The Green Revolution: Naeem Farm

Hattan Tashkandi

A beautiful glass and high-tech greenhouse built on a massive traditional field farm, Naeem farms has created an ecosystem within the innovative structure.

Since its inception in 2018, the startup company has worked with international and local leading scientific and expert institutions to turn this sustainable and modern farm into reality. They developed new ways to farm imported products locally, using less water without any pesticides and chemicals. In 2021, Naeem farms set up their online shop, completed their greenhouse, and officially opened for business.


Founded by Hattan Tashkandi and funded by venture capital firms, Naeem Farms comes from a passion for agriculture. Hattan made sure to build an infrastructure that allows for the least amount of water waste and the highest-quality produce.  Unlike a traditional farm, the plants here grow without soil using hydroponics technology.  Moreover, the closed irrigation system allows them to recirculate and reuse the water which leads to saving up 95% of the water used. The greenhouse is also outfitted with high-tech cooling and temperature control systems.  There are built-in wet cardboards and fans, alongside a few ACs that are often turned to support the system.


The farm is divided into three different zones; the tomato zone uses hydroponic drop technology, where the seed is planted in a special sponge that can be reused several times. The second zone is the indoor vertical farm that uses LED lights and hydroponics to allow the growth of the microgreens such as mustard seeds, radish as well as a variety of lettuce. Finally, the last zone of the farm is where the leafy greens are grown in large hydroponic benches, such as baby kale and spinach, basil, arugula, etc.

You can buy their products from their website or their store in Al Rawdah.

Instagram: naeemfoods




Put yourself in these shoes.

Nowadays, sneakers have evolved from everyday footwear and gym essential to runway must-haves, at the intersection of design and art, and collectibles. The past couple of years has shown us that sneaker culture has permeated the region, and surpassed trend status. From the skaters to the socialites, boys, girls, 90s kids, and gen Zs— the right kicks, at the right drop unites them all. Prepare to be indoctrinated to the locker, here are the pairs to know.



Epoch VR3 LX Price: SAR 530 Old Skool VR3 LX Pwrice: SAR 461 Get it at Farfetch Saudi

Epoch VR3 LX Price: SAR 530
Old Skool VR3 LX Pwrice: SAR 461
Get it at Farfetch Saudi

Van VR3

Vans has collaborated with pro-skater Lizzie Armanto. This is the first signature model designed by a woman in the Vans family in 20 years. The boots have sustainable “Marshmallow” uppers, printed interiors, and one-pieced foxing. Vans’ VR3 products use at least 30% renewable, regenerative, or recycled materials aiming to adapt us all to a new future.

Price: SAR 929 Get it at Nike, Farfetch Saudi, Saudi Ounass

Price: SAR 929
Get it at Nike, Farfetch Saudi, Saudi Ounass

Nike Air Max
95 SE

Nike is a global leader in sneakers and has a responsibility to highlight the footwear industry’s ecological impact. Nike launched its Move to the Zero effort in 2020, with the goal of being a zero-carbon, zero-waste corporation, and it is now following through with its ‘Air Sprung’ line. The AM95 released in various colors is made entirely of recycable materials.


Arwa Al Banawi’s Adidas Forum 84 Low

Price: SAR 436 Get it at KICKS CREW

Price: SAR 436
Get it at KICKS CREW

Arwa, the sartorial genius behind the Forum 84 Low shoes, is known for designing women’s outfits that combine traditional tailoring and a Middle Eastern sensibility with contemporary streetwear aesthetics to display the rich nature of Saudi customs. It’s a shoe that draws on Saudi Arabia’s artisanal and agricultural traditions to create a powerful homage to its vibrant history.

The Nike Air Foamposite One x COMME des GARCONS

Price: SAR 2,126 Get it at Farfetch Saudi

Price: SAR 2,126
Get it at Farfetch Saudi

The Air Foamposite Ones are recognized for their trademark ribbed foundation layers, but the Japanese label decided to go on a different path by mimicking a neatly structured zen garden on the sidewalls and lower heels. Each pair is arranged in a monochrome black or white scheme.



