left confused and unsure what steps to take to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the diet you follow, it is important to know what stores carry healthy food options. Two coaches give us their suggestions of where to shop and tell us a little bit about the lifestyle they chose.

Richard Jordan

Richard is a holistic health coach specializing in private, personal holistic health consulting. He also does corporate wellness initiatives for organizations to help improve quality of life in the workplace.

The best definition of a holistic lifestyle is approaching the human as a single entity with multiple biological systems working together as one, to help optimize health. Having the mindset, nutrition, fitness or movement, recovery or sleep, and stress management components of your life working together is really the only way to do just that.

“What that looks like for one person might be different than the next person, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But everyone needs to have all of those pillars working together.”

Richard subscribes to the “real food” diet, which means majority of his food does not come with a long list of ingredients. He makes sure all three macronutrients – fat, protein, and carbohydrates from real, non-processed sources – are in his meals. “I eat protein from an animal source as well as fat from an animal or a plant like an avocado or olive oil, and as much vegetable-based carbohydrates as possible, in the form of the most colorful salads as possible.”
Richard shops at Manuel

(Instagram: manuelmarkets) and Lulu
(Instagram: luluhypermarkets), where he purchases fresh salmon and organic produce. One of his favorites is Chopped
(Instagram: choppedksa) , a butcher where he finds the best selection of imported meats.

Instagram: primalife_wellness

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