New Threads on the Block

The latest brands localizing sartorial coolness.

Photo by Lina Mohammed

Photo by Lina Mohammed

Social society of human errors:

Social society of human errors is an immersive brand that creates ways of expression through the attires they make. The founder was amazed by how art can manipulate the person’s mind in many ways and thought to create something comfortable and expressive for any and all artistic minds. Their clothes are interactive and creative, along with oversized fits and edgy elements. Each piece has its own identity and story, including the ‘mind control sweater’ that grabbed attention was a piece that everyone could refer to.


Courtesy Photos

Courtesy Photos

Portraits of the unidentified

An artistic brand that portrays crucial and insightful messages through its products. P.O.T.U is the epitome of taking notebook doodles and transforming them into different shirts, pants, tote bags, and more. Their last release was a pink T-shirt and was highly inspired by the current Covid-19 pandemic, representing the significant changes that disrupted the whole world’s norms.


dsc_1246Family friends

A family-friendly brand with distinctive designs changing the vibrant dynamic of streetwear. The founders’ main inspiration is their late-night ‘3 AM thoughts’, which have provided them with their most creative ideas. The illustrations on the apparel are intended to send positive messages to their audience. An example is their new visionary collection which communicates that ‘you do not have to follow what everyone else is doing and as individuals, we should aim to be different.

2People of Terra

Starting as an experimental video diary about their surroundings in 2018, People of Terra developed into a brand that persuaded the local tough-crowd with exceptional illustrations on their apparel. Their brand represents the Retro-Futuristic aesthetic through their abstract designs. People of terra result from one group’s imagination, venturing out of their comfort zones, and with utmost commitment, created a genuinely exceptional clothing brand.

Instagram: thepeopleofterra

img_4162CRKD GURU

They were inspired by street art bridging counter cultures through streetwear and lifestyle. Crkd Guru’s personality is developed from a black sheep standing out from the crowd. The idea was based on the concept that the word ‘normal’ has now changed for everyone. They set their insights on each piece’s message with playful designs and transform it into memorable and comfortable garments.


img_9872Mellow Socks

Make sure to grab Mellow socks to complete your look. Located in Riyadh, Mellow socks is a vibrant brand of its kind. The brand’s fun nature expresses creative graphic quotes while focusing on the socks’ fabric to make it cozier. Trendy designs are their main attraction, including their “no sleep club” and Travis Scott socks.


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