YEEZY knit "Sulfur" runner Price: SAR 7,575 YEEZY Knit RNR "Sulfur" boots Price: SAR 6,659 Get it at Farfetch Saudi

YEEZY knit “Sulfur” runner Price: SAR 7,575
YEEZY Knit RNR “Sulfur” boots Price: SAR 6,659
Get it at Farfetch Saudi

Since its introduction in September 2021, the sock-like model hasn’t seen much action, but now it’ll expand its lineup with a brand new “Stone Carbon” colorway. Ye and his Three Stripes crew
go for a two-toned, earthy look for this next makeover.

Flightposite 2

Price: SAR 717 Get it at Stadium Goods

Price: SAR 717
Get it at Stadium Goods

The Kavin Garnett’s Nike Flightposite 2 boasts a durable Foamposite outer shell fastened by a zipper-equipped shroud and is a prime representation of the Swoosh Brand’s forward-thinking design attitude in the late ’90s and early ’00s. This hides the shoe’s inner workings, giving it a mechanical, xlook. Flightposite 2 has similar tech specs to  the original Flightposit with a PU insole heel and precipice of Zoom Air units.


Fun Fact
Kevin Garnett was the OG NBA star who wore the Flightposite 2 on the court. It’s since become a significant part of Nike Basketball’s history, and it’s still visually arresting nearly two decades later.

Sneaker Wheres

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Socks Galore


Green Thumb Projects to Check Out


Farming in Saudi Arabia is environmentally friendly.



Edama Solutions

At its newly built facility at KAUST, Edama turns organic waste into soil improver products for desert agriculture, tree plantation, and land restoration projects. Edama products boost farmers’ yield and plant performance while reducing water irrigation.

Twitter: edamasolutions



Natufia is a company founded and led by Gregory Lu that harnesses cutting-edge technology to create a smart vertical hydroponic garden within a fridge size like a confined cabinet. The machine is a fully automated smart garden that creates perfect controlled conditions for plant growth. The idea is to break the barrier between producing and storing food. At Natufia, they believe that everyone should grow their own food to sustain our resources further and reduce waste.

The machines Natufia developed are impressive and very simple to operate. You can grow up to 32 plants at the same time. It comes with a seedlings tray, a so-called ‘nursery’, where seeds will germinate before they are moved into the main grow chamber to mature and be harvested. The greens grown in Natufia are the freshest and most nutrient-dense plants that can be grown, GMO and pesticide-free, right from the comfort of your home.

Instagram: natufia_labs


The Green Revolution: Red Sea Farms

Image  Courtesy: Red Sea Farms

An innovative playground for agriculture and engineering, Red Sea Farms are taking greenhouses to the next level.

It looks like your typical glass greenhouse but once inside, the revolutionary technologies start unveiling. Red Sea farms are able to eliminate the energy wasted in desalination by adapting their greenhouse to it.

It starts with the cooling system they installed. Instead of using cardboard like most other greenhouses, Red Sea Farms use polyethylene to avoid the decaying of the material, allowing them to use saltwater in the cooling pads.

Image  Courtesy: Red Sea Farms

Image Courtesy: Red Sea Farms

To utilize the cooling system, you need fans pulling air from the other side of the farm. In Red Sea farms, their engineers installed solar panels connected to the fans. These are designed to function at whatever power the solar panels are producing, allowing the fans to work even when not powered at full capacity.

To take it even further, they conditioned their plants, without using any GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), to produce even when watered with saltwater without affecting the taste.

Finally, they developed a massive dehumidifying system that collects humidity from the air and turns it into water. As Ashley Pursglove notes, “In a country believed to have scarcity in water, we have an excess of it.” The greenhouse is divided into four sections growing a variety of things; however, one of them is kept for testing.

“It’s the mini playground within this whole innovation playground” Stevi Zois, Director of Marketing

You can find some of their products in a few local shops, such as Tamimi in KAUST and Riyadh, and Carrefour. They come in a nice net bag that can be upcycled for other purposes.

Instagram: redseafarms


The Green Revolution: Jana Farm

Modar Nazer

As you enter the farm, you will undergo a sanitization process to avoid any outside bacteria tampering with the ecosystem they have created.

