Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Hadeel Alhussain on Liberated Designs creates dreams.

Hadeel Alhussain on Liberated Designs creates dreams.

Hadeel Alhussain follows her imagination to create everlasting works of art and designs.

Hadeel’s varied upbringing has inspired her unique design tastes. She told us she’s always wanted to create a business that bridges Western and middle eastern traditions. She said, “I wanted to create a ready-to-wear collection that emphasized beautiful tailoring and craftsmanship to meet the modern woman’s needs.” Hadeel’s philosophy is to create versatile, heirloom-grade pieces that stand the test of time by combining superior quality and skilled craftsmanship with a keen eye for purpose.


For Hadeel, as a stylist and designer, it’s crucial to make pieces that convey a message. Designing is an artistic process for her on par with painting. She begins with research and is particularly fond of amassing artifacts that might serve as sources of creative inspiration. “Sometimes it’s a picture,” she explained, “or like a poem,” “or like a texture,” or “like a color palette and a painting.” She begins by making a mood board or visual board and then goes on the hunt for materials. She said, “One of my favorite design processes is the draping technique: taking the cloth, placing it on the mannequin, and making fun shapes.”

As an artist and creative person, Hadeel often keeps her drawings with her since they help her get started when she’s blank on how to go. She finds herself constantly inspired to sketch. She acknowledged the difficulty of bringing her ideas into reality, saying, “I feel like my ideas and creativity are unlimited, but putting that into reality is challenging.”


Hadeel’s favorite piece is the “Wedding dress” since it was her first time designing a bridal dress and suit for her wedding. When asked about the sentimental worth of the piece, she responded, “I enjoyed the process of designing and researching.” She explained that she aimed for the highest level of craftsmanship possible because she wanted her wedding piece to stand out. She said, “So all the needlework, all the trimmings, and sewing was done by hand. It’s a one-of-a-kind composition that ended up being enchanted and ethereal.”

Hadeel’s brand, which features her creations, is a window into her creative process. She claimed, “I started my creative path by making art.” Art has allowed her to express herself and has become a medium by which she can use her imagination and find her unique voice. Both artistic and creative design practices provide her with a sense of freedom.

Hadeel Alhussain has a dreamy Instagram account where you may get to know her better.

Follow her on Instagram: Hadeel Alhussain (@hadeelalhussain)


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