Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

That Saudi Summer Groove

That Saudi Summer Groove

Sunkissed, Sand bliss, and Sunny trends you shouldn’t miss.

Keeping cool in summer can be hard sometimes. That’s why you need a cool wardrobe for the hottest days of the year. These next-level local brands will inspire you to have a chic look when in the sun.


1. Au Natural Flow



Be sustainable and be in fashion this summer with the beach plz. A brand with a cause to protect the environment and recycle seven bottles with each item. Their attires and accessories are fashionably curated for summer lounging their earrings and eyewear scream, ‘BEACH PLZ. recycled materials aiming to adapt us all to a new future.



Most stylist brands in the region are inspired by nature’s gifts and created for people who want to have endless summer. Mayoh Beachwear started with a simple goal to provide women with the most sensual attires and their unique bags that are mandatory for your summer look.
Instagram:  mayoh.beachwear



2. Put on Your Big Summer Pants



Localizing the attire inspired Lolwa Abulkhair to come up with a streetwear collection inspired by Hijazi patterns and designs. She created a line of shirwals (airy, loose pants) with a concept of having wide comfortable pants that have a local personal touch; also, Saysam has kimonos that are too cool to not add to your wardrobe.



Two friends started Sandia as a brand by merging the beach culture with the South African line; Granadilla. Growing up and being raised in Jeddah along with one of the greatest coastlines; the Red Sea they always tried many different shorts and looked for the perfect pair to provide comfort and style. After their never-ending research, they thought of bringing Granadilla to Saudi to provide many young men and women with the most reliable, stylish, and affordable shorts.
Instagram:  sandia.ksa



3. Modest Summerwear



Founded and designed by Diala Kabbara. They started as abayas only in 2005 and came up with a wider range of products, including dresses, coats, kimonos, and summer dresses. They create their patterns, mainly all cotton materials and light fabrics, that are perfect for summer. Their latest summer collection is the overall vibe you need this summer.



Check out their summer chic collection, which includes; Abayas, Kaftans, Kimonos, Swimwear, Beach bags, Towels, and beach-inspired accessories that will uplift your mood. Complete your beach look with their stunning, trendy beach bags that will enhance your beach appearance.
Instagram:   linenlies



4. To Have on Your Next Gate Away



A vacation-worthy brand founded in 2016 in AlKhobar, Four Eight has remained true to its core values based on; Femininity, being colorful, affordable, and sustainable. They offer a wide range of light silk summer abayas, colorful accessories, beach dresses, and summer essentials.

They believed that “femininity is strength,” and that’s what they try to embrace through their designs. They embody creativity and contemporary designs and have curated a selection of new and favorite summer pieces for your getaway. In their collection, their matching scrunches are too charming to not add to your summer wardrobe.
Instagram:   conceptfour8



Pack items from the Occasional brand for your next beach vacation that you can personalize and flex wherever you are. Occasional has products such as slippers, beach towels, kimonos, and robes that are inspired by the beauty of Saudi beaches. Their customizable beach pillows made of towel material are a must-have addition to your summer backpack for resting your head in the sun.



Escape into the NOMS reality this summer with the NOMS Secret Society label. Connect to the NOMS member’s identity and narrative by including them in your trip outfit. Our favorite item by them is the Travel Essential T-shirts.
Instagram:   nomslife



5. Lux Dresses for Warm Days Ahead



This dress label is made for your perfect summer vacation. Adwa Al Ghalib got inspired by the outfits in Capi, Italy, in 2016. Adwa added, ‘All the  people were wearing linen and soft light fabrics, and I got attracted right away, but I wanted to add my touch that reflects the gulf culture’. Adwa’s favorite thing about the collection is the bikini with a removable matching skirt to cover the body while swimming. She said,”it’s both comfortable and elegant. One thing that makes the brand special is that they have men’s and kids” lines so the whole family can match and look stunning on vacation.



Channeling the sun and sea vibe, Aquarius Beachwear is a swimwear and beachwear brand that offers a selection of Women’s Swimsuits, Men’s Swim Trunks, Beach accessories, and women’s cover ups. It is a Spring/Summer pop-up that runs in particular concept and department stores around the kingdom. The idea was to create a hub of quality swimwear and beach attire for the Gulf consumers that live by the Sea—bringing a select range of swimwear and beach attire from different brands worldwide to Saudi Arabia. Aquarius Beachwear’s Pop-up is currently available at the Home Grown Market concept store and Rubaiyat Jeddah and Riyadh.
Instagram:   aquariusbeachwear



6. Accessories to take on Summer Escapes



Pick these charming handmade accessories for your next summer getaway. You can find adorable jewelry items such as; toe rings, anklets, and bracelets that are easy to wear and have ample options in many creative styles and vibrant colors to go with your favorite floaty attires in the summertime.



iBeach is an online shop for girls who love the ocean, and their collection curates beach accessories and essentials that you need to add to your beach vacation packing list. The brand includes beach towels, bags, and dresses. Their bracelets are a must-have for the long weekends ahead under the sun.
Instagram:    ibeach_jeddah 



Mandeel refers to the square fabric of the hardware or scarf. The concept of Mandeel is to create timeless designs of resort & summer wear for Her and Him, with great quality that can be worn for a long time in the sun. The founder of mandeel wanted to bring out the joy and make perfect spring & summer memories for golden days.



Growing up, Omniya always found beauty in seashells. As a teenager, she would look for jewelry designed with seashells, but they were hard to find,
and that’s when she started creating her jewelry line that grew into a small online business. In her journey to express her art of jewelry making, she learned how unique each seashell is, which inspired her to develop designs that match the seashells personally.



Lana’s Handmades is a local handmade brand made with love. Their main aim is to bring happiness to each person by wearing their summer-inspired accessories. They use high-quality materials to make unisex accessories for everyday use.
Instagram:    lana_handmades



An independent Saudi eyewear brand that has a wide range of frames. Their new collaboration with Proud Angeles will make you look like a rockstar on the streets this summer. You will find the urban rhythm styles at Urbe Optics store.
Instagram:   urbeoptics



Be summer heat wave ready with the seen sunglasses, inspired by what’s trending in the celebrity world. Different colors and styles to match your aesthetics are available to complete your sun-ready look this summer.



Young Saudi company TAN10 wants to be the go-to destination for summertime product selections and beach essentials. The brand was developed after recognizing the niche market’s demand for summer items that provide the finest summer experiences and memories. Their summer products include slippers, adult and children’s shorts, beach towel bags, and women’s sarongs.
Instagram: tanten_sa



2. New Threads on the Block



Nana’s coverups have shades that give you the sense of having summer all year long with airy patterned kimonos inspired by the breezy local  ambiance. Setting up their business in Jeddah a few months ago, they are working on expanding to deliver all over the country.
Instagram:    nanas_coverups



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