In Jana farms, everything can be grown —from various herbs, some fruits, and vegetables to colorful edible flowers that give it a spring-like feel all year long. Jana farm uses an Aquaponics system inspired by an ancient practice of agriculture. Aquaponics uses nutrients from Tilapia fish that help plants grow faster and cleaner. This technique saves 95% of the water used in traditional farming.

Super healthy and environmentally conscious couple Modar Nazer and Dana Enany, along with Khedr AlGhamdi and Obeid Binzager came up with the idea to create a vertical farming system using the resources they had. When they looked at the produce they had available in their local shops; they felt the need to create something that would allow them to consume the cleanest food without resorting to imported products.


They realized the gap in the market for fresh and organic products grown locally and decided to venture into the world of sustainable farming. Now backed by the Ministry of Agriculture, they’re planning to open a massive vertical farm in the heart of Riyadh to implement their technologies and sustain the consumption demands of the whole city.

With a mission to provide locally grown, clean, and nutritious food, Jana farms have long-term goals to shift our eating habits toward sustainable products that are full of nutrients and are pesticide-free, they come straight from the farm and do not travel thousands of miles. In addition, it results in a 90% reduction in water use compared to traditional farming. Moreover, they are redefining how we look at agriculture and utilizing their small space to maximize their yield.

Their produce is sold across different supermarkets in Saudi, or you can order some of their products from their website. You must try their super greens salad.



The Green Revolution: Ghiras Alshahraa (Yazan Ranch)


Yazan Ranch, located 58 kilometers from Jeddah, is an ecological hotspot.

Firas AbdulJawad utilizes the 1 million square meter space in the most efficient way possible. Ghiras AlSahraa is a high-tech farm that combines the most recent aquaponics and aquaculture systems to support production methods that do not require soil or the addition of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.


Firas’ desire to maintain the ranch extends beyond production. His ambition is to open the farm to the public and promote agricultural tourism in Saudi Arabia to raise awareness about sustainable and ethical ways to conserve and preserve the environment. We also discovered numerous endangered birds and animals at the ranch, like the Idmi or mountain gazelle. img_9351

Firas is implementing different agriculture techniques depending on the type of crop. Alongside the Aquaponic micro-farm, he dedicated a small section for traditional farming using the drip irrigation system. Moreover, he has a greenhouse where he experiments with different crops utilizing the compost produced by his animals on the farm.

 Instagram: yazenranch


The Green Revolution: Al Falah Farms

Omar Alireza & Riyad Istanbouli

Farming in Saudi Arabia is environmentally friendly.

Al Falah Farms raises local Harri Lambs with the mission to promote compassionate food systems with a focus on higher welfare conditions and sustainable solutions. Al Falah believes the quality and taste of the meat you eat are influenced by the way it was raised and slaughtered. Accordingly, they implement the standards of Islamic Law and Etiquette to process lambs the Halal way. Partnering with AZKA enables customers to order directly from the farm while providing the modern convenience of professional hygiene.

 Instagram: alfalah_farms


The Green Revolution: Mojan Farms

Sofian AlBishri

Sustainable Farming in Saudi Arabia.

Although farming was one of the factors in the development of civilizations, methods typically used have developed uncontrollably in response to the global increase in food consumption. One of the main issues stemming from this shift in balance is water waste. The only way to move forward is to find sustainable production methods to accommodate the increasing demand.

In Saudi, water scarcity pushed modern farmers to rethink how they produce and develop different technologies to adapt. Destination KSA visited the different sustainable farms and spoke to the innovative visionaries behind them. Learn how these spaces are working to secure our food not just today but for the next generations.


Mojan Farms

Mojan farms are Sofian AlBishri’s personal project, which perfectly combines his passion with his personality. Speaking about his plants as if they were his prized possessions, Sofian finds joy in bringing life and testing the limits of agriculture in his own ways. When he graduated from university, Sofian returned to Saudi and decided to use his family’s farm to start a business. After 9 months of extensive research and analysis, he launched Mojan Farms.

