Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Show Me Your Hustle

Show Me Your Hustle

We asked and you responded! Here are some tips and tricks on how to enhance your workflow.

We recently asked our followers on the @destinationjed Instagram page to share some of their most effective advice for creating a productive work culture. We focused on three main topics: increasing productivity, improving time management and creating a positive work environment.

Here is what our followers came up with!


Getting SMART

Set SMART goals and KPIs for people to follow with rewards and compensations.

Getting organized by setting specific and measurable goals is important for the workflow, but so is recognizing a job well done. Employees need to feel valued in the workplace. It will help raise moral and in turn boost productivity.

Better the Environment

Have a clear, simple space. Comfortable seats, proper light and mind-stimulating scents.

Everybody wants to feel comfortable while they work. This is why it is a best practice to make sure that the environment the employees are surrounded by stimulate brain activity. It is best to have spaces that are de-cluttered with optimal lighting.

Work Time Fun Time

Try brain games and physical games timeout

Make the space you work at fun and engaging. Every now and then bring the office together for a fun activity so that everyone gets along and the environment is more relaxed, creating a less stressful environment.


Set Those Deadlines

Try to bring in accountability and set deadlines. Revise the deadlines for tasks based on experience.

Make sure that the work is divided fairly among co-workers so that no one is under or over worked. Follow up after close to deadlines to make sure everyone is on track.

Listing Priorities

Track your time and categorize tasks, plan the week with most urgent and start with most-time consuming

Prioritize! Setting your priorities and sticking to them will help you not bounce between tasks and focus till you check it off your to do list.

Getting Around the How-To

Use planners, write your objectives clearly in front of you and tick each one at a time.

Get yourself a physical calendar, to-do lists, planners. Anything that will help you see your tasks in one place. @memoir.ksa has an array of beautiful designs to choose from.


Get To Know Everyone

Open communication, make everyone feel heard, don’t be too rigid, reward honesty, work as a ‘team’

It’s important to get to know the people you work with, creating a sociable workplace. Break the barrier between management and staff to create to lower stress levels.

United Front

Make sure you have a traditional day, help all cultures meet at one point

It is important that everyone in your office gets along no matter their background. Celebrating each person will show that you have a united front and in turn will build office morale.

Fun Times with the Co-workers

Have events in the workplace that motivates them to come to work

Hosting events or activities at work will motivate everyone to not only show up, but also have a positive outlook on the day.


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