Be Extraordinary: Basma Elkhereiji

What drives a modern Muslim Woman to succeed in modern society? In this issue of Destination, we’ve gathered a handful of incredible ladies who show us that being extraordinary is a matter of deciding to go the extra mile: Extra Grit, Extra Passion, and Extra Hard Work. Arab women are pushing boundaries, and as a whole, can get us across the finish line of progress.

Photo By Abdullah Almosharaf

Basma Elkhereiji is best known as an influencer and founder of The Social Kitchen restaurant  in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has also started The Social Kollective, an online store with all types of lifestyle products. Another project of hers is The Social Space, a venue offering rental packages for different social events as well as private occasions. Elkhereiji is an entrepreneur with no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

As a chef she gained inspiration from watching her mother cook, “she was my biggest influence growing up and I always found joy when I see people’s reaction to my food”. Her biggest challenge was overcoming mental challenges, “misconceptions I put in my head and the obstacles that I put in my own way”.  Elkhereiji wants others to be Extra Authentic and remain true to themselves. She advises others to never be afraid of being different, and reminds everyone that people tend to accept those who remain authentic.

Instagram: basmaelkhereiji

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