The 60,000 m² farms are utilized in multiple ways. At the onset, Mojan’s project began with a 400 m²  greenhouse growing Italian basil using drip irrigation, slowly watering the plants to avoid waste. It grew to five greenhouses, growing various produce in different sustainable ways. Each greenhouse is equipped with an underground tank filled from the wells after going through desalination.


The water is then transferred to a smaller tank where nutrients are mixed in and used to drop on the plant’s roots. It is also equipped with a cooling system using cardboards soaked in water on one side and big fans that suck in the air through the cooling system and alter the temperature in the greenhouse. “It can be 50 outside, and it feels chilly here.”

Mojan farm’s strength comes from the cherry tomatoes. Importing the seeds from Italy, Sofian makes sure he is planting the best. “The first step is seeding. Then we transport the seed with the soil and put it in coconut shavings and plug a water tube, then control the amount of water released. That’s hydroponics.” He is also growing San Marzano tomatoes, the best variety for sauces of all sorts.

Sofian has many plans to develop his farm further, testing the limits and innovating the way we look at agriculture. “This is just the beginning;
the possibilities are endless for this farm. It just has to be done right.”

Instagram: mojanfarms


Chasing The Storm

Saudi Arabia / in Riyadh City / at Riyadh Season / 17 Oct 2019 Fireworks in Riyadh boulevard

Harmonies from SOUNDSTORM.

Director of XP Conference

nada-alhelabi-xp-programme-director-mdlbeast-at-xp-2021-launchNada Alhalabi

With a background in sound treatment, Nada is paving the way for many in the music industry. She is not only passionate about music, but she has seen personally the positive impact it can have on others. She feels lucky to be a woman in the music industry. The lack of women in the music industry is palpable throughout the Middle East and around the world, especially when the industry is undergoing massive upheavals. “Representation is vital, and I am thrilled to be making a difference by implementing modifications and new ways,” she says.

Nada urges female creatives interested in working in music to be a part of the industry’s shift. “Of course, there will be hurdles along the way, but we’ll be there to support and encourage people to keep going” She stated that at XP, we would be discussing women in music as one of their primary subjects under their pillar data, policy, and advocacy, researching the benefits of having a diverse music business.

The message that Nada wishes to convey by her participation in the XP Conference reflects her inspiring personality. She believes that young people in Saudi Arabia represent the kingdom’s future. “Dream big, work hard, be patient, keep modest, and seek to
learn constantly.”

Meet The Storm Chasers

Let’s peek into the musical minds of this year’s MDLBEAST Soundstrom lineup to understand what makes their rhythm flow.

Got the groove

dj-balooDj Baloo

DJ Baloo is one of the visionaries behind the creative team at MDLBEAST. He has been a music aficionado since he was a child. He never expected to have the chance to play in Saudi, as he had intentions to play regionally in Beirut, Dubai, and Bahrain.

“The music scene in Saudi has grown at a steady pace to become what it is. Baloo added, The music culture in this city is raw, full of passion and originality, yet it is fractured, and it is on its way to becoming a cohesive, sizzling, bursting at the seams scene.”

DJ Baloo emphasized the XP music conference and its importance. He said, ‘event firms, government agencies, entrepreneurs, stage, fashion, and graphic designers, so many professionals will connect. As a result, new chances will be created along with the new economy and ecology that generates employment.”

Baloo spoke about SOUNDSTORM, which he claims will allow everyone to be themselves, causing societal transformations, increasing interest in public performance, and providing possibilities for the music ecosystem.

Dj Baloo’s inspiration behind making music is that he enjoys spreading joy, and I can see it on people’s faces when I perform. “I play and compose music because I want to dance.”

Creative Cosmicat


Nouf, also known as Cosmicat, is an incredible artist who was born with a fantastic ear and acquired a passion for collecting, learning, and creating music as a child. Cosmicat began with no prior musical instruction or expertise and only a sense of rhythm. She was always a part of the local underground DJ culture, which piqued her interest in the profession by allowing her to idolize DJs such as Vinyl mode, Baloo, Dessert fish, and Dish Dash.

Nouf explained that the creative community in Saudi Arabia is enormous and that everyone has access to all resources. That›s how she learned all she knows by researching online and then applying it by adding her magic to it. MDLBEAST, she said, is a beautiful celebration to share that promotes the local community and the genre of music around the world.

