Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Green Revolution: Jana Farm

The Green Revolution: Jana Farm

As you enter the farm, you will undergo a sanitization process to avoid any outside bacteria tampering with the ecosystem they have created.

In Jana farms, everything can be grown —from various herbs, some fruits, and vegetables to colorful edible flowers that give it a spring-like feel all year long. Jana farm uses an Aquaponics system inspired by an ancient practice of agriculture. Aquaponics uses nutrients from Tilapia fish that help plants grow faster and cleaner. This technique saves 95% of the water used in traditional farming.

Super healthy and environmentally conscious couple Modar Nazer and Dana Enany, along with Khedr AlGhamdi and Obeid Binzager came up with the idea to create a vertical farming system using the resources they had. When they looked at the produce they had available in their local shops; they felt the need to create something that would allow them to consume the cleanest food without resorting to imported products.

Jana Farm

They realized the gap in the market for fresh and organic products grown locally and decided to venture into the world of sustainable farming. Now backed by the Ministry of Agriculture, they’re planning to open a massive vertical farm in the heart of Riyadh to implement their technologies and sustain the consumption demands of the whole city.

With a mission to provide locally grown, clean, and nutritious food, Jana farms have long-term goals to shift our eating habits toward sustainable products that are full of nutrients and are pesticide-free, they come straight from the farm and do not travel thousands of miles. In addition, it results in a 90% reduction in water use compared to traditional farming. Moreover, they are redefining how we look at agriculture and utilizing their small space to maximize their yield.

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Their produce is sold across different supermarkets in Saudi, or you can order some of their products from their website. You must try their super greens salad.

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