Red Sea Film Festival – Day 8, Thursday the 8th.

You won’t want to miss the activities on days like day eight since the film industry and the creative community have so much to contribute.

A great chance to learn more about and interact with some of the most creative minds in the film industry is the Red Sea Film Festival. Here is what Day Eight should currently necessitate:



Talent Days 

Bringing your dreams to life, talent days is taking place December 7-8, 2022. Talent days consist of meetings, workshops, and special events aimed at nursing a new generation of filmmakers.



  • 2:00 PM 


How to navigate the short film industry 

by Celine Roustan & Maike Mia Hohne, moderated by Sandrine Cassidy 



  • 3:15 PM 


How to build a creative relationship between a producer and a filmmaker 

by may Odeh & Ameen Nayfeeh, Moderated by E. Nina Rothe 



  • 14:30 PM


Red Sea lodge & Red Sea Fund: How to boost the chances for your film? 

By Ryan Ashore & Emad Eskander Goldman


Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas


In- Conversation 



  • 1:00 PM 


At Vox Cinema 5 Red Sea Mall 

Antonio Banderas 



  • 2:00 PM


At Vox Cinema 3 Red Sea Mall 

Gaspar Noe



  • 3:30 PM


At Vox Cinema 5 Red Sea Mall 

Jackie Chan 



  • 5:00 PM


At Vox Cinema 5 Red Sea Mall 

Hrithik Roshan 

Engage in discussions with a professional in the film industry, register here


Saint Omer

Saint Omer





  • 5:45 PM 


At Vox Cinema 6 Red Sea Mall 

Saint Omer 



  • 6:30 PM 


At Rea Sea Galas At The Ritz- Carlton  

Valley Road 



  • 9:00 PM 


At Rea Sea Cinema 6 At Red Sea Mall




  • 9:15 PM 


At Vox Cinema 3 Red Sea Mall



You can attend the screenings by clicking on the Programs from here. 




Red Carpet 


  • 8:00 PM 



Closing Ceremony 


  • 9:30 PM 


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