Her first performance was highly inspiring. “I was nervous, couldn’t look up at the crowd for more than a few seconds, sweating in January, but had a tremendous adrenaline rush instantly after seeing the crowd’s support,” she said of her participation in a cultural exchange event with guest German female musicians. Despite her extensive stage experience, she adores her audience; her most recent performance was in a battlefield tech zone, attracting many teenage and young visitors.

Dj’ Duo

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Dish Dash

Hassan and Abbas both grew up in a musical family where music was a lifestyle for everyone. As a result, they began attending many events and developed an interest in electronic music. Even though the DJ scene was not as big, they mostly listened to western performers who sparked their passion for music.

Since its debut edition in 2019, they feel MDLBEAST has been generating enthusiasm in the local music business that is culturally evolving. The festival offers like-minded people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dance and listen to phenomenal music. Plus, as MDLBEAST aims to do, it›s always nice to see local talent share their ideas with the world.

Music production and DJing began as a hobby for the DJs a few years ago, which they began doing in front of others.

“We’re inspired by different people, different places, and different emotions. Portraying the authentic Saudi sound is one of the most critical aspects of our music-making. We try to showcase our heritage and culture with a modern electronic twist.”

Their favorite stage memory is performing in front of a large crowd on a massive stage in their homeland“We’re pleased we got a chance to be among the huge lineup at MDL Beast 2019” they enthused.

Saudi in The City

saz-aka-saud-pictureSaz Aka SAÜD

Saz has always been a music fanatic, inspired by the local underground DJ community, and this has always pushed him to both produce and connect with those behind the Saudi music industry.

When we asked Saz what he thought about being a part of SOUDNSTORM2021, he responded, “I feel MDLbeast helped bring this already existent community together in one global music platform and undoubtedly helped push local artists to develop and play among the greatest names in the music business today.” His best stage moment was performing for the first time in front of his fans from his home of Saudi Arabia during the first edition of White Oasis & MDL Beast. In the future, he would want to collaborate with his favorite musicians, Mihai, Dennis
Ferrer, Apolonia, and Traumer, and combine his music style with theirs.

Saz enjoys expressing music to the audience and can’t wait to see you all at this year’s SOUNDSTORM.

Flying Free


Lujain, better known by her stage name Birdperson, is a filmmaker by profession who is a huge Doors fan and is heavily influenced by Jim Morrison. She further said that music has been a big part of her life since she was a kid and that it has grown through the years. MDLBEAST has developed a forum for young underground local musicians like herself who have seen the rise of electronic music in Saudi.

She added how MDLBEAST is developing a vital mechanism through their record label to connect all of the great individuals in the country, allowing the music scene to grow.

Lujain is a quick learner, and through photographing her DJ buddies at every party, she gained the desire to become a DJ. She began to compose new songs to create sensations that motivated her. “My music is usually motivated by how I feel and my mood at the time,” she says. My love for films inspires my music; every set I mix has a narrative, a sentiment, and an expression.”

Her first performance was filled with emotions, but she was ecstatic. When she overcame her nervousness, it gave her confidence. “A lot of times, to overcome the fear and shift your state of mind, you have to challenge yourself and do crazy things that are beyond your usual comfort zone,” she added.

A New Musical Universe


Adnan, Popularly known as Spaceboi, is an outstanding multitasker with extraordinary and inspiring talents. He learned about DJing and music production via online YouTube lessons, but he recently attended training online from an instructor in London.

Adnan is exceptionally fortunate to have had someone who supported him during his first performance, about four years ago when he was getting into the DJing scene. As he was contacting venues to play, his girlfriend suggested contacting the organizer of a small popup market that was generally happening in Bahrain and was interested in his mix. That night, he played for six hours straight. He would have given up DJing a long time ago if it hadn’t been for his fiancée, who is soon to be his wife.

Adnan is excited to see artists like Hats & Klaps in Saudi and hopes to work with them; he considers their devotion to their sound and production technique incredibly motivating.

Spceboi enjoys connecting with the audience when playing, and he enjoys engaging with people through his music. His favorite moment is when he plays music that he knows the audience isn›t anticipating and surprises them. He claims that comedians do the same thing.

