Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Style Through the Screen

Style Through the Screen

Saudi FashionTech is on a roll.

When we walk down pop culture memory lane, no movie did style like the 1995 cult classic Clueless, where the main character chooses her outfit pairings by swiping left and right on the screen. Fast forward to 2022, with the rise of technology and online applications, what seemed like a far-fetched idea has now become a reality.

With so much attention being paid to the need for innovation in the fashion business, the same old thing may quickly become outdated. The availability of alternative styles and trends adds to further perplex consumers. The potential of cultural and environmental factors to influence the next generation’s fashion practices can be examined as a springboard for a vision of fashion’s future.

The fashion tech industry is stepping in to fill the gap and monetize the importance of incorporating sustainability into the industry. Taffi was established with an archetype built on a customer persona of busy people with flair.

“Taffi is targeting today’s age and monetizing the development of online shopping,” founder and stylist Shahad Geoffrey said. “This means focusing on the customer behavior in Saudi Arabia and uplifting the buying and styling to the fullest.” She told us that you don’t need to search for your style; you can purchase Taffi’s styles based on your preferences.Style Through the Screen

Expanding the customer experience

The Saudi fashion industry is teeming with innovation and creativity. To stay competitive, the industry’s middlemen must learn to roll with the punches and broaden their focus to include customers’ experience as an essential element for the fashion business to succeed.

Taffi used the idea of “quick looks or items,” which provides consumers with pre-assembled, individualized outfits. Additionally, you get to work with a stylist of your choosing, who will tailor the experience to your preferred looks, price range, and time spent shopping. Shahad told us, “We wanted to make the retailing experience easy for our customers, both online and offline.”

Fashion Networks

Any connector for the fashion world will foster a discussion that welcomes conventional and technical perspectives in the practice of fashion. Taffi is a place to share and discover new industry-related ideas and connections. The platform facilitates communication between stylists and customers, allowing for a deeper appreciation of individual tastes. As Taffi’s customer base grows, the company hopes to expand its team of 130 stylists to accommodate its growing clientele. “The app gives tools for stylists to pick the brands, build on the retail experience for customers, and current trends,” Shahad shares.

The nitty-gritty of the platform

Customization options for clothing and personal wardrobes are sustainable, creative, and innovative within current trendy fashion realms. Taffi has simplified the process of making a profile on the website so that anyone can get started on the journey to “styling made easy” with the help of new online tools. Shahad stated, “Client’s relationship is so important to us. At Taffi, your fashion preferences won’t be evaluated by an AI but rather by a human stylist that aims to expand on a personal experience.”

The fast-changing Saudi fashion industry is creating innovative practices that are being transformed into comprehensive fashion systems adapted to our times. Taffi has successfully done this and provided its customers with the best services. Hence, it’s no surprise that their client retention rate is at 60%, with an approximate 70% rate in the number of stylists joining the platform. Having begun in Saudi Arabia’s silicon valley, Taffi is poised to become the country’s go-to source for FashionTech.Style Through the Screen

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