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Spotted in Style

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Binali

The style scene in streets of Saudi cities and what it says about their people.

Saudi Arabia is a wide and diverse country. Each region hosts its own mentality, tradition and lifestyle. With that comes many different forms of self expression unique to each city. We took it upon ourselves to compare the everyday style of the three major cities across the Kingdom; Jeddah, Riyadh, and Sharqiya.

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Binali

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Binali


Smart casual, but make it fashion. This is probably the best way to describe Riyadh’s street wear. The people in Riyadh typically thrive on oversized sweaters and jackets, especially during the cooler winter months. The colors are usually black, grey and monotone with the occasional statement piece. However, Riyadhis do occasionally push fashion boundaries by throwing in some unique prints and colors.

The most famous places to shop at are Patterns and Personage, both concept stores dedicated to selling  products made locally by Saudis.

Instagram: pattern_saudi
Instagram: personagesa

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Attas

Photo by Abdulrahman Al Attas


Sharqiya demonstrates a more eloquent side to everyday fashion. Unlike Riyadh’s oversized preference, Sharqiya opts for more fitted pieces that are tucked into dress pants along with dress shoes. As for the women, a printed abaya with soft colors is usually thego-to. Although most of the styles are monotone, some prefer a colorful printed t-shirt elevated with a leather jacket. Either way, Sharqiya keeps it simple and classy.

Most of the people prefer to shop at The Corner concept store or Design Society. Both sell popular items suitable for the overall style of the city while remaining culture conscious.

Instagram: thecorner.sa
Instagram: designsociety.ksa


Jeddah’s street wear encompases a colorful and bohemian style unique to the culture. Because the city thrives on the heat and the Red Sea, many of the styles consist of flowy and light fabrics with fun colors and prints. The overall look is relaxed and easy going just like its people, and you will find the majority walking around with statement pieces that set them apart from the rest.

Majority of Jeddawis like to shop at concept stores such as Homegrown or even try to find vintage one-of-a-kind pieces from different shops.

Instagram: homegrown_market

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