Majid’s Magic


Majid has been performing music since early 2009, beginning his journey in the United States.  Being self-taught and meeting DJs willing to share their skills with him was the pivotal experience that led him to music. “Passion goes a long way when learning a
new talent.”

He has always been passionate about music and liked to discover, collect, and share music from an early age. In his own words, “I was always very interested and keen on supporting, pushing and introducing people to the magic and power of music.”

Majid loves being on the stage; he ecstatically shares with us his favorite stage memory, “it was definitely when my father came to see me play and recorded me with his phone. It was something I had never seen him do before.”

He is currently also an active part of the MDLBEAST, saying that, “They (MDLBEAST) are playing an essential role in identifying and advancing local talent, which they are doing this year through the XP conference. In the future, Majid would love to work with big international names that inspire him, like Dubfire, Danny Howells, Louie Vega, Moodymann, Delano Smith, and Herodot. Adding that “local artists, Baloo, Vinylmode, and Dish Dash are a considerable inspiration to many of us.”

In the right


Zayed, who goes by his stage name Zone+ has always adored playing for a crowd,  especially in Saudi. He most especially loves to share his music with them and the rest of the world.

This year, his association with MDLBEAST and being a part of the SOUNDSTORM will be pretty intriguing. He’s especially excited to see people enjoying, getting together, making music, and learning about what MDLBESAST has to offer.

He always wanted to be part of a band and play music. With music production software, he got to achieve his dream. He created music individually, like a one-person band with software like Ableton, which helped him express his music.

His first performance as a DJ was wonderful; he was anxious but felt compelled to offer the most exemplary music possible. “I really didn›t know if I performed well or not, but everyone was pleased, and it made me understand afterwards that I get this sensation in every event because I always want to create the greatest vibe and party for everyone who comes out, which motivates me to do his best,” he explained.

The soundtrack to the soul


K.LED’s primary motivation for creating music and fueling his journey is to discover, create, and share sounds and music as producers and electronic music performers. His return to the nation taught him the Saudi music culture in a private and personal context, where there was room to rehearse and develop among seasoned and like-minded artists.

Following his ambition in Saudi, with a passion for sound and music, K.LED is exceptionally fortunate to have discovered himself as an electronic music producer.

K.LED is enthusiastic about SOUNDSTORM this year and feels that MDLBEAST is playing an essential part in changing the entertainment business in Saudi Arabia by bringing music fans together and recognizing and promoting local talent. “MDLBEAST is undoubtedly making a lot of people’s aspirations a living reality, including mine,” he added.

K.LED’s music career began with a fascination and enthusiasm for music and sound design whereas DJing started in his teenage years.

When questioned about his most significant stage moment, he stated it was the first time he played on SOUNDSTORM 2019.

Danish Flair at the Storm


MORTEN was born and raised in Denmark but now resides in Miami. He is heavily influenced by the underground dance music culture and co-founded “Future Rave” with David Guetta in 2019. MORTEN and DAVID, the dynamic duo have been friends for many years; in 2019, they began composing music together and have strived to develop music ever since.

We wanted to develop our own perspective on the dance scene and build a trend,” he added.

We spoke with MORTEN about the motivation behind Future Rave and the New Rave EP with David Guetta. He says, “We are highly influenced by the underground dance culture and are devoted to bringing that sound and vibe into our more mainstream environment.” He added, “The indie producers from Scandinavia back in the early 2000s also inspired us a lot in our music,”

Furthermore, we discussed his visit to the country for SOUNDSTORM and his followers in Saudi Arabia. “You have no idea how delighted I am! I can’t wait to play my music for the fans there and introduce them to “Future Rave” MORTEN said. Their imaginative thinking is inspired by their love of the music they wish to play on their sets. They are creating  “Future Rave” for fans and DJs to appreciate the music as much as they do.


Playlist to the Storm: Destination KSA X Anghami


Anghami is more than just a music platform; it represents the deep-rooted love that the Arab subcontinent holds for music and its origins.

