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Stay Toasty with Winter’s Trendy Wraps


Starting a year with warm and chic collections.

It’s the most magnificent time of year for Saudis; winter is generally more important than any other season. We have made ways for your wardrobe to add and play around with new hues and cuts for your wardrobe.

Wrap yourself in the winter wear from these labels to ring in the New Year in fashion.



Qormuz, a brand worn by DJ Khalid, is redefining the global and domestic fashion industries by highlighting local traditions and fusing them with modern aesthetics.

See some of their most well-known work right here on their Instagram page. 

Noble and fresh- NAF

Possessing a wide variety of streetwear and cold-weather clothing alternatives, such as colorful sweatshirts and pants. NAF provides men with simple, warm, and adaptable winter wear.

View their inviting patterns here on their Instagram page. 


Sadeem’s sophisticated collections and items are essential if you want to look your best this season. The fashion world has taken notice of her work because of the eco-friendly construction of her apparel.

Have a look at their exquisite and eco-friendly clothing, which has earned them a spot in the Saudi 100 Brands list on their Instagram page. 

Nora Al Shaikh

You should check out what Nora Al Saikh has to offer, which includes elaborate trench coats that may stand in for abayas. If you’re a fan of traditional clothing, you really need to pick up anything from their “Najd Breeze” Winter collection.

Check out their “Najd breeze” winter collection on their Instagram page. 



Popular for their ethically-minded high fashion, which celebrities like Alica Keys love to adorn. If you’re seeking classic modern pieces, this label has you covered with its winter collections. Abadia is more than simply a name since it draws inspiration from history and customs.

If you’re interested in learning more about their products and what makes their brand special, go here to their instagram page. 


Daneh features easy-to-wear, beautiful dresses that will complement your winter collection. You may choose from a variety of styles in their 2023 collection; we recommend the Maxi Hoodie.

Check out their radiant instagram page. 

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