Somethin’ somethin’ for Fresh Baby OOTD’s


The latest brands localizing sartorial coolness.


High-quality traditional and organic products with a touch of western style for modern mama’s out there. They are a well-made and well-thought-out local brand making motherhood fun and stylish. Lamona started as a home-based initiative for your little ones. They want parents to reuse these products for their next baby or pass it along to their friends and family after being done with them. With their new collection, they switched from using plastic packaging to organic cotton bags so that their clients can reuse it for storing things.



It is a newly launched brand for your little bundle of joy that has been assembled most affectionately and gives a stylish look to your little one. Their children are the muses behind their range of clothes. They are passionate about creating stylish looks while providing comfort and creativity to their collection. Each piece is unique and has its concept, which is their inspiration to continue creating.

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