Anghami’s vision is to support local Arab talent while also having worldwide exposure. As a result, Anghami had a space reserved at the Soundstorm 2021 event: XP Conference for three workshops to accelerate the MENA music business and upskilling music production to help local artists through marketing and music distribution.

Anghami was also the official partner at MDLBEAST; giving the region’s artists a platform by showcasing and highlighting their music further encouraged the young artists in Saudi Arabia to come out and represent themselves in the music industry.

The Anghami app is a platform that can be accessed via any device and offers music genres and playlists based on the users’ preferences. You can also enjoy your music with a live radio option, lyrics, and the ability to download songs and create your playlist.

Meet the Storm Chasers

Here are some of the local DJs from the Star-studded Line-up for MDLBEAST brilliant minds who have been creating exceptional music, some of which have been getting more plays on Anghami. Here are some of their top song recommendations:

271372248_726550561651590_294677032281249495_n1. Dish Dash

Hassan and Abbas were raised in a musical household where music was a way of life for everyone. Music creation and DJing started as a vocation for the DJs a few years ago, which they began doing in public. “We were inspired by a diversity of individuals, locations, and feelings.” Portraying the authentic Saudi sound is one of the most critical aspects of our music-making. We try to showcase our heritage and culture with a modern electronic twist.”. Jabal Dukhan, the talented duo’s newest hit, is a manifestation of their boundless inventiveness.

Instagram: @dishdash_music

248491765_574844887110100_5629598519795507733_n2. Biirdperson

Lujain, best known as Birrdperson, is a filmmaker by profession who is a significant Doors fan and highly influenced by Jim Morrison. Lujain is a good learner, and she acquired a desire to become a DJ by photographing her DJ colleagues at every party. As a result, she began to compose new songs to create sensations that motivated her. ‘My music is usually motivated by how I feel and my mood at the time,’ she says. My love for films inspires my music; every set I mix has a narrative, a sentiment, and an expression. This playlist,’ Beast Frequencies #24’,  will show you an insight into how she thinks creatively.

Instagram: biirdperson

143973497_467954934235037_8121236524954953226_n3. K.LED

The discovery, creation, and sharing of sounds and music as producers and electronic music performers is K.LED’s major reason for producing music and fuelling his journey.

Music, according to K.LED, is a form of expression; with electronic music, there is freedom and the ability to blend varied sounds and genres and explore within a traditional frame or something new. The playlist’s track Pearl by K.LED is the pinnacle of his inventive imagination.



Nouf, also known as Cosmicat, is an extraordinary artist born with a remarkable ear and developed a childhood enthusiasm for collecting, learning, and making music. Cosmicat started with no prior musical training or experience and simply a sense of rhythm. She was always a part of the local underground DJ scene, which sparked her interest in the industry by admiring DJs like Vinyl mode, Baloo, Dessertf!sh, and Dish Dash. Her song ‘Toxic Romance’ will take you on a journey to the cosmos.

Instagram: @cosmicatx


Adnan, popularly known as spaceboi, is an exceptional multitasker with astonishing and inspirational abilities. Spceboi likes interacting with the crowd and engaging with people via his music when he performs. His favorite part is when he plays music that he knows the audience isn’t expecting and then surprise them. He says that comedians are guilty of the same behavior. Spceboi’s song Paradise is a lovely track that showcases his talent and musical knowledge.

Instagram: @spceboi_

244521765_580331993188664_1628709830004020253_n6. Zone+:

Zayed, better known by his stage moniker Zone+, has always enjoyed performing in front of a crowd, particularly in Saudi Arabia. He is highly enthusiastic about sharing his music with them and the rest of the world. He had always wanted to be in a band and perform music. He was able to attain his passion thanks to music-producing software. He composed music on his own, as if he were a one-person band, using tools such as Ableton, which allowed him to express himself artistically. A Quite Place is a highly upbeat single by zone+ that highlights his musical abilities.

Instagram: @z0neplus

120790979_2761237650862994_8807111000722073373_n7. Desertf!sh:

Nasser Alshemimry goes under the alias DesertF!sh to signify his Najdi heritage and lifestyle on Saudi Arabia’s West Coast. Nasser is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who is always on the lookout for elevated sound in the studio and on stage as a DJ and live performer. DesertF!sh’s music revolves around Electronic dance music and exhibits experimental, Dubstep, Techno, and Deep house. Through his single Renegade in the playlist, you can hear the DJ’s unique touch in his music.

Instagram: @desertf!sh_

270209025_3244044532496618_8481175521023431112_n8. AZM:

Adnan Z. Manjal is renowned by AZM, the underground Saudi DJ who got a lot of admirers from the MDLBEAST. Since his youth, the notion of sharing his music and bringing others on a musical trip has been his passion,. Ashe developed, he began studying the fundamentals of DJing from other Saudi musicians in the profession. Caffeine Grooves from the brilliant DJ was included in the playlist to offer you a sense of his expertise.

Instagram: @azmmixtapes

271396877_4652827338147307_3415733608260007514_n9. Lil Eazy:

Abubakar Al Jilany, aka “Lil Eazy,” is a Somalian Hip Hop musician born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. To shift the reputation of hip hop in Saudi Arabia, Lil Eazy gravitated toward commercial music and avoided dissing records in favor of more approachable content. As a result, he was the first rapper in the Kingdom to forge a new route and broaden the hip-hop audience to accommodate the broader demography of admirers. (ایام ذا ون (مع لیل ایزي  will give you an insight of his artistic perspective.

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50822484_659595427776604_5277528093961959047_n10. Daddybisht

SOUNDSTORM has not only brought together some of the biggest names in music under one roof, but it also continues to encourage local and regional musicians in their efforts to exhibit their skills on major platforms. Nabih Audih, aka DaddyBisht, was one of the regional musicians that received acclaim at SOUNDSTORM2020; the Saudi-Palestinian DJ performed on the Big Beast stage. To give you a taste of his incredible work, we’ve added Beast Frequencies #35 to the playlist.

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93020571_258914221909651_1267189812076181851_n11. Vinyl Mode:

Mohannad Nassar was born in Saudi Arabia, where he was exposed to a diverse range of cultures and traditions. Muhanned is a DJ with over ten years of experience establishing Saudi Arabia’s underground scene. DJing, for him, is about creating vibes, experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime. He is a dreamer who aims to use his music to bridge gaps in human understanding. His track on our playlist, ‘Eshq Alsamar,’ is addicting, and we can’t wait for you to agree!

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118787288_259402891733644_1488343563353274398_n12. Slow Moe:

Moe Halhel, often known as Slow-Moe, is a Saudi rapper who forges his musical path with a profound, distinct sound that is entirely his own. His musical influences are Tupac, Eminem, TI, Damien Marley, and BIGGIE. Action ya 3yal is an excellent song for grasping the excellent message that Moe wishes to preach as the first Saudi rapper to rap in English.

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271024298_616175196322884_5217540298204132824_n13. SAÜD:

Saüd is a Saudi music producer, curator, and the founder of Brij Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based record company operating in Saudi Arabia. His mission has always been to shine a light on the untapped potential in the MENA region. Saüd has dedicated his career to linking music and culture via carefully planned partnerships. His song SNIPERS exemplifies his work’s melodic range and individuality.

Instagram: @saud.013

269795099_326832569081239_1119462799767430286_n14. DJ Viva:

DJ Viva is a multi-talented individual that can do everything. Dj is a Saudi Songs Producer & Professional DJ of Latin-Canadian heritage in Saudi Arabia, releasing music on the Entertainment & Myazu Music labels. SIn addition, she works as the Music Director for Myazu Saudi. Her song Horizon showcases her talent and ingenuity.

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Destination KSA X Anghami

  • Dish Dash: Jabal Dukhan
  • Biirdperson: Beast Frequencies #24
  • K.LED: Pearls
  • Cosmicat: Toxic Romance
  • Spceboi: Paradise
  • Zone+: A Quite Place
  • Desertf!sh: Renegade
  • AZM: Caffeine Grooves
  • Lil Eazy: (ایام ذا ون (مع لیل ایزي
  • DaddyBisht: Beast Frequencies #35
  • Vinyl Mode: Eshq Alsamar
  • Slow Moe: Action ya 3yal
  • DJ Viva: Horizon

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